Lehigh Valley Fashion Week (“Fashion Week”) is held twice a year to highlight all the Fashion Seasons (Fall/Winter) (Spring/Summer), and occurs on April and August of each year.

Season 2 was a Spring Blitz sponsored by Holiday Inn Center Allentown. The Spring/Summer designs presented by designers and boutiques were colorful and full of live.  The annual Red Shoe Charity Luncheon and Fashion Show was a success and several of the designers decided to join Fashion Week’s premiere nights.

After two Seasons, Fashion Week has reached their 1st Anniversary.  On August 12th to August 14th, Season 3 of Fashion Week will be showcasing Fall/Winter designs.  It will be an intimate setting with 100 VIP seating each night, where guests will be referred to as the “Top 100 VIPs”.  Fashion Week will be held at multiple locations within the Valley.

The Fashion Director for this season is Andrene William from Unique Blend Models (“UBM”).  She reigns from New York City where she is the CEO/Founder of UBM and UBM Fashion Week.  She is an experienced Fashion Coordinator, who is well-known for being the Fashion Coordinator for Fashion On The Hudson, an annual fashion show of over 30 designers in New York produced by Sofia Davis of Fashion Avenue News Magazine.

Barbizon Chique of Philadelphia will be providing models and partnering with Lehigh Valley Fashion Week again for Season 3.  Barbizon is celebrating 77 years in the industry and their models can be seen on TV, in Movies, Magazines, on the Runway, and more.  If you are interested in learning more about Barbizon and finding out how you can get started, go to barbizonchique.com, or visit their booth during intermission or after the show.

This season’s host will be Dr. Kent Ozman.  He is the loving husband of Andrea Brock, President of BWNICE LV, and a well-known chiropractor at StarKent Chiropractic and Kinesiology.  He was featured on “Our Health” where he spoke about chiropractic help and what you should know.   His lovely co-host will be Kari Holmes, Lehigh Valley Fashion Week’s Production Manager.

On August 12th, Friday, the opening night will be themed “Hollywood in The Valley”.  it will be a night of glamour, where guests will be in their evening wear, and the designs will be showcasing evening wear/ready to wear designs. It will be held at Hook in Allentown.

On August 13th, Saturday, Arts vs Fashion will be the theme for the night where avante garde designs grace the runway and creativity of the designers will shine. It will be held at Hook in Allentown.   Be prepared to see designs in an art form.

Friday and Saturday nights’ after party will be held at Halo Nightclub in Allentown.  This is an upscale 2 level rooftop nightclub on the skyline above Hook.

On August 14th, Sunday, the finale night production will be collaborated with Urban Varieties, and it will be a night of “Fashion Forward Citizens”.  F/W 2016 urban collections will be showcased at H2O Lounge in Bethlehem. The Finale celebration will continue at H2O Lounge after the fashion show.

Some of the designers and boutiques who will be featured are Laura Bly, Clothes Mentor, Cat’s Meow, Urban Varieties, Gusa By Victoria, Bel Bete, and Victoria Wright.

Purchase your tickets for all three nights at www.lehighvalleyfashionweek.com.

About Lehigh Valley Fashion Week

Lehigh Valley Fashion Week is a Lehigh Valley organization highlighting the fashion industry in the area.  Our Fashion Weeks consist of fashion shows at malls, boutiques, and other venues around the Lehigh Valley. Fashion Weeks are celebrated around the globe and has been proven to be the number one medium for presenting the work of fashion designers and other fashion-oriented crafts.

It is known these events boost visibility and profit to the surrounding businesses.  There will be multiple fashion and promotional events throughout the Lehigh Valley, where we will collaborate with sponsoring businesses.  If you are interested and would like more information please contact us at contact@lehighvalleyfashionweek.com or 484.994.2572.

The hash tags used for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are #lehighvalleyfashionweek, #LVFWPA,  and #LVFW16.  The hash tags will be used for marketing purposes.

Press Contact

Name:                  Winsome Condra

Mobile:                201.936.9102

Email:                  winsome@lehighvalleyfashionweek.com


The Multifunctional Beach Dress for a Stress Free Holiday

Mumusa 3in1.jpg

The innovative apparel brand Mumusa has just launched a campaign on Indiegogo to fund the production of the most elegant, beautiful and comfortable 3 in 1 beach dress designed so far.

“I‘d been looking for such beach dress for years – something that is beautiful, comfortable, elegant and light to carry and isn’t just a piece of fabric called a beach wrap. A dress that you can look good in both on the beach and having a cocktail at the bar afterwards,” explains Mirjam Sitin, the founder of Mumusa.

Mumusa has all the features you look for in a perfect holiday dress: it dries quickly, does not wrinkle, stays up perfectly, suits with every body type and takes almost no space in your bag. And you can wear it in three different ways to suit the occasion and the mood.

Each dress is handmade using the finest fair trade and sustainably sourced silk chiffon materials.

Mumusa dress was created to solve the problems that many women face when on holiday: the suitcase filled with so many different outfits is heavy and gets messy fast, having to constantly change clothes when going from the beach to the hotel or a cafeteria/bar, getting the clothes wet when put on bikini.

Giving back:

Each one of Mumusa projects contributes to fulfilling most direct ocean cleanup missions. A piece of profit from each dress sold is being forwarded to the most innovative and straight forward ocean cleanup projects, so each person who is buying Mumusa dress contributes directly to cleaning up our oceans.

Mumusa will be available on Indiegogo.com here beginning 18th of July for 45 days. After a successful campaign the first line of dresses will go into production in September.

Check out the campaign and get your own Memusa dress now on presale to be ready for your next holiday.

For more information about the campaign, visit the Mumusa website here.