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 The First and Only Product of Its Kind:

A Spray that Keeps Your Feet Comfortable While Wearing The Highest Heels Longer To Prevent “Stiletto Suffering”

With all the agony that high-­‐heel-­‐wearing women have suffered over the years, it’s surprising that no one thought of this before. New Still Standing® Spray does what many gel insoles and flower inserts try to do but don’t. It actually prevents the discomfort caused by standing, walking or just wearing high heels or stilettos. As a result, feet feel just as good after an hour and a half as they did when you first put on your shoes.  It stops “Stiletto Suffering™” before it starts.

 Still Standing® is a natural, patent-­‐pending proprietary formula spray made of cooling menthol and Certified Organic eco-­‐distilled™ Arnica, Aloe and Ilex. These three herbal remedies are time-­‐tested natural anti-­‐inflammatories and pain relievers. The eco-­‐distillation™ process insures that the resulting herbal extracts have the highest potency and efficacy. Along with other ingredients including Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil, they come together in a greaseless, colorless, stain-­‐free spray that keeps feet feeling great (the menthol scent quickly vanishes after a few minutes).

How It Works

Still Standing® does not numb your feet. Instead it works to prevent the unpleasant cycle of stiletto-­caused foot discomfort from beginning in the first place.

HIGH HEELS still-standing-spray

 * The results of a survey of 4000 British women reported in the Telegraph in November, 2010, found the average woman began experiencing foot pain 34 minutes after she stepped out of a taxi and into a pub or club. More than 50% say they have walked home barefoot.   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/8163117/34-­‐minutes-­‐the-­‐time-­‐it-­‐takes-­‐for-­‐ new-­‐shoes-­‐to-­‐pinch.html

When you first put on your heels, your feet feel fine. But because your feet are put into an unnatural position by high heeled shoes, they get irritated, red and hot after a while.* Your shoes feel tight as all the pressure points (that reflexologists tell us exist in our feet) get squeezed and everything feels worse. The ingredients in Still Standing® keep your feet calm and cool so Stiletto Suffering™ never starts. Your feet feel like they do when you first put on your shoes.

 HIGH HEELS  still-standing-spray-box-minis


Still Standing® should be generously sprayed on the top, sides and bottom of your feet prior to putting on your shoes. It is important to let it dry which takes a few minutes. The large size features eco-­‐friendly,

non-­‐aerosol, continuous spray technology. This delivers the most potent, highly-­‐penetrating mist from any angle, making it easy to use. It comes with a purse size for touch-­‐ups on the go, which will be needed generally in 2 to 4 hours depending upon the person. If you have open blisters or cuts on your feet, you should not use the product.

Will It Take Care of All Shoe-­‐Caused Foot Pain and Problems?

No. It’s designed to be used with shoes that fit properly and will not help or prevent blisters. If when you first put on your shoes, they immediately pinch, rub or cut into your foot, Still Standing® will not solve your problem.

What’s Still Standing®’s Story?

Lyn Butler, a former Emmy award winning TV producer, is the beauty product lover behind Still Standing®. A self-­‐confessed cosmetic junkie and solution-­‐seeking researcher, she has spent a great deal of time and effort on various beauty challenges. Initially, she says, “out of pure self interest.”

“Some people devote their lives finding out about things like the Higgs Boson, I’m much more practical. I look for solutions to the problems that aggravate me. And the fact that my favorite and most flattering shoes made me miserable after less than an hour was very aggravating!”

It took nearly three years to get Still Standing® to market. Just launched, it is currently now sold at NewBeauty at Fred Segal and on the web at www.StillStandingSpray.com. And plans are in motion to have it available in high-­‐end shoe salons and exclusive retail stores. The set of the large and the mini travel size retail for $27.99, with four beautifully boxed travel sized minis selling in an On The Go Set for $19.00. Lyn also writes a blog entitled “Stiletto Solution” which provides an amusing look at shoes, beauty and fashion along with practical tips and solutions.


A leading fragrance brand in the Specialty market creating a high level of innovation and uniqueness with their 16 beautifully distinct fragrances in over 200 total products. Developed in their in-house Fragrance Studio curated using essences of nature’s botanicals and a hint of the unknown expertly blended to elicit a strong and deep personal connection.  All products are free of harmful ingredients such as mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, and sulfates.  Artfully designed and hand crafted with a touch of charm, Thymes Bath & Body invites the discovery of beauty in everyday life.

Thymes Studio Collection Fragrances:


  • Aqua Coralline: Reminiscent of an ocean’s breeze; a cool, fresh fragrance that creates a seaside curio for the senses.
  • Jade Matcha: Worldly and intriguing, ceremonial crushed Matcha tea is a rare delicacy; an aromatic, green fragrance embraces modernity in an opulent infusion.
  • Kimono Rose: A sensuous bouquet of spring’s most coveted flowers; a fruity, floral fragrance unfolds an intricate origami of unabashed femininity.
  • Lotus Santal: Warm and intoxicating notes sing soft praises to an unexpected pause; a creamy, wood fragrance composes a chorus or aromatic tranquility.
  • NEW! Mirabelle Plum: Flora’s allure creates an unexpected lavish landscape; a ripe, juicy fragrance weaves a tapestry of lush temptation.
  • Rosewood Citron: A mercurial spirit comes forth with unexpected insights; a citrus, wood fragrance educates the senses in a study of compelling contrasts.
  • Tiare Monoi: At first it seems like an illusion then an intoxicating, verdant nirvana emerges in the essence of the moment; a heady floral fragrance forms an oasis of lush wildness.
  • NEW! Tupelo Lemongrass: Dappled sunlit days offer the slow indulgence of drifting amongst vibrant scents; a bright, citrus fragrance crafts a patchwork field of vitality and light.

Thymes Classic Collection Fragrances:


  • Agave Nectar: The secret beauty of the desert unexpectedly blooms with a tangy juicy fragrance that will leave your confidence as replenished as your skin.
  • Clary Sage Tea: Beautifully crafted to inspire the soul and uplift the spirit – a fresh, herbal infusion restores and invigorates the senses.
  • Eucalyptus: A transformative part of a daily routine, energizing and awakening the senses; a fresh, invigorating fragrance infuses the day with unlimited possibilities.
  • Goldleaf: Celebrating 25 years in the Marketplace! A lavish fragrance that’s as memorable as it is luxurious; a heady, floral fragrance creates an elaborate work of art for the senses.
  • NEW! Goldleaf Gardenia: A reinvention of a timeless favorite blooms a graceful bouquet; a beautiful, light floral fragrance that’s classically inspired and beautifully modern.
  • Lavender: An optimistic palette for the senses, awakening the perfect canvas of a brisk, floral fragrance. Take on the day with boundless inspiration.
  • Olive Leaf: A fragrance born in antiquity for a rich whole-body experience. Naturally wholesome and balanced with nourishing herbs and woods.
  • Temple Tree Jasmine: Blossoming with shimmers of floral wisps and silkening elegance; a moment of delicate reverie and fragrant sophistication.

All fragrances are available in various signature bath and body products: Bar Soap, Body Lotion, Body Scrub, Body Wash, Cologne, Cologne Rollerball, Hand Cream, Hand Lotion, Hand Wash, Home Fragrance Mist, Petite Body Lotion, Petite Lotion & Cologne Rollerball Set and Poured Candle. In addition to the signature bath & body products, varying between scent collections, are luxury bath and treatment products including: Bath Oil, Body Scrub, Bubble Bath and Whipped Body Cream that allow you to experience the evocative fragrances in depth. Prices ranging from $6.00 to $40.00.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Specialty Retailers and www.thymes.com

New brand & new beverage category – Skin & Beauty from Within


All Beauty, LLC launches a skincare drink formulated for skin health and beauty from within. Available in New York, South Florida, on Amazon, and growing (with more locations coming soon) this beverage brings into focus the fact that what one puts into their bodies has a profound effect on skin (proper hydration and nutrition), vs just thinking about beauty from a topical regimen. We believe in “beauty from within”.

Yet the majority of the population (over ¾) is chronically dehydrated. Many do not like the taste of plain water, and have a hard time getting all the nutrients they need daily, though they know that they should do this to be healthy and have healthy looking skin.

All Beauty Water is a refreshing and delicious tasting drink, which makes it easy and enjoyable to hydrate and nourish skin from within.

All the ingredients in All Beauty Water were selected because research has shown these ingredients to support healthy looking skin. Some of the benefits of water, SkinVitamins® and SkinNutrients® include: helps hydrate, increase elasticity, replenish skin cells, help skin look younger, helps fight premature wrinkles, helps fight oxidation brought on by free radicals, helps stimulate collagen production, helps skin heal and repair.


What is All Beauty Water?

  • New and unique beverage product that encourages individuals to think about what they put into their bodies as having an effect on skin and not just what you put on your skin- beauty from within.
  • Our skincare drink that combines the skin hydration® benefits of water with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes & antioxidants which research has shown support healthy looking skin.
  • 0 calorie, 0 sug (sugar leads to break-down of collagen in skin)
  • Each bottle has 2 glasses of water + 8 SkinVitamins® +7 SkinNutrients® (including minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes).
  • Water is an important conduit for flushing out toxins and also for ensuring that nutrients get to cells
  • SkinVitamins found in All Beauty Water: Vit A, Vit C, Vit D, Vit E, Vit B12, Vit B6, Vit B3, Biotin
  • Lack of Vitamin D due to sunscreen or reduced sun exposure is a serious concern across the country. Each bottle of All Beauty Water has 100% recommended daily value of Vitamin
  • SkinNutrients found in All Beauty Water: Selenium, Green Tea extract, Magnesium, Manganese, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc
  • Comes in 3 refreshing flavors: Cucumber Aloe, Pomegranate Rose & Strawberry Açaí.
  • All natural and has nothing artificial in it (including no artificial sweetener).
  • Kosher certified, Vegan, Gluten-free, GMO-free.
  • Recommended: drink 1 to 2 bottles per day
  • MSRP $2.99


Our Mission:

All Beauty is a lifestyle brand that aims to encourage individuals to think of their beauty and skincare from within – what you put into your body will affect your skin – by creating delicious products that both hydrate and nourish skin.

How we got started?

We started All Beauty with the dream of encouraging people to make the connection between what they put into their bodies and their looks. Camille Varlet, the founder, came up with the idea when she noticed her friends all talking about seeing signs of aging and yet they all were drinking diet soda- they thought water was “boring”, had “no flavor” or was “not refreshing”. She found this to be a disconnect between how people think about their looks and what they put into their bodies. Finding a solution is what inspired her to launch All Beauty Water. She wanted to create a healthy, delicious tasting and 0 calorie alternative to sugary drinks or beverages that are artificially formulated, with added skin benefits (all the ingredients in All Beauty Water have research showing they have various skin health benefits).

Camille Varlet, the founder of All Beauty Water, worked in brand management at Dannon & L’Oreal before starting to develop & launch All Beauty Water. She is half French, half Italian, and moved the US when she was 9.


All Beauty Water, Camille Varlet, United States


The Fashion Institute of Technology
Tuesday, June 9 | 6 pm
Katie Murphy Amphitheatre
Fred P. Pomerantz Art and Design Center

Mercedes Fashion Week Madrid Otoño/Invierno 2015-2016

Mercedes Fashion Week Madrid Otoño/Invierno 2015-2016

Join Ariele Elia and Elizabeth Way, curators of the exhibition Global Fashion Capitals, for a conversation with Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada about her successful career in fashion. Since the early 1980s, her brand has been based in Madrid but has had global reach, with points of sale in over 150 countries. Characterized by a whimsical, often surrealist style, her designs are featured in MFIT’s Global Fashion Capitals and will also be showcased this summer in the exhibition Agatha Ruiz de la Prada: Posters Design at the Instituto Cervantes New York.

Mercedes Fashion Week Madrid Otoño/Invierno 2015-2016

Mercedes Fashion Week Madrid Otoño/Invierno 2015-2016

Mercedes Fashion Week Madrid Otoño/Invierno 2015-2016

Mercedes Fashion Week Madrid Otoño/Invierno 2015-2016

Calendar of Events

Fashion Culture Special Programs

Fashion Culture programs are organized by The Museum at FIT to provide new perspectives on the culture of fashion.

Programs are free unless otherwise indicated. Reservations are required for all events, as space is limited.

To RSVP: Register Online   http://www.fitnyc.edu/13674.asp

You may also register by phone: 212.217.4585 or via email: museuminfo@fitnyc.edu


Since 1992 Ecco Bella has been a natural beauty pioneer with innovation that sustains our beauty, our health and the planet. Their formulas are their own unique creations that are inspired by and shared with savvy beauty experts.

Skin Care. The Reset Button For Younger Looking Skin.

The only one of its kind, Ecco Bella Skin Care with VitaminCells is both anti-aging and anti-blemish. The formula contains trillions of microspheres that deliver the world’s most powerful skin vitamins deep into the skin to protect and rejuvenate it from stress, sun and environmental aging.

Body Lotion. The 3000 Year Old Beauty Secret That’s Still Going Strong.

Unlike most body lotions that contain a high content of water, Ecco Bella Herbal Body Lotions have replaced the H2O with nourishing aloe vera. This exclusive water-free formula transforms dry, irritated, flaky skin into silky suppleness for hours after other lotions have worn off.

Makeup. Letting Beauty Blossom Naturally.

The same delicate flower wax coating that protects flower petals from the wind and sun is infused into Ecco Bella FlowerColor Make Up. The pigmented powders beloved by make up artists create a protective layer that keeps natural moisture at bay so the look stays fresher, longer.


For more information on Ecco Bella and their products, visit eccobella.com

Blk White Models VMoore

Though strides have been made in recent years to address the lack of colour on the runways, race remains a touchy subject within the fashion industry.

In an effort to tackle the issue head on, the Council of Fashion designers of America (CFDA) held a panel discussion in New York recently on the subject led by industry activist Bethann Hardison. With heavyweights like Prabal Gurung, Edward Emninful, casting director Anita Britton, Elle’s Samira Nasr and Laird+Partners’ Hans Dorsinville participating in the conversation, the scene was set for a lively exchange, through the resulting candid manner in which the talk played out.

“It has been something that concerns me as I grew up in the industry,” Hardison, a pioneer of diversity in fashion said at the discussion, according to a blog on the CFDA website.

“The fashion industry has struggled a great deal with diversity,” the former model added. “If television can be diversified, so can we.”

Hardison pointed to the late 1980s and early 1990s as a moment in fashion when the ethnic makeup of modeling began to diversify, but that didn’t last long, prompting Naomi Campbell and Talley to approach her with the plea to champion change. The first town hall meeting on the topic was held in 2007.

A takeaway was how different people have different takes on diversity, which can range from models and designers to age and size.

Bitton, a native of England, recalled how, when she started out back home, “It wasn’t a question of race but class. I came to New York very neutral and green. There’s a lot to be said for the word inclusive.”

Enninful said that when he plans a shoot, he looks for a character that fits the concept. “Beauty for me is beauty — whether it’s black or it is Asian, it doesn’t matter for me. I only use whoever is right for the story.”

Dorsinville said there is a “continuum” from runway to advertising—when it’s a mass brand, there is an opportunity to create a campaign feature a diverse group of multiple models, whereas a designer may just be looking for a face – a muse – to represent the brand, limiting options.

Gurung added that “Race is an issue that is not just in fashion. We need to address that immediately. As a designer, I want to work with the best girls, who are the best girls for me. Sometimes, an agent says ‘If you want this black girl, you have to use this white girl,’ whom I may not like.”

“Diversity, not just in race but also age and size, is very important to me,” he added.

Nasr, who is Lebanese and Trinidadian, said the issue of diversity reaches beyond models, and includes the designer community and other professional fashion environments. Addressing the audience, which also included models of diverse backgrounds and modeling agents, she noted, “This is most colorful room I ever seen in the fashion industry, and I want to say if we want to have change, we need to grow this room.”

MADRID inc01com-innocos-madrid-4-5-june-2015

There’s just over several weeks left until innoCos summit in Madrid and there are a limited number of places remaining. Don’t delay if you want to join us and brands such as Unilever, Euromonitor, Henkel, Galdema/Nestle, Hello-Products, Avon, Functional Fragrances, GlaxoSmithKline, Modiface, Lipotec, Studio 10 and more, for a day packed full of insight, top class speakers, best practice case studies and the opportunity to network with your peers.

This year we have delivered an extended agenda; all geared around consumer experience, crossing boundaries and digital transformation. For the full Conference Programme visit: http://innocosevents.com/innoCossummit.pdf

A snap shot of some of the content:

  Crossing Boundaries: Getting the most out of open innovation – Graham Cross, Director of Commercial Alliances and Supplier Innovation, Unilever (NL)

  Reinventing Traditional Norms in Global Beauty – Irina Barbalova, Global Head of Beauty & Personal Care Research, Euromonitor International (UK)

  Change & Innovation: When following the trends is just not enough – Jessica Finch, Vice President/GM EMEA, Tria Beauty (UK)

  Customer-centric Product development: Reimagining Product Launch in the Digital Era – Peter Blenkiron, Senior Director Product development, GlaxoSmithKline (UK)

  Personalizing the digital beauty experience -Jennifer Tidy, Vice President Partnerships, ModiFace (CA)

  Digital Transformation in the Beauty Sector  – Caroline Grange,  International Digital and ecommerce Director, Make Up For Ever (FR)

  The Green Challenge:  cosmetic product innovations with sustainability benefits – Dr. Thomas Foerster, Corporate VP R&D Beauty Care, Henkel (DE)

  Say Hello to Hello and the idea of elevating the everyday – Craig Dubitsky, seriously friendly CEO, Hello-Products (USA)

  Luxury is emotional – Eva Johnston, CEO Eva.J Natural Luxury Cosmetics (CH)

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