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Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief of the Global Luxury Brands, Fashion Avenue News, Model World, The FAN Daily, The Editors Council and The Fashion Impire, will receive the Cultural Icon Award at the Harlem Fashion Week Opening Night Gala Black Tie Event.

Ms. Davis has been instrumental in the rise of the independent magazine movement by creating Fashion Avenue News Magazine in 2011 which quickly grew into a global luxury fashion brand.  Her focus is the independent and emerging fashion industry talent that has been overlooked by most mainstream publications.  “I want to give the independent/emerging fashion talent a platform to grow, a foundation that is global, upscale, and displays their talent in a positive way to the world.”

Ms. Davis has taken Fashion Avenue News from 0-360,000 email & print subscribers.  She also writes The FAN Daily – a fashion blog ( that brings you up to the minute fashion industry news from around the world. Building on the need for platforms for the independent talent, she created Model World Magazine, which focuses on emerging models in the fashion industry.  She also created The Editors Council, a group of independent magazine publishers/editors that come together to help each other continue and grow their publications.  The Editors Council is open to all levels of industry talent, on-line, print and blog publishers.

Ms. Davis has a long history in the Fashion Industry.  She worked as Director of Models at the World Famous Apollo Theater for 10 years where she featured 15 models a week, handling hair and make up.  While at the Apollo, she developed BTE TV (Beauty Television & Entertainment), which stated out as an public access show and went on to become a full channel of paid advertisements reaching over one million people.  As the online media changed the TV environment, she took her fashion focused TV show on line and rebranded it Fashion Avenue News.

Ms. Davis says “I want to thank Yvonne Jewnell for recognizing my hard work in the fashion industry.  It means a lot when people appreciate what you have spent a lifetime doing”.  Thank you.

About Producer Yvonne Jewnell

Yvonne Jewnell New York is an award winning women’s wear company that creates clothing that promotes women empowerment and celebrates culture from across the globe. Owned by a mother-daughter team, YJNY create garments with an ethnically inspired message of overcoming obstacles and revitalizing strength.

Yvonne Jewnell New York has been worn by Lisa Price owner of Carol’s Daughter, Dixie Nichols, owner of Dixie Bits Bath and Body Products and style contributor for Bella Magazine, Dorcas Meyers, owner of Roc-A-Natural. And Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin has pulled Yvonne Jewnell’s garments for his clients.

Yvonne Jewnell New York has been featured in Fashion Avenue News Magazine, African Prints in Fashion, Zuvaa, Black to Business, Jamaica Gleaner, SHE Caribbean, Inside Outer Beauty and The Network Journal.


Harlem Fashion Week Opening Night Gala is a semi-formal invitation only event.

The theme is the 21st century Harlem Renaissance, we are requesting that attendees wear garments inspired by the Harlem Renaissance.

WHEN:Wednesday, September 7, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

WHERE: 467 W 144th St, New York, NY 10031


Wednesday, September 7, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT) – Add to Calendar


Hamilton Landmark Galleries – 467 West 144th Street, New York, NY 10031 – View Map








Fashion Avenue News Magazine features SuperModel Kim Cornish on September Cover


Fashion Avenue News, Model World Magazine, The FAN Daily ( and The Fashion Impire, are Global Luxury Brands, featuring emerging and established Fashion Industry Talent.  This month we have 3 amazing covers, here is the first…..

At Fashion Avenue News, we do not look at size, we look at fabulousity.  We place plus size models on the same pages as straight size models, and we do not call them PLUS, we call them MODELS…. Because that is what they are MODELS…… When you attach a label to something you are putting it in a box…….

Check out our Beautiful, Classy, Comfortable In Her Own Skin, COVER MODEL Kim Cornish, shot by the one and only Steve Bennett and team, for our September issue.  This Supermodel, works a bold, lively, hot off the shoulder print piece.  She is classy, sophisticated and sexy all in one (Darling).  She is wrapped in CONFIDENCE, the lady is FLAWLESS…..

If you are a Plus Model in the Fashion Industry, stop by Fashion Avenue News page, and subscribe to our daily fashion blog (The FAN Daily)  We are happy to feature you on our pages and coves.  You have a home, a place where you are a MODEL, not a Plus Model…..

Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Davis of Fashion Avenue News says “Today, throw away the labels, stop calling yourself Plus, and start referring to yourself as a MODEL, because if you see yourself as a Model, so will everyone else“


We look forward to hearing from you, Models/Photographers, submit your photos by dropbox to, you can also email us with any questions at

We are your Fashion Family, we are here for you.  Like our page, Fashion Avenue News and subscribe to the FAN Daily

This SuperModel cover can be purchased at

PC:  Model: Kim Cornish, Makeup: Kia Rayford, Stylist: Toni Foster @ Critique Boutique, Post Production: Abdel Kebdani, Photographer: Steve Bennett

This Magic Moment – Catch My Lash (Darling)

Portrait of a curly blonde

What happens when you get 10 powerful entrepreneurs on a panel in front of an inquisitive audience?

Solutions are found, that’s what happens.

I believe no matter what the problem, there is a solution.

I’m one for Networking.  I was invited to “Catch My Lash” Beauty Event in Brooklyn on Saturday by my fellow Editor-in-Chief magazine owner, Ese of Enspire Magazine.  The event was held at Brooklyn Exposure, 1401 Bedford Avenue, produced by Blanch.  As most of you know, I don’t know Brooklyn and did not know if I would know anyone else there, but I went anyway, Googling my way along.

Upon arrival, I’m surprised by how many people I know and the professional set up.  There were vendors and food, my kind of place.  The surprise came when the panel started…

Each panelist introduced themselves, Supermodel Angela- of QVC, Boss Lady Wendy Isaac – Style the Wave, Ese of Enspire Magazine, Chefs, Make Up Manufacturers, Fashion Designers and more.

There were questions and answers, and then an audience member asked the critical question “Why Should Someone Patronize Your Businesses?” I had the perfect answer.

Why should someone purchase or read Fashion Avenue News Magazine or read our FAN Daily Fashion Blog.

Fashion Avenue News Magazine was created because years ago a model went to an Agency Open House and they told her she would NEVER MAKE IT IN THE MODELING BUSINESS.  The model came to my office in TEARS.  I was angry.  I don’t feel that anyone should ever tell someone they cannot make it.  My anger created Fashion Avenue News Magazine, a foundation for independent fashion industry talent, to have a platform and a place.  We welcome everyone, as long as they are FABULOUS.  Age, Height, Weight, Size, never determine if you can appear on our pages.  We are here for you; we are your fashion family.

More conversation ensured and we came to the conclusion that we need to work harder to support each other businesses.  It starts with you.  Think of where you spend your money.  If you are a small business, really think, because you can help other businesses stay in business by purchasing from them.

Change starts with YOU.  If you want something different, you have to do something different.

It was wonderful sitting on the panel with these ladies as they were extremely inspirational.  When you have a business and you’re under pressure or stress, it’s good to know there are other businesses owners that feel the same way, you are not in this by yourself, don’t feel alone.  We are all working to keep our businesses afloat.

One thing I explained on the panel, I am You, I have no special SuperPower, I’m working hard on my business just like the next magazine, fashion designer or makeup artists.  We chose this profession and no one said it would be easy, but nothing brings you happiness like having your own.

We can make it, if we do it together.

“Catch My Lash” is an annual business, beauty event featuring business and fashion.  Stop by Brooklyn Exposure 1401 Bedford Avenue and purchase some food or have a drink.  These businesses are in your community.  They can’t stay if we don’t support them.

Here are some of the businesses that were there:

LMB Haute Couture, Queen Diva, Celebrity Wendy Isaac, Enspire Magazine, Catch My Lash, Fashion Avenue News,, Crystal Carmen of Pink Stiletto, Johntines Boutique, Nikki Latty Beauty, Top Line Divas presents BeYOUtiful Curves Fashion Show Oct. 2 in Philly, for more info 484-816-6853, Ms. Full figured USA Pageant Auditions

Bianca M Williams -Director  of B Pretty inc,  B Pretty Lashes , B Pretty Glam Factory our physical location and Co-Host of Pretty, Styled and Beautiful
-Angela Perymon- QVC Model, Mua , tld
-Wendy Isaac- international entrepreneur
-Tia Jackson- Johntinesboutique owner
-Chef Danielle Moore- known Chef and apron designer
– Crystal Carmen Pink Stilletos Cosmetics- Cosmetic Line
-Natassia Constantine- fashion designer for LMB Haute

– performance Sonja Freeman- Queen Diva – Singer
-Michelle Lawson- hosts of TV Treasures, model, actress, real Estate agent
-Wanda hall- Mua
-Eddie Jones ( Bobby) – TNOS , entrepreneur,  fashion show director, artist
-Jeannie James Co-Host @prettystyledandbeautiful & MUA  , jewelry expert
– Brooklyn Exposure- Venue
– Karen – international Mua

(Please like our page, Fashion Avenue News and follow our daily fashion blog,



Fashion Avenue News is a Global, Luxury Brand.  Our second 2017 Resort Wear cover hails from Greece featuring topless bathing beauties of Glamour Island.  The editorial, shot by Andrea Sartore, is stunning with spectacular style, capturing the models soft supple and graceful shape.

At Fashion Avenue News, you know we keep it, Classy, Sophisticated and Fabulous, and this is what you will find on our Resort Wear pages.  Coming next is our St. Lucia Resort Wear cover.  This will be followed by our first Fashion Avenue News Caribbean issue.

Subscribe to the FAN Daily Fashion Blog and get fashion news as soon as we do.  Also coming soon is “INVITE THE PRESS” each week we blog about what is happening on the weekend…. there will never be a dull moment.


You’re invited this Wednesday, August 31, starting at 5:30pm, we will celebrate a FREE end of the summer networking event.  Join Fashion Avenue News, along with LTC Network Todd & Kelly at Suite 36, 16 West 36th Street for Fashion Industry Networking and celebrate the birthday of Fashion Icon, Editor-in-Chief Ja’Dee Murphy, along with CoCo – Author of Romance not Finance.  There will also be a fabulous ALL MALE FASHION SHOW by the House of Merlot, showtime is EXACTLY 7:30pm.  The event is free and you must be 21+ to attend.


You can also get FREE TICKETS for the Fashion Industry FREE New Years Party at the Holiday Inn on West 57th Street right on the blog.  Save the date for Fashion on the Hudson 20 (yes 9 years at Riverbank but 20 years total, Saturday July 15, 2017), subscribe TODAY.

Having a Fashion Week show, send us your info so we can place it on the INVITE THE PRESS list and blast it out… all for FREE.

Remember, Fashion Avenue News is your FASHION FAMILY.

Cover Credits: Photographer: Andrea Sartore  Model 1: Michelle Wong  Model 2: Daniela Caruso, Location: lefkada Greece.  Thanks to  Avelecazzate


BEAUTY PRESS gb001com-glossybox

Are you one of the millions of beauty enthusiasts looking for your next fix? You’ve met your match! Founded in 2011 in Berlin, Germany, GLOSSYBOX has made its mark on the beauty industry by bringing hair, skin and cosmetic products to subscribers’ doorsteps around the globe in a pink, bow-tied box.

Having collaborated with over 1,100 brands thus far, GLOSSYBOX surprises and delights with its more than 1,500,000 luxury and niche brand products, including the likes of Nuxe and Too Faced, that find their way into the iconic boxes each month for a cost of $21.

But it doesn’t stop there! In addition to an impressive assortment of products carefully chosen through your very own online beauty profile, you’ll receive a host of beauty know-how which includes e-newsletters, straightforward tips-and-tricks, a comprehensive product card elaborating on the contents of the box, and access to insider expertise through our social media channels.

This July, GLOSSYBOX’s beauty experts have pulled all strings to get you the most sought after summer beauty essentials, including the EYEKO FAT STICK in Satin, the FANGO essenziali’s Treatment Sheet Mask, GLOV’s Quick Treat, Tree Hut Bare’s Moisturizing Shave Oil, the SinfulColors Top Coat and the Leighton Denny Expert Nails’ Miracle Mist!

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe today and explore, learn, and maybe even discover your next new favorite product!



Lehigh Valley Fashion Week (“Fashion Week”) is held twice a year to highlight all the Fashion Seasons (Fall/Winter) (Spring/Summer), and occurs on April and August of each year.

Season 2 was a Spring Blitz sponsored by Holiday Inn Center Allentown. The Spring/Summer designs presented by designers and boutiques were colorful and full of live.  The annual Red Shoe Charity Luncheon and Fashion Show was a success and several of the designers decided to join Fashion Week’s premiere nights.

After two Seasons, Fashion Week has reached their 1st Anniversary.  On August 12th to August 14th, Season 3 of Fashion Week will be showcasing Fall/Winter designs.  It will be an intimate setting with 100 VIP seating each night, where guests will be referred to as the “Top 100 VIPs”.  Fashion Week will be held at multiple locations within the Valley.

The Fashion Director for this season is Andrene William from Unique Blend Models (“UBM”).  She reigns from New York City where she is the CEO/Founder of UBM and UBM Fashion Week.  She is an experienced Fashion Coordinator, who is well-known for being the Fashion Coordinator for Fashion On The Hudson, an annual fashion show of over 30 designers in New York produced by Sofia Davis of Fashion Avenue News Magazine.

Barbizon Chique of Philadelphia will be providing models and partnering with Lehigh Valley Fashion Week again for Season 3.  Barbizon is celebrating 77 years in the industry and their models can be seen on TV, in Movies, Magazines, on the Runway, and more.  If you are interested in learning more about Barbizon and finding out how you can get started, go to, or visit their booth during intermission or after the show.

This season’s host will be Dr. Kent Ozman.  He is the loving husband of Andrea Brock, President of BWNICE LV, and a well-known chiropractor at StarKent Chiropractic and Kinesiology.  He was featured on “Our Health” where he spoke about chiropractic help and what you should know.   His lovely co-host will be Kari Holmes, Lehigh Valley Fashion Week’s Production Manager.

On August 12th, Friday, the opening night will be themed “Hollywood in The Valley”.  it will be a night of glamour, where guests will be in their evening wear, and the designs will be showcasing evening wear/ready to wear designs. It will be held at Hook in Allentown.

On August 13th, Saturday, Arts vs Fashion will be the theme for the night where avante garde designs grace the runway and creativity of the designers will shine. It will be held at Hook in Allentown.   Be prepared to see designs in an art form.

Friday and Saturday nights’ after party will be held at Halo Nightclub in Allentown.  This is an upscale 2 level rooftop nightclub on the skyline above Hook.

On August 14th, Sunday, the finale night production will be collaborated with Urban Varieties, and it will be a night of “Fashion Forward Citizens”.  F/W 2016 urban collections will be showcased at H2O Lounge in Bethlehem. The Finale celebration will continue at H2O Lounge after the fashion show.

Some of the designers and boutiques who will be featured are Laura Bly, Clothes Mentor, Cat’s Meow, Urban Varieties, Gusa By Victoria, Bel Bete, and Victoria Wright.

Purchase your tickets for all three nights at

About Lehigh Valley Fashion Week

Lehigh Valley Fashion Week is a Lehigh Valley organization highlighting the fashion industry in the area.  Our Fashion Weeks consist of fashion shows at malls, boutiques, and other venues around the Lehigh Valley. Fashion Weeks are celebrated around the globe and has been proven to be the number one medium for presenting the work of fashion designers and other fashion-oriented crafts.

It is known these events boost visibility and profit to the surrounding businesses.  There will be multiple fashion and promotional events throughout the Lehigh Valley, where we will collaborate with sponsoring businesses.  If you are interested and would like more information please contact us at or 484.994.2572.

The hash tags used for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are #lehighvalleyfashionweek, #LVFWPA,  and #LVFW16.  The hash tags will be used for marketing purposes.

Press Contact

Name:                  Winsome Condra

Mobile:                201.936.9102




st. lucia flyer



Fashion Avenue News is excited to be invited as International Press to Saint Lucia Hot Couture Fashion event at the beautiful Sandals Grande Ballroom.  St. Lucia Hot Couture will feature international designers from all over the world, along with a full week of Fashion activity.

Fashion Avenue News will shoot their International SwimWear Cover on the beaches of St. Lucia.  Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Davis says “We welcome the opportunity to build a Fashion Bridge between the U.S. and the beautiful Island of St. Lucia as well as developing a MEDIA HUB there for Fashion Avenue News.  We will shoot our SwimWear Cover as well as seek out Photographers, Models, Make Up Artists, Fashion Journalists, Bloggers and all types of Media personalities to develop the St. Lucia Fashion Avenue News Media Brand.

FAN FLYER BLOG SWIM COVERThe Fashion Avenue News Media Team traveling to St. Lucia consist of Editor-in-Chief Sofia Davis, Allison Brown-Managing Partner and Fashion Photographer-Paul Walker.

If you are interested in attend the St. Lucia Fashion Show, see above flyer.  We want to thank everyone for the opportunity allowing  Fashion Avenue News  to be involved in this wonderful event in St. Lucia.  This is the beginning of a great business relationship.

st lucia 5

Fashion Avenue News Magazine is a global luxury print publication.  The focus is global independent, emerging and established fashion industry talent.

For additional information, visit

Art Hearts Fashion Springs Forward into Los Angeles Fashion Week


(Los Angeles)—Art Hearts Fashion began an all-encompassing takeover of Los Angeles Fashion Week Monday night with an exceptional designer showcase to launch the week of events at the Taglyan Complex. Sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the premiere showcase featured Designers YAS Couture by Elie Madi, Sir Isaac Newton, Kentaro, Kate’s Couture, Jaime Elyse Couture, and Willfredo Gerardo. Opening night was attended by stars including: NFL Giants Player Myles White, Matt and Mark Harris of Storage Wars, Krista Keller Stodden of the Mother Daughter Project, Michelle Epps of Basketball Wives, Annie Ilonzeh of Empire, Host Amy Paffrath who walked for designer Jaime Elyse Couture, Renee Lawless, actresses Andrea Anders, Torri Anders, Tehmina Sunney, Vanessa Cloke, Phoebe Price, Mame Adje of ANTM, Drew Seeley and many more.

Opening the show was Lebanese line YAS Couture by Elie Madi. The collection brought a palate of gold and white to the runway featuring romantic busts and crowns. The elegance and ingenuity of the collection elicited cheers from the audience. Sir Isaac Newton introduced his Vine of New Orleans Collection, taking design to a higher level, with posh styled cuts, colors, and textures. Kentaro’s piercing and provocative collection of black and white pieces mesmerized the crowd. The innovative collection brought a somber and sophisticated edge to the runway.

Kate’s Couture combined timeless elegance with modern edge in her collection this season. Nearly all of the materials used for the collection are sourced from thrifted garments and end of the bolt fabrics. Jaime Elyse Couture took center stage with her collection inspired by the classic architecture of London, Paris, and New York. Strong necklines took this collection to the next level of classic, while pops of color and embellished belts maintained a high playful energy. Willfredo Gerardo closed the evening with a collection of embellished pieces defining feminine beauty. Plunging necklines on the gold and black designs embodied sensual strength and red carpet glamour.


FHI Brands returned as Official Hair Sponsor of Art Hearts Fashion, working behind the scenes to create the diverse and innovative looks seen on the runway. Beauty Direction by Erik Torppe Artistry, Makeup by April Love Pro Beauty Academy. Cadillac Concierge joins Art Hearts Fashion this season as Official Car Sponsor.

A special thanks to AIDS Healthcare Foundation, April Love Pro Makeup Academy, SoyJoy, Monster Energy, FHI Brands, Lunabar, Whole Foods Market, Nescafe, Hint Water, Cadillac Concierge, Fotopod, Mosaic, Portraits of Hope, Make a Wish, The Daily Front Row, Illy Issimo, Skinny Pop, Santa Monica Healing, Skintech Studios Oz+Ōtz, Jessie Liu, Exhale Spa, For the Stars Showroom, Creativ PR Showroom and VH1 Save the Music Foundation.

Uniformity May 20 – November 19, 2016 The Museum at FIT

The Museum at FIT presents Uniformity, an exhibition that explores the dynamic history behind a variety of uniforms, examining both their social roles and their influence on high fashion. Uniformity features over 70 objects from the museum’s permanent collection, many of which have never before been on view.

Uniforms occupy a unique place in our society. Designed both to blend in and stand out, they are in a way the antithesis of high fashion. Where uniform design focuses on functionality, control, and tradition, fashion promotes constant change, creativity, and subversion. Yet fashion has often drawn inspiration from uniforms of all kinds, taking functional features and transforming them into decorative elements.


Uniformity is organized thematically to focus on four main categories of uniforms: military, work, school, and sports. The exhibition opens with a display highlighting each of these four themes, including a full Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) uniform from 1900, a fireman’s uniform from the 1950s, a contemporary schoolgirl uniform from Japan, and a professional cyclist’s uniform from 1985.

The opening gallery also includes a pair of military formal evening uniform (or “mess dress”) jackets from the early 20th century, resplendent with metallic soutache and black galloon. These features functioned to convey the rank and regiment of the wearer. The use of heavy braided threads derived from a need for protection against blades in hand-to-hand combat during the 18th and 19th centuries. Such adornments have since made their way into high fashion, as seen in a look from Ralph Lauren’s fall 2013 collection.

The exhibition continues its exploration of military uniforms in the first display, which concentrates on the importance of modern “dress” uniforms, considering how they have evolved over time, as well as how they differ among ranks, genders, and the various branches of the armed forces. On view in this section is a U.S. Army colonel Dress Blue uniform from 1950, and a World War II U.S. Naval Reserve WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services) uniform designed by the couturier Mainbocher. These are juxtaposed with designs from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Perry Ellis that demonstrate a range of fashionable uses for the deep blue wool and gold buttons of dress uniforms.

naval 3

The next section focuses on the U.S. military’s implementation of olive drab service uniforms and cotton fatigues during the 20th century. These are represented by a U.S. Army uniform from World War I, a WAC (Women’s Army Corps) uniform from 1944, a World War II Air Force uniform that features a shortened “Eisenhower” or “Ike” jacket, and a cotton “Jeep” coat, also from World War II. These pieces are shown side-by-side with high fashion garments, such as a design from Comme des Garçons that deconstructs the olive drab service uniform by removing the sleeves while leaving the frayed edges as a form of adornment. A look from Marc Jacobs’s spring 2010 collection features a literal adaptation of an Army field jacket paired with a feminine flowing skirt to create an intriguing juxtaposition.

Naval uniforms in particular have had a marked influence on high fashion ever since the late 19th century, with “middy” collars and “Breton” stripes appearing in sportswear, eveningwear, menswear, children’s wear, and women’s wear. At the center of a platform dedicated to naval garb, two U.S. sailor uniforms from World War I illustrate the adaptability of uniform design to differences in climate and seasonal weather changes. One uniform for warmer weather is made from white cotton, while another version, for cooler temperatures, is rendered in navy blue wool. To either side are pieces that show how designers translate certain details from naval uniforms into high fashion, such as a late-19th century ensemble featuring a sailor or “middy” collar, as well as more contemporary pieces from Jean Paul Gaultier and Sacai that utilize the distinctive “Breton” horizontal stripes of the French navy.

naval 4

The final military section examines the evolution of camouflage and its impact on high fashion. Camouflage was first developed during World War I by the French, but was in wide use by World War II. Since then, camouflage design has expanded exponentially to include versions for all terrains, climates, and countries. On view in this section is a U.S. Marine camouflage poncho and helmet cover from World War II, as well as high fashion versions of the print from designers such as John Galliano for Christian Dior and Michael Kors.

From military uniforms, the exhibition moves on to uniforms designed for particular occupations, such as a chauffeur’s uniform from the 1930s and a maid’s uniform from the 1950s. A grouping of nurse uniforms from World War I and World War II are shown alongside Louise Dahl-Wolfe photographs for Harper’s Bazaar from the 1940s that demonstrate the symbolic role of the nurse’s uniform during World War II.

Also on view in this section are two TWA flight attendant uniforms from 1975, designed by Stan Herman. With their fashionable silhouettes, the two looks show how airlines used uniforms to convey an affluent lifestyle. They also show the way variety can be integrated into design to suggest a level of originality and personal style, even while the uniform remains contained within a fixed visual lexicon.

Another Stan Herman highlight from this section is his design for the original McDonald’s uniform that debuted in 1975. This ensemble demonstrates the growing importance of branding in uniform design during the late 20th century. The work uniforms section concludes with a look from Chanel’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, inspired by the distinctive attire of Parisian waiters.

Uniformity then moves on to school uniforms, beginning with an Eaton suit from 1930 and then tracing the evolution of the school blazer, from collegiate jackets of the 1920s and 1940s to contemporary Japanese school uniforms. A Thom Browne suit from 2006 plays on the iconography of the school uniform, fusing the legacy of an Eaton suit with the classic gray flannel suit.

Also highlighted in this section are the influence of schoolgirl uniforms. Unlike the blazer of their male counterparts, these uniforms feature a drop-waist dress. The earliest example on view is a uniform dress issued to the female students of Marymount College during the 1920s. With a slight “middy” collar and silk tie secured around the neck, the look is a clear nod to the sailor-inspired sportswear of the time. Four decades later, in 1967, Rudi Gernreich created an homage to the style with a flirtatious, mini-dress version of the look, also on view. The Gernreich ensemble highlights the increased sexualization of schoolgirl uniforms during the second half of the 20th century.

naval 5

Uniformity concludes with a section devoted to athletic uniforms that features historic baseball jerseys, a football uniform from circa 1920, a historic track uniform, a contemporary ski ensemble, and a cycling jersey. The influence of athletic uniforms on high fashion is demonstrated in designs by Ungaro, Geoffrey Beene, Stella Jean, and Gucci, which highlight how the bold insignias and markings of athletic jerseys have influenced the logo-driven branding of many luxury brands.

Uniformity, on view from May 20 through November 19, 2016, is organized by Emma McClendon, assistant curator of costume at The Museum at FIT.

The Museum at FIT

The Museum at FIT, which is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, is the only museum in New York City dedicated solely to the art of fashion. Best known for its innovative and award-winning exhibitions, the museum has a collection of more than 50,000 garments and accessories dating from the 18th century to the present. Like other fashion museums, such as the Musée de la Mode, the Mode Museum, and the Museo de la Moda, The Museum at FIT collects, conserves, documents, exhibits, and interprets fashion. The museum’s mission is to advance knowledge of fashion through exhibitions, publications, and public programs. Visit

The museum is part of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), a State University of New York (SUNY) college of art, design, business, and technology that has been at the crossroads of commerce and creativity for 70 years. With programs that blend hands-on practice, a strong grounding in theory, and a broad-based liberal arts foundation, FIT offers career education in nearly 50 areas, and grants associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. FIT provides students with a complete college experience at an affordable cost, a vibrant campus life in New York City, and industry-relevant preparation for rewarding careers. Visit

Atlantic City Fashion Weeks Embarks on its Eighth Season


Celebrating season number eight, Atlantic City Fashion Week (ACFW) will return to the Claridge Hotel.

ACFW will be taking over the shores of Atlantic City, NJ February 23 – 27, 2016 with their high-end, “New York Style’ fashion show. Our event will showcase local, regional and international “Ready to Wear, Children’s, Couture and  retail collections with over 40 designers. “We are creating a brand that is synonymous with the vision of family friendly events that are coming to Atlantic City. We are excited about our growth and new venue which puts us one step closer to meeting this vision.”

The week will start on Tuesday, February 23rd and Wednesday February 24th at Stockton University with “The Business of Fashion” a paneled lecture series of industry professionals. The panel will include designers, journalist, retailers and individuals that have made their mark, as paid professional in the fashion industry. The lecture series is free and open to the public.

Thursday, February 25th will showcase our Students and “First Time” designers showcasing their collections before an audience at Stockton University. Tickets for the Student Showcase are $10 for General Admission and can be purchase at the Stockton University Student Center Front Desk.

Friday, February 26th, our events move to The Claridge Hotel and will feature our Ready to Wear and Retail collections. Designer featured in this event include retailer Abercrombie & Fitch.

On Saturday, February 27th we return to The Claridge Hotel for our Couture and Avant Garde collections. This season will feature Designers from Paris, France, China and South Asia and will conclude with Celebrity Couture Designer, LongTran.

After Saturday’s show, join the fashion crowd as we head to DUSK nightclub at Caesar’s Hotel and Casino for the official Atlantic City Fashion Week After Party. All  attendees of ACFW will have free admission before 12 midnight.

Tickets for Friday and Saturday’s fashion show are $50 General Admission and $100 for VIP.

Special Makeover Ticket Packages are also available. All ticket purchases, press credential and general information can be found on our website at

Atlantic City Fashion Week is presented in part by fashionSTYLE Magazine & KingBee Media.