Fashion Avenue News is a Global, Luxury Brand.  Our second 2017 Resort Wear cover hails from Greece featuring topless bathing beauties of Glamour Island.  The editorial, shot by Andrea Sartore, is stunning with spectacular style, capturing the models soft supple and graceful shape.

At Fashion Avenue News, you know we keep it, Classy, Sophisticated and Fabulous, and this is what you will find on our Resort Wear pages.  Coming next is our St. Lucia Resort Wear cover.  This will be followed by our first Fashion Avenue News Caribbean issue.

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Cover Credits: Photographer: Andrea Sartore  Model 1: Michelle Wong  Model 2: Daniela Caruso, Location: lefkada Greece.  Thanks to  Avelecazzate

Fashion Week Paris Couture Fall-Winter 2016-2017 Maison Margiela


Innocence, risk, comfort, and protection. For the Autumn Winter 2016-17 Artisanal collection, creative director John Galliano explores a modern reinvention of haute couture through his most personal interpretation of Maison Margiela’s esprit to date. Evoking an illustrative line, aristocracy is decontextualized through an urban lens. Explosive and colourful gestures of authentic fabrics snake and kerb around the body with an Empire line, tweaked and transitioned in modern gestures of protection and ecstatic abandon. Archetypes are reconfigured with rigor and romance, where a blurring of sartorial trappings meets the banal.


A sense of the incredible and the impossible spins throughout the Artisanal collection, where fantasy is tempered by the jarring authenticity of today’s reality. Our translation of a collective consciousness stretches further than ever before, invoking a timeless array of commonplace ephemera and things strangely familiar.” – Maison Margiela

From fine muslin to resin-wax cottons or ripstop nylon, the rub of unprecious and delicate textiles is inherent to the collection’s tapestry of innovation and artisanal heritage. Opposing notions of feminine and masculine textiles are questioned and reconfigured with irreverence. Technical nylons meet Scottish wool from the Outer Hebrides, and motorcycle leathers bridge textiles woven from delicate cotton ribbons. Ornament appears as a ‘Toile de Jouy’ fabric, curvilinear ‘tribal’ studded motifs crossing swathes of knotted and padded wools, and celluloid bird appliqués decorating heavy plaid. A ‘cherubim’ lace is constructed from hundreds of minute individual fragments: it represents the technical apex of the Maison’s artisanal savoir-faire.


The seminal proposal of outerwear styles flip upside-down from an inverted stance of arching volumes to become a traditional coat shape. Garments betray multiple identities; assembled together from familiar archetypes to become layered hybrids with double lapels and undefined endings and beginnings. A windcheater is carved with the convex curve of a Watteau back; a banker’s stripe shirt is spun into a sweeping train. An intricate cartography of eaves and cornices forms a gown in vacuum-formed smoky plastic, another springs to life patched with Nick Knight’s British Birds (2008).

A burst of primary colours elevates the drab of tweed shades, as scarlet, emerald, sky blue, and sunshine yellow shine against charcoal, forest green, mustard, and chocolate brown. Mid-century pastels like ice blue and lemon sorbet fizz amongst the monochromes.


Intricate hoop earrings and ornate bracelets are hand-carved in Portugal from walnut, pear and boxwoods, and chandelier crystals appear as blood red chokers, embellished goggles, and a primary-coloured contour bra top. The original Maison Margiela deep-cleft ‘Tabi’ boot returns as a thigh-high cuissard with a new moulded rubber sole, alongside trekking-inspired sandals, fantasy hand-painted clogs, and a masculine riding boot.

CALLING ALL MODELS – Brooklyn Fashion Week Casting Call at Macy’s 34th Street Store – Wednesday 8/24

One Shoulder Dress

Calling all Trendsetters!

8/24 – 5:00pm casting at Macy’s Herald Square

Rick Davy, Producer of Brookyly Fashion Week will be holding audition this coming Wednesday, August 24, at 5:00pm at the Macy’s Herland Square 34th Street Store for BROOKLYN FASHION WEEK.  This season will be Brooklyn Fashion Weeks 10th Anniversary.


Are you a male or female model between the ages 13 – 25? Do you have what it takes to walk the catwalk? Head to Macy’s Herald Square to audition for your chance to slay the runway at Fashion Week Brooklyn’s 10th Anniversary SS 2017 Collections held on Saturday, October 1 – Saturday, October 8th in Brooklyn, NYC. While you’re here rock out to the sounds of our DJ, enjoy sweets & treats and much more!  If you can SLAY & SHAYSHA, then come on over to Macy’s this Wednesday 5:00pm

For more information visit, and

Fashion Avenue News – 24/7 Fashion & Beauty



When I started Fashion Avenue News nearly 6 years ago, the purpose was to give independent, emerging and established fashion industry talent a platform.  That mission, meant ALL FASHION INDUSTRY TALENT, no matter what the size, height, age or weight of a model, if they had the creativity, the fabulousity and the talent, then we wanted to work with them….


Staying true to our mission, we present our 2017 U.S. Resort Wear issue, featuring SuperModel JoJo West, (shot by the fabulous Rick D. Jones).  (Our Resort Wear featuring 3 different covers, U.S., Caribbean and Australia).

Everyone knows Fashion Avenue News loves the models.  We are always cheering the models on as they walk the runway.   We encourage ALL MODELS to submit photos to Fashion Avenue News.  We want you on our pages.  We encourage photographers to submit, to work with us, to come by our Open House and have coffee with us.  We encourage fashion industry producers to invite us to their next event, we COVER.  Take a look at our daily fashion blog,

YELOW SB7A000000229-2-Edit

Fashion Avenue News is a global, luxury brand, with a clientele that travels the world.

We are THRILLED to have JoJo grace our cover.  Kindly show your support for our FABULOUS COVER MODEL by liking our page and subscribing to our daily fashion blog


Fashion Avenue News is your Fashion Family.

NOTE: Get your FREE New Years Tickets on our blog or website.  You can order the Resort Wear 2017 issue from our website

Photo Credits:  Photographer: Rick D Jones; Model: Jojo West; Makeup: Carmelia Artistry; Designer/Brand: Bjuled Couture; Styles: Hollywood Diva (fuchsia); Location: Miami Beach, FL

Le Coiffure Yacht Fashion & Dinner Event – Boss Lady Wendy Isaac DELIVERS


Rain, sleet, hail or storm, a FASHION SHOW must go ON…. And go on it did as Boss Lady Wendy Isaac produced the Le Coiffure Yacht Fashion Event.

Even the threat of RAIN and HIGH WINDS could not keep the REAL Fashionistas from attending this All White Event.

When I arrived the house was in full swing, the models were getting made up, the VIP/Press/Media were ready and Boss Lady Wendy Isaac had everything under control.  Then up rolled the food trucks lead by Henry Marshman… (I did not know the man could cook like this)…. everyone was happy to see him.  As we wait for the Yacht to arrive, we network, Press/Media/Supermodels on hand were Joe Clarke and Anthony Pierre of, Editor-in-Chief Lloyd Crawford of i-Fashion Magazine, Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Avenue News, Model World Magazine and The FAN Daily Fashion Blog (, JD Murphy Editor-in-Chief of RARE Magazine, Ese, Editor-in-Chief of Enspire Magazine, Photographer Paul Walker, SuperModel Avadora, Brand Ambassador of the Avadora the Perfume, Carly – Creative MUA, Photographer Brother Michael Williams, Lady Andrene Red Carpet Host, Kelly Phoenix (follow the Phoenix), designer Peter of Yamon Wear, Supermodel Gio, and many others.

Once on board, Boss Lady Wendy wasted no time in getting everything in place, what a beautiful setting.  10mins to ShowTime…

What a show, the models Slayed & Sashayed on the runway, giving you entertainment as well as respect for the designers garment, they sold the clothes.  The accessories were to DIE FOR, (where is the lady with the jewelry, will someone please give her my number or email).  She had COUTURE, STATEMENT jewels that gave every garment an extra touch.


One of the things I like about the event , they had models of all sizes, heights and weights.  You could see yourself on the Runway.  The other excellent part is, IT STARTED ON TIME….(everyone knows I have a pet peeve about starting on time)… Boss Lady Wendy did not disappoint.


The designers were WONDERFUL, showing figure flattering creative designs with elegant lines and graceful silhouettes.  (more details on designers will be coming shortly.).  The show also featured a treat for the ladies, men in swimwear.  What a nice addition to the show.

Boss Lady Wendy, gave gift bags to all the Press/Media/Designers, there was something for everyone, no one even noticed the rain.  (what rain – LOL)


When it comes to Fashion, the show must go on and Boss Lady, Wendy Isaac delivered.

Boss Lady, keep up the good work.

Note: Thank you to all the Media/Press/Sponsors/MUA/Hairstylists/Accessory Designers/Fashion Designers/Models. A more detailed review coming soon.


File_000 (1)

I had the opportunity to be attend the annual Face of Kurvacious Model Competition at the National Black Theater in Harlem.

What an EVENT!!!

The Face of Kurvacious is produced by Ms. Kurvacious Scott, an icon in the fashion industry.

Let me tell you how it all happened….. First, I arrive, I am greeted and seated, I’m thinking “very nice”.  As judges arrive, they are seated, introduced.  I’m thinking “I like this”.  We are served a beautiful dinner and additional guest are let in…. the show is about to begin.

The two hosts of the show are hysterical and informative, David Ash and Charlotte Rogers-Brown, keep you entertained.  The judges are Andrene Wiliams of UBM Models, Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Avenue News and Model World Magazine, Sonja Elise Freeman of Miss NY Plus America, Tasha Hill of BGU Concepts, Janine Y. Ellis NinaJoi Creations and the (Runway Slayer) Supermodel Jeannie Ferguson of BGU Concepts.  WOW, what a line up.

The contestants, all 25, are introduced thru a dance routine that is fabulous, they move and groove to runway pulsating music.  The next scene is to introduce themselves and explain why they should be the next Face of Kurvacious.  The judges listen closely as the crowd goes wild after each contestant.   It’s an intense moment.

In each category the contestants display their elegance and confidence and slay the runway with their own style.

In addition to the fabulous contestants, the Kurvy Dolls take to the runway – what a treat.  The Kurvy Dolls are the Kid Kurvy Models, they have kid designers, Pink Ladybug Couture, Chubbie Line, that made some of the garments.  What a refreshing surprise.  I was so proud to see children having a platform.   Designer Egypt, of Chubbie Line, was featured this month in TEEN VOGUE, as The Ones To Watch, Under 21.   She is on her way.

Some of the celebrities in attendance are the Queen of New Jersey, Ms. Theresa Randolph, Executive Producer of Ms. Full Figured USA Pageant and her beauty queen winner.

The final category is Evening Wear.  The contestants were escorted on the stage by very handsome male models.  The contestants know this is their final opportunity to impress the judges.  They do not disappoint.  Each and every gown and outfit is to die for, it’s very hard to choose.

Now is the time to announce the winner, different awards are given out and each contestant feels like they are a winner.  But there can be only one first place winner, there can be only one Face of Kurvacious.


The tension grows, and finally a winner is announced, contestant Ebony Walker is the new Face of Kurvacious.


All the contests were fabulous.  For more information on the Face of Kurvacious Model Competition, visit

Sponsors:  Candice Caters, DJ Black Moses, Wayne Digital Media, aLg Production, Akira Armstrong (Pretty Big Movement), Yazmin Soul, Stillamess/Rock Runna Radio, Queen Size Magazine, Pink Ladybug Couture,

Special Thanks to the Glam Squad (Deborah Cadore), Male Models, Singer/Entertainer, Media, Press, Judge and all involved in the production of this wonderful show.

Fashion Avenue News…. When ORDINARY, Just WON’T Do!

ORANGE MIST not ordinary.jpg

Fashion Avenue News Magazine is a global, luxury brand, with a focus on FASHION.  Our mission is to bring attention/exposure to independent fashion industry talent; Stylists, Make up artists, Hair Designers, Fashion Designers, Fashion Coordinators, Models, and more.  In the fashion industry, we have been named the “INDEPENDENT VOGUE OF MAGAZINES”, because of our high standards and creative development of independent fashion industry talent.  We are not controlled by a conglomerate, we are our own VOICE.

Fashion Avenue News has developed a following of 360,000 by sponsoring, hosting events, producing fashion shows – Fashion on the Hudson is our annual fashion event, registering more than 30,000 people. Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Davis recalls, “I was excited when 460 people registered for our events, now we get over 30,000 people.”

Why do people like the Fashion Avenue News Brand?  We put independent/emerging models on our covers, do editorials with brands that are growing, place PLUS SIZE MODELS right next to STRAIGHT SIZE MODELS, and don’t make excuses or bring attention to their size, and we are in touch with the people, because WE ARE THE PEOPLE.  At most fashion magazine, you cannot get a meeting with the Editor-in-Chief.  At Fashion Avenue News there is no red tape, there is no, “meet with my assistant”, you can meet with Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief by just making an appointment, and no matter how much we grow, we want to keep it that way.  We are here for THE PEOPLE.

We have been BLESSED with having many celebrities grace our covers, Halle Berry, Vivica Fox, Kelly Rowland, Alek Wek, Germany’s next Top Model, Angela Robinson and more, however, our focus remains the same, we support the INDEPENDENT FASHION INDUSTRY TALENT.

Take a moment to LIKE our Facebook Page, @FashionAvenueNews and follow our daily fashion blog,   We also have a FREE NEW YEARS event at the Holiday Inn Hotel, 440 West 57th Street, Embassy Ballroom that you can get a FREE ticket from our website or facebook page.  Follow and support the independent fashion magazines that are making a difference.  Purchase a copy directly from the website or visit the Magazine Cafe, 15 West 37th Street, in NYC.

Fashion Avenue News is here for you.  We are your fashion FAMILY.


ACTS 3 AND A QUARTER PRODUCTIONS presents “MORE” an inspiring and captivating stage play of Faith, Family and Finances.


The Abrams family is hit hard when Laz loses his job. Money is scarce and the bills are piling up. The financial roles are now reversed and egos are bruised. The once joyously bright Abrams home has turned dimmed.

With his marriage to wife Mary on the rocks and his teenage daughter Allison preparing for college, the need for more has never been greater.

All hope seems to be lost until the unexpected visit of Laz’s larger than life sister Marty shines some light on this very dark situation. But before matters ever get better they seem to always get worse under the Abrams household.

Producers Club Sonnet Theater

SHOWTIME 6pm & 8pm
Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning



A play written, directed and produced by
Shawnette Hamilton Robertson

Co Directed by Artie Thompson

Stage Managed by Koya Bragg Summers


Paula Flynn
Miya Bass
Shawnette Hamilton Robertson
Paul Foster
Benjamin Rowe
Kristin Dawn Dumas
Cassandra Jeudi
Jalan Barber
Lindsay Johnson
Dara J. Bragg
Charles E. Williams
TJ Sealey



500 8TH AVENUE, SUITE 1205,

fashion show



UpScale Dinner & Fashion Networking Event.  Join Celebrity Wendy Isaac and Fashion Friends for a wonderful evening of Food & Fashion.  Network with Magazine Editors, Fashion Bloggers, Perfume Branding Models and much much more…. It’s going to be a evening to remember……


Fashion Dinner Le Coiffeur Style on the Water . Come out and get a 4 course meal while cruising on the All White Affair with Le Coiffeur .  Just a sneak peek of what’s coming on Sunday August 21 on the Nautical Empress boarding at 7pm leaving from pier 36 Marina 299 South Street .. Get your tickets Couples $75  Single $40 TICKET INFO:  Http://  Call 6462455258 or 646 388 0319 for more info.  We sail RAIN OR SHINE,




Join us for our 4th Annual Face of Kurvacious Model Competition. Enjoy an evening of Kurves, Klass, & Konfidence as our contestants compete for the title of Face of Kurvacious 2016.

Fashion Avenue News

Come shop our Klassy Boutique Vendors,enjoy a special live performance by Yazmin Soul, music by DJ BLACK MOSES, dynamic food catered by 2CousinsStew Catering, scrumtious treats and so much more. Also let us not forget the big debut of our Kurvy Dolls!!
VIP $65 (includes model competition,one hour of unlimted cocktails, dinner, and complimentary dessert bar.

General Admin $40 (includes model competition).

Fashion Week London Fall-Winter 2016-2017 Christopher Kane


“There is an idea of beauty expired this season,” says Christopher Kane. “But how that dead and thrown away beauty often looks better than when it was supposedly alive. The notion of lost and found had come to us some time ago and we had started to collect and collage these things together, ideas and memories of people, places and objects at different times. I have always been obsessed with recluses and the image of the outsider making their own world by hoarding things away. We wanted to emulate that for this collection; to take unlikely things and make them beautiful, looking to an outsider who has her own rules and her own style – she does what she wants and defines her own beauty.”


The unconventional, transformative journey of the Christopher Kane girl continues this season in a collection that celebrates the lost and found. Drawing on the autobiographical, the figure of the outsider and the idea of a new primitivism, the discarded detritus of glamour is accumulated and elevated to new heights of fashion in the collection.


Subverting humdrum ideas of luxury, a notion of preciousness and elegance is derived from the everyday together with the more exalted this season, making the ordinary extraordinary. From the humble cardboard box, transformed into corrugated camel coloured leather for clothing and accessories, to the bricolage of embroideries and appliques, ranging from the precious to the throwaway – many made with the input of the legendary Lesage for the first time – there is a purposefully naïve mix of techniques and textures, trinkets and talismans, that almost belies the complex care and craftsmanship behind the clothing and accessories this season.


Meaning and chaos combine in a dream-like, stream


of consciousness process for the collection – itself mirroring the idea of lost and found. An idea of contrast and coexistence in experimentation abounds, making use of long-term research as well as a fresh, celebratory spontaneity in the clothing. Time-lapse photography of the life cycle of flowers – a special studio project that took an entire week to document – appears as a new spin on lenticular accessories as well as in studio crafted, photo-real floral prints this season. Chantilly lace is felted and mixed with scrim to produce a new kind of fabrication, luxurious in its purposefully faded glory. Meanwhile, mink is made hyper-modern when lined with reflective fabrics together with lace electrified by reflective stitching.


This season also sees the introduction of a new Kane logo, a somewhat tongue-in-cheek notion of the luxury house staple, in a purposely ‘Ye Olde English’ found typeface. While the rain-mate bonnet is revisited, somewhat more luxuriously, with the milliner Stephen Jones for this collection – a first-time collaboration with the house.

Altogether, this season sees a mix of childhood memory and desire for some of the finer things in life, simultaneously with a celebration of the preciousness of the high fashion process once it is attained.


Soap & Glory hosts beauty boudoir at Mack-a-pool-ooza with Victoria Justice

VICTORIA sg01.02com-victoria-justice2

Victoria Justice gets ready poolside with British beauty lifestyle brand, Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory, the fun, fearless and fabulous British beauty lifestyle brand, brought their glamazing beauty boudoir to the annual Mack-a-pool-ooza music festival in Miami Beach, FL on Saturday, August 13th. Sharing in all the #BigPrimpin fun, actress and recent Teen Choice Awards host, Victoria Justice stopped by Soap & Glory’s beauty boudoir, getting all made up and posing in the Soap & Glory gif booth while dancing and soaking up the sun poolside.
VICTORIA sg01.05com-victoria-justice5
While hanging out at the boudoir, Victoria Justice chatted with iHeartRadio’s DJ Gabby Sanderson about all things beauty, including how she got ready for today, “I used Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter body butter and I loooove it, it smells so good and it’s so creamy and awesome! And then I also used Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick today, it’s called Cerise Please. I love it,” said Justice. “One thing that is always so much fun, is lip color. You can go bold, just a hint of color or just really fun outrageous colors that you wouldn’t normally wear. I love matte shades, glossy and everything in between. Lip colors for me, just really can make any fashion look complete and can reflect the way you’re feeling.” What’s her plan for the pool party? “I have a few friends that are meeting me here, and we’re going to dance and have a good time. And my sister’s here too so it’s going to be a lot of fun!” When asked about her ideal girl squad Justice shared, “I love Kristen Wiig, I’m obsessed with her. I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I would love to have those girls in my squad.” On working with Laverne Cox in the upcoming The Rocky Horror Picture Show, “It was amazing. She is so fiercely talented and so smart and very professional, and she just gives everything 150%.”
VICTORIA sg01.01com-victoria-justice1
Decked out with pinkredible flamingos, a snow cone cart and more, the Soap & Glory boudoir was the hottest poolside beauty spot! The all-singing, all-dancing Glory Girls provided major glam for all festival-goers looking to get ready with their squad before heading to the concert. For party-perfect beauty looks they used the perennially popular SEXY MOTHER PUCKER™ PILLOW PLUMP™ XXL Lip Plumping Gloss, top-selling THICK & FAST™ Flash Extensions Effect Mascara and for an enviable beach bronze, everyone’s favorite WONDERBRONZE™ Shimmer Brick. As if lounging poolside wasn’t fabulous enough, boudoir beauties shared some selfie love with all their friends in social using the Soap & Glory #BigPrimpin Snapchat filter. Soap & Glory’s get-you-gorgeous bath and beautystuffs are available nationwide at Ulta stores and online at

VICTORIA sg01.03com-victoria-justice3

Soap & Glory has been supporting the Clean of England since 2006, when they decided to formulate fun, world-class quality beauty products that would give every girl the best bang for her beauty budget.  They suggest using Soap & Glory with equal parts happiness and abandon, because they believe while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn’t matter absolutely.

Mack-a-pool-ooza is an annual pool party held at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach featuring nationally known Top 40 artists.

24/7 Fashion & Beauty


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