Portraits of Women

“The human face was always my great landscape.” Colette

ALEXIS MABILLE  fswpa73.14fr-look14.jpgmarie-beltrami

Many tend to think that Haute Couture can be summed up in a handful of numbers, rules and techniques carved in stone: the number of dressmakers and hours needed to make a dress, the artisanal methods and fabrics used…. But for me, Haute Couture represents much more than that. The true face of Couture is an intimate, sensual and passionate relationship, the use of exceptional know-how to honor an individual, the woman who wears it.

With this book, I wanted to let you see what happens beyond the runway and show the reality of what Haute Couture means today. This Haute Couture is contemporary. It addresses all generations of clientele, and in particular a woman who wants to feel sublime and unique while remaining true to herself.

The dress and the woman are one. My Haute Couture is the marriage of my style and my clients’ desires, a fusion of my codes and each woman’s charisma.

ALEXIS MABILLE fswpa73.19fr-look19_lis-van-velthoven-supreme

My creative process is didactic. My inspiration? Women. The ones whose natural charm brings my creations to life and pushes it forward. I consider my work to be a laboratory for ideas. Each piece is specially created for a unique person and designed to highlight her radiance, intensity and perpetual femininity.

Starting with that idea, I gathered together 15 women who are dear to me, whom I met during my work as a couturier over the past decade. These are women who have marked their era: whether she is an actress, artist, singer, ballerina, burlesque artist or top model, each is recognized as an icon in her field.


I would like to dedicate my Fall-Winter 2015-2016 collection to each one of them; for each, I have designed a look that reflects her irresistible singularity. Then, I asked portrait photographer Matthew Brookes to capture their timeless beauty.

Photos: Alexis Mabille
Text: Matthew Brookes


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