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AVADORA, the Fragrance

Fashion Avenue News has expanded it’s Luxury Living brand campaign to include AVADORA the Fragrance – “Wear Avadora, Be Unforgetable” and Fabulous the “Hypnotic, Sexy, Fresh Fragrance, both by FAN.  (pc:  Photographer Paul ShootMeNYCmodels Walker IG: @shootmenycmodels  Model: Avadora Mimouni, Designer: Sherri Hill, Perfume: Avadora, Mua: Mac Cosmetics, Shoes: Christian Louboutin)

Take a look at our luxury living campaign ads.

“Wear Avadora, Be Unforgetable”


Fabulous – Hypnotic, Sexy, Fresh Fragrance

This campaign features the winner of The Face of Kurvacious, Ebony Walker.

When Ebony won the model competition, our Creative Talent Campaign Casting Director did not see her as a plus size model, he saw her as a “lead campaign model”, one he felt could carry the luxury brand., take a look.  (PC:  Model: Ebony Walker Face of Kurvacious 2016, Makeup: Kia Rayford, Wardrobe/Stylist: Toni Foster @ Critique Boutique, Jewelry: Laurice’s Pieces, Post Production: Abdel Kebdani, Photo: Steve Bennett)

Img0098AK copy.jpg

We are excited to have both of these lovely ladies as part of our campaign.  Various Fragrance Campaign Ads will appear in Fashion Avenue News each month.  We will bring your our luxury “It Bag” campaign soon.

You can purchase both fragrances from our Facebook Store – Fashion Avenue News.  For more information on Fashion Avenue News Luxury Brands visit our website: and subscribe to our daily fashion blog also like us on Facebook Fashion Avenue News Magazine.







7HONORING  ME  screenshot20160831at1.51.53pm


Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief of the Global Luxury Brands, Fashion Avenue News, Model World, The FAN Daily, The Editors Council and The Fashion Impire, will receive the Cultural Icon Award at the Harlem Fashion Week Opening Night Gala Black Tie Event.

Ms. Davis has been instrumental in the rise of the independent magazine movement by creating Fashion Avenue News Magazine in 2011 which quickly grew into a global luxury fashion brand.  Her focus is the independent and emerging fashion industry talent that has been overlooked by most mainstream publications.  “I want to give the independent/emerging fashion talent a platform to grow, a foundation that is global, upscale, and displays their talent in a positive way to the world.”

Ms. Davis has taken Fashion Avenue News from 0-360,000 email & print subscribers.  She also writes The FAN Daily – a fashion blog ( that brings you up to the minute fashion industry news from around the world. Building on the need for platforms for the independent talent, she created Model World Magazine, which focuses on emerging models in the fashion industry.  She also created The Editors Council, a group of independent magazine publishers/editors that come together to help each other continue and grow their publications.  The Editors Council is open to all levels of industry talent, on-line, print and blog publishers.

Ms. Davis has a long history in the Fashion Industry.  She worked as Director of Models at the World Famous Apollo Theater for 10 years where she featured 15 models a week, handling hair and make up.  While at the Apollo, she developed BTE TV (Beauty Television & Entertainment), which stated out as an public access show and went on to become a full channel of paid advertisements reaching over one million people.  As the online media changed the TV environment, she took her fashion focused TV show on line and rebranded it Fashion Avenue News.

Ms. Davis says “I want to thank Yvonne Jewnell for recognizing my hard work in the fashion industry.  It means a lot when people appreciate what you have spent a lifetime doing”.  Thank you.

About Producer Yvonne Jewnell

Yvonne Jewnell New York is an award winning women’s wear company that creates clothing that promotes women empowerment and celebrates culture from across the globe. Owned by a mother-daughter team, YJNY create garments with an ethnically inspired message of overcoming obstacles and revitalizing strength.

Yvonne Jewnell New York has been worn by Lisa Price owner of Carol’s Daughter, Dixie Nichols, owner of Dixie Bits Bath and Body Products and style contributor for Bella Magazine, Dorcas Meyers, owner of Roc-A-Natural. And Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin has pulled Yvonne Jewnell’s garments for his clients.

Yvonne Jewnell New York has been featured in Fashion Avenue News Magazine, African Prints in Fashion, Zuvaa, Black to Business, Jamaica Gleaner, SHE Caribbean, Inside Outer Beauty and The Network Journal.


Harlem Fashion Week Opening Night Gala is a semi-formal invitation only event.

The theme is the 21st century Harlem Renaissance, we are requesting that attendees wear garments inspired by the Harlem Renaissance.

WHEN:Wednesday, September 7, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

WHERE: 467 W 144th St, New York, NY 10031


Wednesday, September 7, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT) – Add to Calendar


Hamilton Landmark Galleries – 467 West 144th Street, New York, NY 10031 – View Map








Fashion Week Paris Couture Fall-Winter 2016-2017 – Franck Sorbier

COUTURE fswpa99.08fr

Once upon a time, a couple of artisans, their friends were calling them The Sorbier. Isabelle was painting fabrics, taking care of the studio and so much more things. Franck, as for him, was sewing, drawing and dreaming still and always. They had many birds, lovebirds, and liked passionately the couture. This season, they have decided to go for a new adventure: create a new colorful and joyful collection for little girls. With the best wish of a mini team of mouse and baby mouse, they have succeeded in building this story in a short period of time.

K fswpa99.22fr

Rodrigo and Bruno, their former loyal colleagues have given them an outside helping hand. After a perilous voyage in Saint Petersburg, they have decided to pay tribute to Slav folk tales. There would be colors, drawings, lightness and they hope retail. A new life. There would be Lady in black, they would be magnificently Haute Culture (no there is no typing error). They would have a role to hold on to. Just as every season, the fairy Christine looked after their happiness and success. Véronique Valcke, the season’s godmother, had invited them in her garden suspended in the Paris sky. On this occasion, a cake in the shape of a bulb of an Orthodox basilica was created with the collaboration of the pastry chef Sebastien Reul.

Andréa the passionaria have presented them Pascal Contet, a virtuoso accordion and also a crazy hatter for Panama hats designed after this little company colors. There were also generous lace sponsors, Mr Noyon and Mr Beauvillain. The beauty magician Shiseido and their ambassador Pierre Rocca, the hairstyle magician Alexandre de Paris and his ambassadors Jean-Luc Minetti and Fréderic Pavard offered their expertise to make the tale soft and sublime. They have discovered their “mini models” in Jennifer Goubé dance class and also by word of mouth in the trust circle.

GIE AXA France and members of the endowment fund Sorbier carry on with their loyal and active support. Stéphane Thouron for the Hotel Bavarez, Audrey Boucharlat and Anissa Tahidi for Wolford, Lanson Champagne have waved their magic wands that all is good and well. The Cornillon knight, Frédéric and Stéphane, always coming to the rescue and with drums beating closed proudly the steps.




Elsa Schiaparelli Couture

The Solar Circus or Heavenly Bodies »

” They have burdens round or square
drums and golden tambourines
Apes and bears wise animals
gather coins as they progress.”
Guillaume Apollinaire

Elsa Schiaparelli marvelled in the art of the oxymoron. A silhouette of pure, sharp contour is transcended by a vision of the ordinary becoming spectacular. It reveals a strong woman with Parisian allure and cosmopolitan fantasy. Today is about defining the essence of a style in fostering the paradoxes of such an eclectic personality.

The famous Circus, collection created for the summer 1938, led this new season’s heavenly parade to focus on the idea of sheen, light and colours enhancing the body. Haute Couture and the circus both crystallize poise, precision and sparkle – add imagination and an enchanting world comes to life. Grace and strength, like the feminine and the masculine, are paired in a subtle balance where women are confident with their seduction.

The Schiaparelli jacket becomes architectural. Graphic shoulder lines refer to the Constructivist aesthetic. Shocking pink, navy or black tuxedos and jumpsuits morph verticality with femininity. Lightness, transparency, draping and fluidity dazzle with tension when the fabric swirls around the body with daring sensuality.

Shiny brocade, silk lamé and iridescent pané velvet refer to a grand attitude where restrained elegance plays with shorts and slits. Bejewelled dress-straps echo Calder’s Circus. The incandescent suns of the place Vendôme shine bright on jackets and gowns. The harlequin motif is reconstructed into a multi-colored embroidered dégradé. Circus’ stars inspire a milky way in which the house codes such as the pierced heart and the padlock are transformed into a new mythological constellation.


Fashion Week Paris Couture Fall-Winter 2016-2017 Maison Margiela


Innocence, risk, comfort, and protection. For the Autumn Winter 2016-17 Artisanal collection, creative director John Galliano explores a modern reinvention of haute couture through his most personal interpretation of Maison Margiela’s esprit to date. Evoking an illustrative line, aristocracy is decontextualized through an urban lens. Explosive and colourful gestures of authentic fabrics snake and kerb around the body with an Empire line, tweaked and transitioned in modern gestures of protection and ecstatic abandon. Archetypes are reconfigured with rigor and romance, where a blurring of sartorial trappings meets the banal.


A sense of the incredible and the impossible spins throughout the Artisanal collection, where fantasy is tempered by the jarring authenticity of today’s reality. Our translation of a collective consciousness stretches further than ever before, invoking a timeless array of commonplace ephemera and things strangely familiar.” – Maison Margiela

From fine muslin to resin-wax cottons or ripstop nylon, the rub of unprecious and delicate textiles is inherent to the collection’s tapestry of innovation and artisanal heritage. Opposing notions of feminine and masculine textiles are questioned and reconfigured with irreverence. Technical nylons meet Scottish wool from the Outer Hebrides, and motorcycle leathers bridge textiles woven from delicate cotton ribbons. Ornament appears as a ‘Toile de Jouy’ fabric, curvilinear ‘tribal’ studded motifs crossing swathes of knotted and padded wools, and celluloid bird appliqués decorating heavy plaid. A ‘cherubim’ lace is constructed from hundreds of minute individual fragments: it represents the technical apex of the Maison’s artisanal savoir-faire.


The seminal proposal of outerwear styles flip upside-down from an inverted stance of arching volumes to become a traditional coat shape. Garments betray multiple identities; assembled together from familiar archetypes to become layered hybrids with double lapels and undefined endings and beginnings. A windcheater is carved with the convex curve of a Watteau back; a banker’s stripe shirt is spun into a sweeping train. An intricate cartography of eaves and cornices forms a gown in vacuum-formed smoky plastic, another springs to life patched with Nick Knight’s British Birds (2008).

A burst of primary colours elevates the drab of tweed shades, as scarlet, emerald, sky blue, and sunshine yellow shine against charcoal, forest green, mustard, and chocolate brown. Mid-century pastels like ice blue and lemon sorbet fizz amongst the monochromes.


Intricate hoop earrings and ornate bracelets are hand-carved in Portugal from walnut, pear and boxwoods, and chandelier crystals appear as blood red chokers, embellished goggles, and a primary-coloured contour bra top. The original Maison Margiela deep-cleft ‘Tabi’ boot returns as a thigh-high cuissard with a new moulded rubber sole, alongside trekking-inspired sandals, fantasy hand-painted clogs, and a masculine riding boot.

Fashion Week London Fall-Winter 2016-2017 Christopher Kane


“There is an idea of beauty expired this season,” says Christopher Kane. “But how that dead and thrown away beauty often looks better than when it was supposedly alive. The notion of lost and found had come to us some time ago and we had started to collect and collage these things together, ideas and memories of people, places and objects at different times. I have always been obsessed with recluses and the image of the outsider making their own world by hoarding things away. We wanted to emulate that for this collection; to take unlikely things and make them beautiful, looking to an outsider who has her own rules and her own style – she does what she wants and defines her own beauty.”


The unconventional, transformative journey of the Christopher Kane girl continues this season in a collection that celebrates the lost and found. Drawing on the autobiographical, the figure of the outsider and the idea of a new primitivism, the discarded detritus of glamour is accumulated and elevated to new heights of fashion in the collection.


Subverting humdrum ideas of luxury, a notion of preciousness and elegance is derived from the everyday together with the more exalted this season, making the ordinary extraordinary. From the humble cardboard box, transformed into corrugated camel coloured leather for clothing and accessories, to the bricolage of embroideries and appliques, ranging from the precious to the throwaway – many made with the input of the legendary Lesage for the first time – there is a purposefully naïve mix of techniques and textures, trinkets and talismans, that almost belies the complex care and craftsmanship behind the clothing and accessories this season.


Meaning and chaos combine in a dream-like, stream


of consciousness process for the collection – itself mirroring the idea of lost and found. An idea of contrast and coexistence in experimentation abounds, making use of long-term research as well as a fresh, celebratory spontaneity in the clothing. Time-lapse photography of the life cycle of flowers – a special studio project that took an entire week to document – appears as a new spin on lenticular accessories as well as in studio crafted, photo-real floral prints this season. Chantilly lace is felted and mixed with scrim to produce a new kind of fabrication, luxurious in its purposefully faded glory. Meanwhile, mink is made hyper-modern when lined with reflective fabrics together with lace electrified by reflective stitching.


This season also sees the introduction of a new Kane logo, a somewhat tongue-in-cheek notion of the luxury house staple, in a purposely ‘Ye Olde English’ found typeface. While the rain-mate bonnet is revisited, somewhat more luxuriously, with the milliner Stephen Jones for this collection – a first-time collaboration with the house.

Altogether, this season sees a mix of childhood memory and desire for some of the finer things in life, simultaneously with a celebration of the preciousness of the high fashion process once it is attained.



BEAUTY PRESS gb001com-glossybox

Are you one of the millions of beauty enthusiasts looking for your next fix? You’ve met your match! Founded in 2011 in Berlin, Germany, GLOSSYBOX has made its mark on the beauty industry by bringing hair, skin and cosmetic products to subscribers’ doorsteps around the globe in a pink, bow-tied box.

Having collaborated with over 1,100 brands thus far, GLOSSYBOX surprises and delights with its more than 1,500,000 luxury and niche brand products, including the likes of Nuxe and Too Faced, that find their way into the iconic boxes each month for a cost of $21.

But it doesn’t stop there! In addition to an impressive assortment of products carefully chosen through your very own online beauty profile, you’ll receive a host of beauty know-how which includes e-newsletters, straightforward tips-and-tricks, a comprehensive product card elaborating on the contents of the box, and access to insider expertise through our social media channels.

This July, GLOSSYBOX’s beauty experts have pulled all strings to get you the most sought after summer beauty essentials, including the EYEKO FAT STICK in Satin, the FANGO essenziali’s Treatment Sheet Mask, GLOV’s Quick Treat, Tree Hut Bare’s Moisturizing Shave Oil, the SinfulColors Top Coat and the Leighton Denny Expert Nails’ Miracle Mist!

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe today and explore, learn, and maybe even discover your next new favorite product!





(SwimWear Fashion Show 7:30pm SHARP)

This is a PERSONAL VIP INVITE from Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Avenue News Magazine (The First Lady of Fashion) in conjunction with Todd Wharton, LTC and TV Host, Kelly Phoenix to join us as we launch FABULOUS the Sexy, Sophisticated new fragrance by FASHION AVENUE NEWS MAGAZINE.  This SOFT launch will be held on Wednesday June 22, 6:00pm – Until, at Suite 36, 16 West 36th Street, NYC.  As VIP Invited guest, you will have the opportunity to sample FABULOUS before it goes PUBLIC.  Come out and network with the friendliest people in the Fashion Industry.  Bring friends or come alone, you will have a great time. Swimwear Fashion Show starting at exactly 7:30pm. – ALL FREE

Fashion Avenue News & Model World Magazine will be looking for Editorial & Cover Models for Magazine placement at this event.  There will be lots of Magazine CEOs, Models, Make Up Artists, Photographers, Fashion Bloggers at this event, so come on out and NETWORK.

Sign up for our VIP list, because we know how to treat our VIPs.  Like our FaceBook Page – Fashion Avenue News.

You must be 21+ to attend this event, no exceptions, you will be carded at the door, dress code:  business casual (NO JEANS/SNEAKERS)



Tonight, celebrities from the worlds of fashion, film, sports, art, and music will gather at The Met for the Museum’s Costume Institute Benefit. This year’s gala celebrates the exhibition Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, on view May 5–August 14, 2016.

Follow The Met’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, ‪#‎MetGala‬ and‪#‎ManusxMachina‬ for live updates from the event.

Beginning at 6:30 pm EDT, gala Co-chairs Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Jony Ive, and Anna Wintour and red-carpet-ready guests will walk the iconic steps of The Met Fifth Avenue. The evening’s celebration provides The Costume Institute’s annual funding for exhibitions, publications, acquisitions, and capital improvements.

Manus x Machina features more than 150 examples of haute couture and avant-garde ready-to-wear dating from the early 1900s to the present. The exhibition examines various creative processes and unravels how designers reconcile the handmade with the machine-made in a world increasingly influenced by technology.








Makeup artist applies eye shadow

Coming to New York this weekend is the Make Up Show, Sunday and Monday, May 1 and 2nd at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, NYC.

The Make Up Show features hands on training, seminars, and “how to” for every level of industry professionals.  They also have deep discounts on any industry product you can think of.  This is the “MUST ATTEND SHOW” of the year.

The Makeup Show NYC is only open to professionals working or studying in the beauty or fashion industries. Along with your ticket confirmation you will need to show professional credentials at the door.

Credentials can be: a business card, comp card, call sheet, tear sheet, student ID, enrollment papers to a beauty school, professional license, work ID or pay stub from a beauty related business.

The Makeup Show is a beauty event open to those individuals and companies involved in the makeup artist and beauty industries. Makeup artists, retail artists, aestheticians, cosmetologists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, buyers, agents and photographers, models, costume and theater designers, face and body painters, etc….  Students enrolled in courses related to makeup, hair or aesthetics are invited to attend as well and will be required to show student ID.

Entrance fees to The Makeup Show include the exhibit floor, main floor seminars as well as Keynote and Business Forums. Show admission tickets can be purchased via an online reservation system or at the door of the event, based on availability. For an additional fee, The Makeup Show offers hands-on workshops; these workshops are offered on a first come, first serve basis sold in advance.