Africa the new Eldorado of beauty



With a market estimated at 6.93 billion Euros in 2012 and approximately 10% annual growth compared to barely 4% in the international market, according to the World Retail Congress Africa

2013, the African continent is the new Eldorado for cosmetic giants.

A recent study found that it should achieve 10 billion € in 2017.




Beauty Color Africa is a unique fair devoted to the cosmetics and beauty market in West Africa. It’s the ultimate fair for beauty, fashion and wellness professionals. But not only, is it a fantastic platform for communication, networking and business opportunities and it’s also the place to unearth new trends and innovations in beauty, haircare, skincare & spa and wellbeing.


It’s a great chance for brands and professionals to meet distributors, retailers, importers and buyers from all over the sub-region. Beauty Color Africa is also a fantastic opportunity to reach the African general public. African consumers, the

300 million belonging to the middle class, are discerning when it comes to product quality. They must be affordable and




The Ivory Coast’s middle class, foreign multinationals and many retail outlets (from shopping center to luxury boutiques) gives the country a head start over other French-speaking African countries with the opening of Carrefour and the first Beauty Success franchise. Abidjan is the economic capital of French-speaking West Africa with a population of 5 million and also the ultimate destination for fashion and beauty in Africa. This future-forward city blends modern times in harmony with the splendour of nature.



Palais des Congrès at the Sofitel Abidjan Hôtel Ivoire

In a cultural melting pot, built and extended along the water, the Palais des Congrès – Sofitel Abidjan Hôtel Ivoire is a legendary and important oasis that’s constantly changing. This fantastic conference centre, shortlisted by the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2015, looms majestically over an idyllic setting of water and plant life… This bright and extraordinary conference centre, designed by President HOUPHOUËT- BOIGNY, provides the best in technology and comfort for all attendees.


The organisers

Beauty Color Africa is the latest event from the experts in fairs devoted to the multicultural beauty industry, Marina

Marâ Marville and her creative international team.


After 10 years of managing professional and public events such as BOUCLES D’EBENE, BEAUTY COLOR, BEYOND COLOR, COSMEETING, and FOIRE DE PARIS, Marina Marville is continuing to innovate and stay a step ahead of the trends by launching this new concept to suit the African market.

Beauty Color Africa, 11-13 November 2016 – Abidjan, Ivory Coast

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Portraits of Women

“The human face was always my great landscape.” Colette

ALEXIS MABILLE  fswpa73.14fr-look14.jpgmarie-beltrami

Many tend to think that Haute Couture can be summed up in a handful of numbers, rules and techniques carved in stone: the number of dressmakers and hours needed to make a dress, the artisanal methods and fabrics used…. But for me, Haute Couture represents much more than that. The true face of Couture is an intimate, sensual and passionate relationship, the use of exceptional know-how to honor an individual, the woman who wears it.

With this book, I wanted to let you see what happens beyond the runway and show the reality of what Haute Couture means today. This Haute Couture is contemporary. It addresses all generations of clientele, and in particular a woman who wants to feel sublime and unique while remaining true to herself.

The dress and the woman are one. My Haute Couture is the marriage of my style and my clients’ desires, a fusion of my codes and each woman’s charisma.

ALEXIS MABILLE fswpa73.19fr-look19_lis-van-velthoven-supreme

My creative process is didactic. My inspiration? Women. The ones whose natural charm brings my creations to life and pushes it forward. I consider my work to be a laboratory for ideas. Each piece is specially created for a unique person and designed to highlight her radiance, intensity and perpetual femininity.

Starting with that idea, I gathered together 15 women who are dear to me, whom I met during my work as a couturier over the past decade. These are women who have marked their era: whether she is an actress, artist, singer, ballerina, burlesque artist or top model, each is recognized as an icon in her field.


I would like to dedicate my Fall-Winter 2015-2016 collection to each one of them; for each, I have designed a look that reflects her irresistible singularity. Then, I asked portrait photographer Matthew Brookes to capture their timeless beauty.

Photos: Alexis Mabille
Text: Matthew Brookes

Revlon – Nail Art Expressionist


 Unleash your inner artist with expertly matched nail art duos

Want to channel your inner Jackson Polish? Or perhaps create the next Monet, Monet? Revlon, with a rich history in nail innovation, has once again made its mark on the nail industry with Revlon Nail Art, on-trend duos that help you achieve the latest in nail design. From bold, bright neons to mini-masterpieces on your fingertips, nail art is a colorful form of self- expression. Revlon Nail Art offers an easy way to capture this trend at home with dual-ended packaging that contains everything you need to create the hottest designs from the runways. With 30 shades spanning three different styles, the possibilities are endless.The Revlon Nail Art collection offers you three different styles with which to mix, match and paint. You can create aPinkasso, wow with Laser Beam or sparkle with Cosmic! Express yourself with your fingertips using Revlon Nail Art:

  • Dare to be high voltage: Revlon Nail Art Neon collection allows you to brighten your neon with a white base coat for a pop of shocking color.
  • Dare to be cosmic: Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy lets you discover out-of-this-world nails with 3D, iridescent top coats over deep base colors for a multi-dimensional, cosmic look.
  • Dare to be a work of art: Revlon Nail Art Expressionist taps into the artist in all of us with a palette of 10 color combinations. Create detail with the skinny nail art brush – anything from gold studs to sweet bows.
Features/Benefits/Key Ingredients:
  • Unique dual-ended package containing everything you need to achieve a gorgeous nail art look;
  • Easy, fool-proof application;
  • Expertly selected, on–trendshades straight from the Revlon Color Authority.
30 shades;
  • 10 Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy– Moon Dust, Eclipse, Supernova, Orbit, Galactic, Milky Way, Satellite, Universe, Meteor, Cosmic
  • 10 Revlon Nail Art Expressionist – Silhouette, Pinkasso, Night & Degas, Ulterior Motif, Pop Art, Pastel Punk, Monet Monet, Jackson Polish, Post Modern, Vincent Van Gold
  • 10 Revlon Nail Art Neon – Pink Glow, Atomic Pink, High Voltage, Hot Flash, Neon Light, Amped Up, Fluorescent, Laser Beam, Ultra Violet, Killer Watt.)
Revlon Shades – SRP $8.99 each