Fashion Week Paris Couture Fall-Winter 2016-2017 – Franck Sorbier

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Once upon a time, a couple of artisans, their friends were calling them The Sorbier. Isabelle was painting fabrics, taking care of the studio and so much more things. Franck, as for him, was sewing, drawing and dreaming still and always. They had many birds, lovebirds, and liked passionately the couture. This season, they have decided to go for a new adventure: create a new colorful and joyful collection for little girls. With the best wish of a mini team of mouse and baby mouse, they have succeeded in building this story in a short period of time.

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Rodrigo and Bruno, their former loyal colleagues have given them an outside helping hand. After a perilous voyage in Saint Petersburg, they have decided to pay tribute to Slav folk tales. There would be colors, drawings, lightness and they hope retail. A new life. There would be Lady in black, they would be magnificently Haute Culture (no there is no typing error). They would have a role to hold on to. Just as every season, the fairy Christine looked after their happiness and success. Véronique Valcke, the season’s godmother, had invited them in her garden suspended in the Paris sky. On this occasion, a cake in the shape of a bulb of an Orthodox basilica was created with the collaboration of the pastry chef Sebastien Reul.

Andréa the passionaria have presented them Pascal Contet, a virtuoso accordion and also a crazy hatter for Panama hats designed after this little company colors. There were also generous lace sponsors, Mr Noyon and Mr Beauvillain. The beauty magician Shiseido and their ambassador Pierre Rocca, the hairstyle magician Alexandre de Paris and his ambassadors Jean-Luc Minetti and Fréderic Pavard offered their expertise to make the tale soft and sublime. They have discovered their “mini models” in Jennifer Goubé dance class and also by word of mouth in the trust circle.

GIE AXA France and members of the endowment fund Sorbier carry on with their loyal and active support. Stéphane Thouron for the Hotel Bavarez, Audrey Boucharlat and Anissa Tahidi for Wolford, Lanson Champagne have waved their magic wands that all is good and well. The Cornillon knight, Frédéric and Stéphane, always coming to the rescue and with drums beating closed proudly the steps.