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As a board-certified Dermatologist and a board-certified Dermatopathologist, Dr. Wendy E. Roberts specializes in Cosmetic Dermatology, Ethnic Skin of Color, Geriatric Dermatology and Generational Dermatology. Dr. Roberts and “The Roberts Skin Type Classification System©” inspired her recent appearance on The Today Show and a nationally televised, first of it’s kind, ‘skin health’ program, entitled “America’s Ethnic Skin” addressing the special concerns, challenges and issues affecting an increasingly diverse America.

Dr. Roberts is the Founding Director of Dermatopathology of Loma Linda Division of Dermatology. Dr. Roberts has tackled and triumphed over a comprehensive range of skin problems, diseases and conditions using innovative methods that have earned her national recognition. Dr. Roberts is a forerunner in her medical specialty. Her pioneering research includes developing a Dual therapy regimen for the treatment of Melasma and other disorders of facial hyperpigmentation. Dr. Roberts has also developed a Skin Type Classification which is published in the May, 2008 Journal of Drugs in Dermatology “The Roberts Skin Type Classification System ©” which is groundbreaking in its approach to identifying and communicating medical details regarding all skin color types.

In 2004, Dr. Roberts founded a national outreach skin cancer screening program called “Play Safe in the Sun” which travels to LPGA tournaments and provides free Sun Safety education and skin cancer screenings.

Dr. Roberts is currently President of the Women’s Dermatologic Society (WDS). She is a Past-President of the State of California Dermatologic Society (Calderm). As a member of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), Dr. Roberts has served on numerous committees including the 2008 American Academy of Dermatology Nominating Committee, Organizational Structure Health Care Delivery Committee and Melanoma and Skin cancer screening. She was also appointed to the Stanford University Medical Alumnae Board Governors to which she currently serves.

Dr. Roberts is frequently quoted in the national media including New Beauty, Self, Allure, Essence, Prevention, Readers Digest, O – The Oprah Magazine, CNN radio, XM radio, CBS, NBC television, and the Los Angeles Times. She is also the author of numerous published articles and textbook chapters.


When it comes to skin, there is no one-size-fits-all regimen that works for everyone. Everyone has unique concerns and sensitivities when it comes to managing their skin, and that’s why it’s best to take an individualized approach to treating any skin issues.

Here are some specific skin tips to keep in mind when trying to create a perfect, even complexion:

Oily Skin

  • Problem: Large pores, blinding face shine, greasy and heavy appearance. Many people complain of oily skin, especially in the warmer months when sweat and sun keep you feeling greasy instead of glowing. Oily skin can highlight your pores as well as any imperfections, and it can also make your skin appear less toned and even.
  • Dr. Wendy’s Tip: In order to help treat oily skin, consider pore-minimizing products such as morning clay masks that deep clean and minimize pores (try Neostrata Exuviance Purifying Clay Masque). You should also use mineral makeup powders, which help to remove surface sebum and also deposit color and SPF (Color Science).
Dry Skin
  • Problem: Flakiness, Dullness, Lack of glow. Dry skin can appear rough, flaky, and aged. It can even lead to breakouts because people often over-moisturize in attempt to regain their skin’s balance.
  • Dr. Wendy’s Tip: Instead, only moisturize the face twice daily. Always hydrate with a splash of water before applying moisturizer. Do not use scrubs or exfoliators because this will only dry you out more and may actually damage the skin versus improve it. The spectrum of heavy moisturizers, from Cerave to La Mer, work well when consistently applied.
Sensitive Skin
  • Problem: Blotchy, red, irritated looking skin. Sensitive skin cannot only be blotchy and irritated; it can also be painful and uncomfortable. The best way to treat sensitive skin is to make sure that everything you put on it is tailored for those with sensitive skin.
  • Dr. Wendy’s Tip: My morning regimen recommendations: CLn Facial Cleanser (developed by Dermatologists specifically for Sensitive skin), Aveeno Ultra calming moisturizer, and Physicians Formula makeup (which was developed by an Allergist).
Acne prone skin
  • Problem: Breakouts, blemishes, acne scars, distressed skin. Dealing with breakouts is no fun, but for many people, zits last long past puberty. The good news is that you can do many things to help cut down on your amount of breakouts.
  • Dr. Wendy’s Tip: Rest assured, your acne is most likely not related to your skin care products, so buying expensive creams won’t do much good. Instead, see a Dermatologist and get acne resolved so you don’t waste time and money on ineffective treatments. One of my favorites is Skin Medica Acne System, which has three synergistic products that control acne. It works great for my acne patients!
Skin of color
  • Problem: Irritated skin, uneven skin tone, brown marks and hyperpigmentation
  • Dr. Wendy’s Tip: Just like oily or dry skin, skin of color has different characteristics that require specific care. Using harsh or incompatible products on skin of color can lead to irritation or even dark spots known as hyperpigmentation.
Luckily there are products that are specifically geared for people who tend to get brown marks. Mela-D Dark Spots TM is a daily moisturizer I recommend for the face and neckline. It addresses dark spots on a daily basis and helps minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
Barbara Bui Winter 2015

Barbara Bui Winter 2015

The romance of the long silhouette reinforces the energy of the sexy rock look. A tall thin woman with a slight bust and slender legs. Dense and deep ultramarine and black contrast with the luminosity of sky blue and the sparkle of metal. The warm browns of cavallino or python provide an “animal” touch and add warmth to the blues. Woolskins and curly mohair envelop the small “Penelope Tree” suits of crêpe or velvet in winter white. The must-have winter piece is the down jacket, reinterpreted in black vinyl or velvet.

Barbara Bui Winter 2015

Barbara Bui Winter 2015

In contrast to the long Bohemian silhouette, mini-skirts, “sharp and cut” mini-dresses or slim trousers in jersey and leather display a free and resolute femininity.

The nocturnal ultramarine reveals all its intensity in an interplay with shimmering and textured sequins.

The boots – low boots and “Rockabilly” Derbys – shift and relax the deliberate femininity of the silhouettes.

The “Lipstick” mini bags are the playful signature of this attitude.

Barbara Bui Winter 2015

Barbara Bui Winter 2015

Make-up by Christelle Coquet and the M-A-C PRO team, Hair created by Cim Mahony for Moroccanoil, olfactory identity: AAM and Expressions Scented, Cold drink: black natural mineral water, BLK


Jabong.com, one of India’s leading online fashion destinations has announced that it will launch two premium brands – Bugatti Shoes and Sangria at the Lakme Fashion Week, 2015. The products will be exclusively available on its website.

Bollywood actor and fashion icon Arjun Rampal will be the showstopper for Bugatti Shoes showcasing the autumn winter 15 collection on August 29. In accordance with the brand’s motto, Bugatti’s new collection guarantees the luxury of comfort as well as the exclusivity of an intricately designed pair of shoes.

Arjun said, “Walking the stage for Bugatti Shoes for Jabong in India, is quite exciting. As a former model I am inclined towards fashion and style statements. The idea behind the creation of these shoes is one that is relatable for every individual no matter what their needs might be – the traditional businessman to the fashion oriented cosmopolitan and the dynamic sports fashion buyer.”

One of Bollywood’s prominent leading ladies Ileana D’Cruz will grace the ramp for Sangria on August 30. This collection has been crafted for the new age trendsetter who can pull off youthful colours and prints of this season. Much like Ileana, Sangria’s designs represent a fashion forward and independent woman, who given the opportunity to shine, exhibits no signs of inhibition.

“I think Sangria represents a fashion forward and independent woman, who aptly exhibits Indian traditions and grace. I feel Jabong is doing a wonderful job with making best brands accessible to its consumers,” Ileana said.

Commenting on these associations, Praveen Sinha, MD and Co-Founder, Jabong.com said, “With an aim to provide our customers the best of the International and domestic brands, we at Jabong.com always strive to get new brands every season. It is in accordance with such goals that we bring to you a collection of internationally acclaimed Bugatti Shoes and the charismatically chic collection of Sangria clothing. LFW has provided us with the most suitable platform to showcase these brands and launch their genesis in India.”


The #1 reason women over 35 color their hair is to cover gray—and now, AGEbeautiful is giving them a quick fix for when those pesky silver strands start to creep back in. The professional anti-aging haircolor brand is introducing newRoot Touch-Up Haircolor, a temporary spray designed not only to conceal gray roots in seconds, but also to add volume.

The quick-drying formula is ideal for masking gray strands in a pinch, or keeping telltale roots under wraps between salon visits. Perfect for use at the part and hairline, the one-minute mist also adds volume and delicately covers thinning patches so hair looks naturally full.

AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up can be worn discreetly and confidently, as it’s water, sweat and stain resistant—yet easily washes out with the next shampoo.


The convenient camouflaging spray comes in a full spectrum of 8 natural-looking shades that were specifically developed to complement AGEbeautiful’s top-selling permanent shades (but will seamlessly blend with any other haircolor brand).

The product is simple to use: just shake well, hold the can 4-6 inches from dry, styled hair and spray onto roots using light, even strokes. A little goes a long way, so start sparingly and layer the product for darker results.

Discover the ultimate solution for fast, foolproof, short-term coverage of gray roots—from a brand known for its professional roots. AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up Haircolor will be available in August at Sally Beauty stores nationwide; visit sallybeauty.com to find a location near you.

Root Touch-Up Spray Zotos –  $9.99


Guido is considered to be one of the world’s most conceptual hairstylists. Renowned design houses including Calvin Klein, Prada, and Louis Vuitton go to Guido to create the looks that lead the direction of hair for the upcoming season. Having a strong presence in the industry for over 20 years, Guido has brought his radically expressive style to runway shows, fashion advertising campaigns and editorial work for such noted magazines as American, Italian and French Vogue, W and Allure.

Growing up in Dorset, England, Guido was always inquisitive about style and inspired by fashion and beauty magazines featuring the works of notables such as Barry Lategan, Bruce Webber and Dutch hairstylist Christian whose freestyle approach pushed boundaries of his time. It was during the early eighties when subculture movements like New Wave, Indie and Goth co-existed and shaped a creative set that changed hair trends in cutting and coloring. All this, sparked Guido’s interest in hairdressing. Guido began training at Vidal Sassoon in London in 1983, then worked at the Clifford Stafford salon and eventually hooked up with David Sims who was an assistant photographer at the time. From their collaborations, he discovered his eye and love for hair in fashion.

Now, Guido is considered to be one of the world’s most conceptual hairstylists. Having a strong presence in the industry for over 20 years, Guido has brought his radically expressive style to runway shows, fashion advertising campaigns and editorial work for such noted magazines as American, Italian and French Vogue, W and Allure

Guido’s artistic and technical design skills led him to partner with Redken as the brand’s Creative Consultant in 2005. Since then, he has worked hand-in-hand with Redken, providing seasonal hair trends, acting as a brand ambassador at editorial photo shoots and fashion shows, representing Redken in the media, and creating key looks for Redken campaigns.

His client roster includes A-list designers like Prada, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Jean Paul Gaultier, Miu Miu, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Donna Karan, Louis Vuitton, and Robert Cavalli. He works regularly with renowned photographers including, Steve Meisel, David Sims, and Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott.

Who is the one person you’d love to work with? I have actually been very lucky in that I have ticked off most of the boxes when it comes to people that I would most like to work with.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I get inspiration from absolutely everywhere; always keep your eyes open!

Most memorable mishap on a shoot/fashion show/ or with a celebrity: There have been a few, but one that sticks in my mind was on a shoot not so long ago. The shoot required so many wigs and in the end we had about fifteen. We were shooting in LA and had spent the past week prepping the wigs which involved wet sets, blow-outs, hot rollers and curling irons. Basically, a lot of work went into these wigs. The day of the shoot we were on location outside and we had the wigs set up on tables in a garden area. We were still working on several wigs when all of a sudden all around us a sprinkler system decided to go off!! The wigs and I were soaked! A weeks work gone in a flash!

Must-have hair product you use on yourself: Redken For Men maneuver. I love the matte finish!

Must-have tools when working: Hairdryer, tail comb, curling iron, flat iron Mason Pearson brush, and hot rollers!

Favorite city: New York City!, Golden Rule to live by: Just enjoy it!!, Beauty Icon: Pat Mcgrath, Trend you love: Anything that pushes boundaries

fine art fashion photo of beautiful woman model in elegant dress

Many people love to always be in fashion. They pay a lot of attention even to the smallest details of they wear. Some always make sure that their wardrobes are updated with the latest fashion trends and indulge with different fashion ideas. Although we can’t deny that there are some who just don’t care about the fashion at all.

But why we still need to care about fashion and why fashion is relevant? Let me site some definition of fashion and its importance.

Fashion as per the Dictionary is the prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior; fashion is something such as a garment that is in current mode or the style characteristic of the social elite. For most, fashion is an art of form, but for some it is almost a religion. You can use fashion to express yourself or to serve as an extension of your personality whether as a skater, soccer mom, professional or other. For most people it is a method of utilizing clothing, accessories and hair meaning a fashion statements can be made with clothes, accessories, shoes, hair, makeup, even your cellphone.

Personally, I see fashion as a very fun way to look and feel good and a great way on boosting my confidence. Though actually following the latest fashion trends can be a little costly. But even if updating a wardrobe is almost a job requirement, one can always be in style without spending a lot of money. Here are some of the fashion ideas to update your style inexpensively and save money on your clothes.

Fashion ideas tip #1: Choose a source where you will be getting your new fashion statement, it may be thru fashion magazines, newspaper, tv shows, movies or online web sites. It is also a good idea if you will be signing up to receive free catalogs from your favorite stores is an easy way to stay current on fashions and trends.

Fashion ideas tip#2: Check your wardrobe at least once every season so you could assess which clothes you are still wearing and which are not. Keep clothes that are out of season in a separate place. When you go to get them out, they will feel like new because they haven’t been staring at you every day.

Fashion ideas tip#3: Do experimenting. Mix and match your clothes and make combinations based on the inspiration you find from your fashion sources. For those clothes that you don’t really need, you can sell them in a consignment stores near you, or sell them on Craigslist or eBay. Use the income to buy accessories and shoes.

Being into fashion does not mean you have to wear and carry fashion items in brand new. Remember wear things to express, so just be yourself and follow these tips to create new fashion ideas on your own.


One of America’s largest retail brands, Macy’s is set to inject a high dose of adrenalin to the New York Fashion Week. Macy’s Presents Fashion’s Front Row will bring the high fashion runway to the mainstream, the company said in a press release.

On Thursday, Sept. 17 at 7:30 pm local time, live from the capital of American fashion, Macy’s Presents Fashion’s Front Row will hit the stage at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in a dazzling spectacle celebrating the intersection of music and fashion.Featuring the fall season’s hottest looks, Macy’s is set to take the fashion catwalk to new heights with a creative presentation like no other, featuring musical and dance performances that will enthrall spectators.

“We are thrilled to celebrate New York Fashion Week with a spectacular event that will bring the high-fashion runway closer to fans everywhere,” said Martine Reardon, Macy’s chief marketing officer. “Macy’s Presents Fashion’s Front Row will ignite the catwalk in a celebration of fashion and music, featuring the hottest styles for fall, as well as fantastic music and dance performances that make that elusive front row seat during Fashion Week a possibility for all.”

Hitting the runway will be special presentations of designs from Heidi by Heidi Klum Intimates, Hello Kitty, I.N.C. International Concepts, Jessica Simpson, Levi’s, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, Thalía Sodi, Tommy Hilfiger; and more.

Amid the glamour and runway spectacle, Nate Ruess, Grammy Award-winning front man of the band fun., will perform songs from his debut solo album, “Grand Romantic.” He will take the stage along with additional performers, to be announced at a later date.

Macy’s Presents Fashion’s Front Row continues the company’s legacy of charitable giving and is set to support Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and the Council of Fashion Designers of America Foundation (CFDA), with 100 per cent of the proceeds from ticket sales from the Sept. 17 live show at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

Between Sept. 24 and 26, Macy’s Presents Fashion’s Front Row will also extend to fabulous in-store events nationwide. Macy’s flagship locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City and San Francisco will host in-store celebrations featuring celebrity and designer appearances, special performances and fashion presentations, bringing the fashion week experience closer to fashionistas. (SH)

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