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Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief of the Global Luxury Brands, Fashion Avenue News, Model World, The FAN Daily, The Editors Council and The Fashion Impire, will receive the Cultural Icon Award at the Harlem Fashion Week Opening Night Gala Black Tie Event.

Ms. Davis has been instrumental in the rise of the independent magazine movement by creating Fashion Avenue News Magazine in 2011 which quickly grew into a global luxury fashion brand.  Her focus is the independent and emerging fashion industry talent that has been overlooked by most mainstream publications.  “I want to give the independent/emerging fashion talent a platform to grow, a foundation that is global, upscale, and displays their talent in a positive way to the world.”

Ms. Davis has taken Fashion Avenue News from 0-360,000 email & print subscribers.  She also writes The FAN Daily – a fashion blog ( that brings you up to the minute fashion industry news from around the world. Building on the need for platforms for the independent talent, she created Model World Magazine, which focuses on emerging models in the fashion industry.  She also created The Editors Council, a group of independent magazine publishers/editors that come together to help each other continue and grow their publications.  The Editors Council is open to all levels of industry talent, on-line, print and blog publishers.

Ms. Davis has a long history in the Fashion Industry.  She worked as Director of Models at the World Famous Apollo Theater for 10 years where she featured 15 models a week, handling hair and make up.  While at the Apollo, she developed BTE TV (Beauty Television & Entertainment), which stated out as an public access show and went on to become a full channel of paid advertisements reaching over one million people.  As the online media changed the TV environment, she took her fashion focused TV show on line and rebranded it Fashion Avenue News.

Ms. Davis says “I want to thank Yvonne Jewnell for recognizing my hard work in the fashion industry.  It means a lot when people appreciate what you have spent a lifetime doing”.  Thank you.

About Producer Yvonne Jewnell

Yvonne Jewnell New York is an award winning women’s wear company that creates clothing that promotes women empowerment and celebrates culture from across the globe. Owned by a mother-daughter team, YJNY create garments with an ethnically inspired message of overcoming obstacles and revitalizing strength.

Yvonne Jewnell New York has been worn by Lisa Price owner of Carol’s Daughter, Dixie Nichols, owner of Dixie Bits Bath and Body Products and style contributor for Bella Magazine, Dorcas Meyers, owner of Roc-A-Natural. And Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin has pulled Yvonne Jewnell’s garments for his clients.

Yvonne Jewnell New York has been featured in Fashion Avenue News Magazine, African Prints in Fashion, Zuvaa, Black to Business, Jamaica Gleaner, SHE Caribbean, Inside Outer Beauty and The Network Journal.


Harlem Fashion Week Opening Night Gala is a semi-formal invitation only event.

The theme is the 21st century Harlem Renaissance, we are requesting that attendees wear garments inspired by the Harlem Renaissance.

WHEN:Wednesday, September 7, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

WHERE: 467 W 144th St, New York, NY 10031


Wednesday, September 7, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT) – Add to Calendar


Hamilton Landmark Galleries – 467 West 144th Street, New York, NY 10031 – View Map








This Magic Moment – Catch My Lash (Darling)

Portrait of a curly blonde

What happens when you get 10 powerful entrepreneurs on a panel in front of an inquisitive audience?

Solutions are found, that’s what happens.

I believe no matter what the problem, there is a solution.

I’m one for Networking.  I was invited to “Catch My Lash” Beauty Event in Brooklyn on Saturday by my fellow Editor-in-Chief magazine owner, Ese of Enspire Magazine.  The event was held at Brooklyn Exposure, 1401 Bedford Avenue, produced by Blanch.  As most of you know, I don’t know Brooklyn and did not know if I would know anyone else there, but I went anyway, Googling my way along.

Upon arrival, I’m surprised by how many people I know and the professional set up.  There were vendors and food, my kind of place.  The surprise came when the panel started…

Each panelist introduced themselves, Supermodel Angela- of QVC, Boss Lady Wendy Isaac – Style the Wave, Ese of Enspire Magazine, Chefs, Make Up Manufacturers, Fashion Designers and more.

There were questions and answers, and then an audience member asked the critical question “Why Should Someone Patronize Your Businesses?” I had the perfect answer.

Why should someone purchase or read Fashion Avenue News Magazine or read our FAN Daily Fashion Blog.

Fashion Avenue News Magazine was created because years ago a model went to an Agency Open House and they told her she would NEVER MAKE IT IN THE MODELING BUSINESS.  The model came to my office in TEARS.  I was angry.  I don’t feel that anyone should ever tell someone they cannot make it.  My anger created Fashion Avenue News Magazine, a foundation for independent fashion industry talent, to have a platform and a place.  We welcome everyone, as long as they are FABULOUS.  Age, Height, Weight, Size, never determine if you can appear on our pages.  We are here for you; we are your fashion family.

More conversation ensured and we came to the conclusion that we need to work harder to support each other businesses.  It starts with you.  Think of where you spend your money.  If you are a small business, really think, because you can help other businesses stay in business by purchasing from them.

Change starts with YOU.  If you want something different, you have to do something different.

It was wonderful sitting on the panel with these ladies as they were extremely inspirational.  When you have a business and you’re under pressure or stress, it’s good to know there are other businesses owners that feel the same way, you are not in this by yourself, don’t feel alone.  We are all working to keep our businesses afloat.

One thing I explained on the panel, I am You, I have no special SuperPower, I’m working hard on my business just like the next magazine, fashion designer or makeup artists.  We chose this profession and no one said it would be easy, but nothing brings you happiness like having your own.

We can make it, if we do it together.

“Catch My Lash” is an annual business, beauty event featuring business and fashion.  Stop by Brooklyn Exposure 1401 Bedford Avenue and purchase some food or have a drink.  These businesses are in your community.  They can’t stay if we don’t support them.

Here are some of the businesses that were there:

LMB Haute Couture, Queen Diva, Celebrity Wendy Isaac, Enspire Magazine, Catch My Lash, Fashion Avenue News,, Crystal Carmen of Pink Stiletto, Johntines Boutique, Nikki Latty Beauty, Top Line Divas presents BeYOUtiful Curves Fashion Show Oct. 2 in Philly, for more info 484-816-6853, Ms. Full figured USA Pageant Auditions

Bianca M Williams -Director  of B Pretty inc,  B Pretty Lashes , B Pretty Glam Factory our physical location and Co-Host of Pretty, Styled and Beautiful
-Angela Perymon- QVC Model, Mua , tld
-Wendy Isaac- international entrepreneur
-Tia Jackson- Johntinesboutique owner
-Chef Danielle Moore- known Chef and apron designer
– Crystal Carmen Pink Stilletos Cosmetics- Cosmetic Line
-Natassia Constantine- fashion designer for LMB Haute

– performance Sonja Freeman- Queen Diva – Singer
-Michelle Lawson- hosts of TV Treasures, model, actress, real Estate agent
-Wanda hall- Mua
-Eddie Jones ( Bobby) – TNOS , entrepreneur,  fashion show director, artist
-Jeannie James Co-Host @prettystyledandbeautiful & MUA  , jewelry expert
– Brooklyn Exposure- Venue
– Karen – international Mua

(Please like our page, Fashion Avenue News and follow our daily fashion blog,


File_000 (1)

I had the opportunity to be attend the annual Face of Kurvacious Model Competition at the National Black Theater in Harlem.

What an EVENT!!!

The Face of Kurvacious is produced by Ms. Kurvacious Scott, an icon in the fashion industry.

Let me tell you how it all happened….. First, I arrive, I am greeted and seated, I’m thinking “very nice”.  As judges arrive, they are seated, introduced.  I’m thinking “I like this”.  We are served a beautiful dinner and additional guest are let in…. the show is about to begin.

The two hosts of the show are hysterical and informative, David Ash and Charlotte Rogers-Brown, keep you entertained.  The judges are Andrene Wiliams of UBM Models, Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Avenue News and Model World Magazine, Sonja Elise Freeman of Miss NY Plus America, Tasha Hill of BGU Concepts, Janine Y. Ellis NinaJoi Creations and the (Runway Slayer) Supermodel Jeannie Ferguson of BGU Concepts.  WOW, what a line up.

The contestants, all 25, are introduced thru a dance routine that is fabulous, they move and groove to runway pulsating music.  The next scene is to introduce themselves and explain why they should be the next Face of Kurvacious.  The judges listen closely as the crowd goes wild after each contestant.   It’s an intense moment.

In each category the contestants display their elegance and confidence and slay the runway with their own style.

In addition to the fabulous contestants, the Kurvy Dolls take to the runway – what a treat.  The Kurvy Dolls are the Kid Kurvy Models, they have kid designers, Pink Ladybug Couture, Chubbie Line, that made some of the garments.  What a refreshing surprise.  I was so proud to see children having a platform.   Designer Egypt, of Chubbie Line, was featured this month in TEEN VOGUE, as The Ones To Watch, Under 21.   She is on her way.

Some of the celebrities in attendance are the Queen of New Jersey, Ms. Theresa Randolph, Executive Producer of Ms. Full Figured USA Pageant and her beauty queen winner.

The final category is Evening Wear.  The contestants were escorted on the stage by very handsome male models.  The contestants know this is their final opportunity to impress the judges.  They do not disappoint.  Each and every gown and outfit is to die for, it’s very hard to choose.

Now is the time to announce the winner, different awards are given out and each contestant feels like they are a winner.  But there can be only one first place winner, there can be only one Face of Kurvacious.


The tension grows, and finally a winner is announced, contestant Ebony Walker is the new Face of Kurvacious.


All the contests were fabulous.  For more information on the Face of Kurvacious Model Competition, visit

Sponsors:  Candice Caters, DJ Black Moses, Wayne Digital Media, aLg Production, Akira Armstrong (Pretty Big Movement), Yazmin Soul, Stillamess/Rock Runna Radio, Queen Size Magazine, Pink Ladybug Couture,

Special Thanks to the Glam Squad (Deborah Cadore), Male Models, Singer/Entertainer, Media, Press, Judge and all involved in the production of this wonderful show.


BEAUTY PRESS gb001com-glossybox

Are you one of the millions of beauty enthusiasts looking for your next fix? You’ve met your match! Founded in 2011 in Berlin, Germany, GLOSSYBOX has made its mark on the beauty industry by bringing hair, skin and cosmetic products to subscribers’ doorsteps around the globe in a pink, bow-tied box.

Having collaborated with over 1,100 brands thus far, GLOSSYBOX surprises and delights with its more than 1,500,000 luxury and niche brand products, including the likes of Nuxe and Too Faced, that find their way into the iconic boxes each month for a cost of $21.

But it doesn’t stop there! In addition to an impressive assortment of products carefully chosen through your very own online beauty profile, you’ll receive a host of beauty know-how which includes e-newsletters, straightforward tips-and-tricks, a comprehensive product card elaborating on the contents of the box, and access to insider expertise through our social media channels.

This July, GLOSSYBOX’s beauty experts have pulled all strings to get you the most sought after summer beauty essentials, including the EYEKO FAT STICK in Satin, the FANGO essenziali’s Treatment Sheet Mask, GLOV’s Quick Treat, Tree Hut Bare’s Moisturizing Shave Oil, the SinfulColors Top Coat and the Leighton Denny Expert Nails’ Miracle Mist!

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe today and explore, learn, and maybe even discover your next new favorite product!





(SwimWear Fashion Show 7:30pm SHARP)

This is a PERSONAL VIP INVITE from Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Avenue News Magazine (The First Lady of Fashion) in conjunction with Todd Wharton, LTC and TV Host, Kelly Phoenix to join us as we launch FABULOUS the Sexy, Sophisticated new fragrance by FASHION AVENUE NEWS MAGAZINE.  This SOFT launch will be held on Wednesday June 22, 6:00pm – Until, at Suite 36, 16 West 36th Street, NYC.  As VIP Invited guest, you will have the opportunity to sample FABULOUS before it goes PUBLIC.  Come out and network with the friendliest people in the Fashion Industry.  Bring friends or come alone, you will have a great time. Swimwear Fashion Show starting at exactly 7:30pm. – ALL FREE

Fashion Avenue News & Model World Magazine will be looking for Editorial & Cover Models for Magazine placement at this event.  There will be lots of Magazine CEOs, Models, Make Up Artists, Photographers, Fashion Bloggers at this event, so come on out and NETWORK.

Sign up for our VIP list, because we know how to treat our VIPs.  Like our FaceBook Page – Fashion Avenue News.

You must be 21+ to attend this event, no exceptions, you will be carded at the door, dress code:  business casual (NO JEANS/SNEAKERS)


Fab-352_F (1)

Fab, the ecommerce destination for design, is excited to announce a collaboration with Lenny Letter, a lifestyle newsletter by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner.  Lenny and Fab have partnered to turn eight of the eye-catching, provocative illustrations from their weekly newsletter into products on Fab. The pieces will be featured exclusively on Fab for one month, launching May 31st. Each art print will be available in multiple sizes (framed and unframed); the illustrations will also appear on products such as totes and mugs.

With this partnership, Fab is placing Lenny’s unapologetically feminist and topical artwork front and center, dismantling the patriarchy one tote bag at a time. Standouts in the exclusive collection include the “Pop Vanity” tote by Kristin Liu, the “Barbie Bouquet” print by Louise Richardson, and the “Selfie Hero” mug by Gel Jamlang. All of the work fits right in to Fab’s colorful, bold collection of products.

Laia Garcia, LENNY’s Deputy Editor said, “We are so stoked to be working with FAB and to finally be able to bring some of our favorite artwork into real life!” Olivia Harris, Fab’s Director of Special Projects & Collaborations added, “Fab is thrilled to partner with the Lenny team to produce merchandise with featured artwork from their newsletters. We’ve been fans of their newsletter since launch and are so excited to bring their stories to life in physical form.”


About Lenny Letter:

Lenny Letter is a newsletter dedicated to feminism, style, health politics, friendship and everything else from Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner (executive producer of Girls).

About Fab:

Fab is a vibrant e-commerce platform where people, tastemakers and brands come together to buy and explore. Find everything you need for a brilliant, modern, well-designed life, from up-and-coming designers to iconic brands to the best in cutting-edge tech gadgets.

GrandCentralBeauty’s Multi-efficient, S.M.A.R.T. Skin Care for Your Busy Lifestyle – Men. Women. All Skin Types.

Young Beautiful Woman with Fluor Wet Makeup. Beauty and Fashion

GrandCentralBeauty is a New York-based beauty company whose name was inspired by the classic beauty and modern efficiency of iconic Grand Centrals worldwide. With the busy city-goer in mind, GrandCentralBeauty creates classic multi-purpose treatments with modern results. GrandCentralBeauty is committed to changing the face of skincare as we know it, bringing the traditional spa experience to the homes of all of its customers with its S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting® products.

Created by an award-winning chemist, Ginger King, who has developed top-selling beauty products for leading global brands, along with luxury spa retail & marketing expert, Jackie Lee: S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting® products is named for its key benefits –  Smooth, Moisturizes. Anti- Aging, Redness- Reducing, Tones. The line provides instant skin smoothing, deep moisturizing, anti-aging benefits, redness reduction and improves skin tone through proprietary formulas and application processes. Designed for easy use and immediate results, the collection consists of three hero products of Mask, Polisher, and Serum + Primer.

The 15-minute peel-off S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Mask delivers visible results with first use; spa-quality formula blends marine algaes, vitamins, botanicals and fruit extracts into a weekly skin treatment to deliver multiple results; 100% of clinical trial panelists report refreshed and rejuvenated skin. The Mask is conveniently packaged with four individual applications, along with its own travel accessories for use on- the-go or weekend getaway. It retails for $75.

The S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Polisher is designed to work in 30 seconds to exfoliate, peel and tone – all in one easy step. Ideal for even very sensitive skin, the Polisher boasts an exclusive formula containing

Cheerful female with fresh clear skin, white background

multi-fruit acids including apple, lemon, sugarcane and orange; along with botanical extracts such as peony, and Japanese tobiko inspired, caviar-like beads to gently cleanse and polish, buffing away dead skin cells, all without irritating the skin. It is packaged in a travel-friendly pump and retails at $38 for 30 mL/ 1.0 fl oz.

The S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Serum+Primer is the newest product in the collection of multitasking products. This smart new serum is an easy-to-wear formula made to work with all skin types, including oily and very sensitive skin, with or without makeup. The Serum+Primer is a unique; oil-free, silica-free, multi-efficient, all-over face treatment to instantly smooth, moisturize, and act as your makeup primer, under-eye smoother, over-makeup setter and lip serum, all-in-one. This handy multi-tasker is conveniently packaged in a travel-easy pump and retails at $68 for 50 mL/ 1.7 fl oz.

young beautiful woman. perfect skin

GrandCentralBeauty believes that you do not need to always switch your entire skincare routine and regimen due to changes in age, environment, seasons, or even lifestyle.  Instead, you can layer ‘smart’ active, multi-efficient treatments into your current regimen to effectively target multiple concerns at once.

Only premium ingredients are used in the formulation of the S.M.A.R.T Skin Perfecting products. All products are made in the U.S.A. and are hypoallergenic, clinically-tested skincare that is Paraben- free, Sulfate-free, and Petrochemical-free.



Tonight, celebrities from the worlds of fashion, film, sports, art, and music will gather at The Met for the Museum’s Costume Institute Benefit. This year’s gala celebrates the exhibition Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, on view May 5–August 14, 2016.

Follow The Met’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, ‪#‎MetGala‬ and‪#‎ManusxMachina‬ for live updates from the event.

Beginning at 6:30 pm EDT, gala Co-chairs Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Jony Ive, and Anna Wintour and red-carpet-ready guests will walk the iconic steps of The Met Fifth Avenue. The evening’s celebration provides The Costume Institute’s annual funding for exhibitions, publications, acquisitions, and capital improvements.

Manus x Machina features more than 150 examples of haute couture and avant-garde ready-to-wear dating from the early 1900s to the present. The exhibition examines various creative processes and unravels how designers reconcile the handmade with the machine-made in a world increasingly influenced by technology.

Lehigh Valley Fashion Week April 29-30th

One Shoulder Dress


Lehigh Valley Fashion Week (“Fashion Week”) is held twice a year to highlight all the Fashion Seasons (Fall/Winter) (Spring/Summer), and occurs on April and August of each year.

Season 1 was held on August 14th to 21st, 2015, and it was sponsored by the Renaissance Hotel Allentown.  Kathy Avila owner of Style Beauty Lounge, located in Bethlehem, had her fashion show during that week.  Restaurants such as Corked, located in Bethlehem and Hook, located in Allentown, collaborated with Lehigh Valley Fashion Week.  The Fashion Week was a success and lovers of fashion came out in groves to attend the Premier nights.  Lehigh Valley Fashion Week’s sponsors were Metro Beauty Academy, Barbizon Chique, Style Beauty Lounge, LV Happening, Davis, Nelson and Associates and other companies/individuals who supported and helped with its success.

For Season 2 of Fashion Week Spring/Summer2016 (“S/S 2016”) styles will be presented by designers and boutiques.  This Season is sponsored by Holiday Inn Center Allentown, and will be held on April 28th to April 30th.   During this Fashion Week on April 29th, BW Nice – Lehigh Chapter will have their annual Red Shoe Charity Luncheon and Fashion Show, and Style Beauty Lounge will participate again by having a Trunk Show.

All the Lehigh Valley Fashion Week premier events will be held at the Holiday Inn Center Allentown, 904 Hamilton St, Allentown, PA 18101, and starts at 7pm.  This venue was recently renovated and fits the growing attendance of the Fashion Week.  If you don’t want to miss a beat during Fashion Week book your room by calling 610. 433.2221. The emcees will be Heidi Uracius from Barbizon Chique and Kari Holmes from Lehigh Valley Fashion Week.

Heidi is the former Ms Pennsylvania US 2014 and awarded 3rd Runner up Actress of the Year at the IMTA Convention in Los Angeles.  She is currently the events manager for Barbizon Chique and continues to model and act locally and in New York.  She was on the television special “On the Road to the Fashion Hero” on ABC last June, and will be in the upcoming reality show “The Fashion Hero”, as the Season One Winner.

Kari Holmes is the Fashion Director of Lehigh Valley Fashion Week, and has hosted numerous events.  She manages the designers and models for Fashion Week, and ensures that everyone is organized for the fashion events.

Barbizon Chique of Philadelphia will be providing models and partnering with Lehigh Valley Fashion Week again for Season 2.  Barbizon is celebrating 77 years in the industry and their models can be seen on TV, in Movies, Magazines, on the Runway, and more.  If you are interested in learning more about Barbizon and finding out how you can get started, go to, or visit their booth during intermission or after the show.

On April 28th, Thursday, there will be a networking event, where a panel of professionals in the fashion industry will speak to aspiring models, make-up artists (“mua”), and hairstylists to help them to become successful in the fashion industry.  Our host for this event will be Kari Holmes, Fashion Week’s Fashion Director.  The panel will consist of the following professionals; local top model and actor, Yasminda Rodriguez and Jacinth Sutphin, photographer, Jeff Levy, makeup artist, Faces by Fre Umarah, model agency, Heidi Uracius of Barbizon Chique, to name a few.


On April 29th, Friday, the premier night designers will showcase S/S 2016 couture and ready-made collections. Here are some of the designers and boutiques who will be showcased; Dartanya, Clotheversity, Clothes Mentor, Victoria Wright, Art 2 The Skin, Stay by Stacy Angela, Abundant Style, and Glam2Mod2Chic.

On April 30th, Saturday, the finale night will showcase S/S 2016 urban collection.  Here are some of the designers and boutiques who will be showcased; Clothes Mentor, Level 9, Cat’s Meow, Urban Varieties,

Purchase your tickets for the Premier and Finale fashion shows at

To celebrate Lehigh Valley Fashion Week’s Team hard work there will be an after party at The JetPort Restaurant and Lounge on April 30th after the fashion show.  JetPort is located at 3400 Airport Rd, Allentown, PA, and it starts at 10pm.  This is a chance to meet the designers, mua, hairstylists, models, and the Fashion Week Team who participated in Fashion Week.

About Lehigh Valley Fashion Week

Lehigh Valley Fashion Week is a Lehigh Valley organization highlighting the fashion industry in the area.  Our Fashion Weeks consist of fashion shows at malls, boutiques, and other venues around the Lehigh Valley. Fashion Weeks are celebrated around the globe and has been proven to be the number one medium for presenting the work of fashion designers and other fashion-oriented crafts.

It is known these events boost visibility and profit to the surrounding businesses.  There will be multiple fashion and promotional events throughout the Lehigh Valley, where we will collaborate with sponsoring businesses.  If you are interested and would like more information please contact us at or 484.994.2572.

The hash tags used for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are #lehighvalleyfashionweek and #LVFWSS16.  The hash tags will be used for marketing purposes.

Press Contact
Name:                         Winsome Condra
Mobile:                       201.936.9102



Ms. Katherine Neal, Executive Director
Vogue Modeling

fashion show

The SuperModel competition is BACK in Raleigh North Carolina, produced by Vogue Modeling Executive Director Katherine Neal.

The SuperModel competition, started a few years back, reels in a host of celebrity guest and participants.  Model World Magazine, Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Davis is one that loves the event.  “This is a great event to give emerging fashion talent a platform.”  The other area of the event that is so important is the fashion seminars that are taught there.  It helps new models navigate the industry and more experienced models sharpen their craft.  The event takes place June 19th in North Carolina and has many models signed up.

Katherine Neal has a long history in the Fashion Industry producing excellent events.  This is a “You Don’t Want To Miss This” showcase of Emerging & Established Fashion Industry Talent.

Visit the website  for more information.