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This Magic Moment – Catch My Lash (Darling)

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What happens when you get 10 powerful entrepreneurs on a panel in front of an inquisitive audience?

Solutions are found, that’s what happens.

I believe no matter what the problem, there is a solution.

I’m one for Networking.  I was invited to “Catch My Lash” Beauty Event in Brooklyn on Saturday by my fellow Editor-in-Chief magazine owner, Ese of Enspire Magazine.  The event was held at Brooklyn Exposure, 1401 Bedford Avenue, produced by Blanch.  As most of you know, I don’t know Brooklyn and did not know if I would know anyone else there, but I went anyway, Googling my way along.

Upon arrival, I’m surprised by how many people I know and the professional set up.  There were vendors and food, my kind of place.  The surprise came when the panel started…

Each panelist introduced themselves, Supermodel Angela- of QVC, Boss Lady Wendy Isaac – Style the Wave, Ese of Enspire Magazine, Chefs, Make Up Manufacturers, Fashion Designers and more.

There were questions and answers, and then an audience member asked the critical question “Why Should Someone Patronize Your Businesses?” I had the perfect answer.

Why should someone purchase or read Fashion Avenue News Magazine or read our FAN Daily Fashion Blog.

Fashion Avenue News Magazine was created because years ago a model went to an Agency Open House and they told her she would NEVER MAKE IT IN THE MODELING BUSINESS.  The model came to my office in TEARS.  I was angry.  I don’t feel that anyone should ever tell someone they cannot make it.  My anger created Fashion Avenue News Magazine, a foundation for independent fashion industry talent, to have a platform and a place.  We welcome everyone, as long as they are FABULOUS.  Age, Height, Weight, Size, never determine if you can appear on our pages.  We are here for you; we are your fashion family.

More conversation ensured and we came to the conclusion that we need to work harder to support each other businesses.  It starts with you.  Think of where you spend your money.  If you are a small business, really think, because you can help other businesses stay in business by purchasing from them.

Change starts with YOU.  If you want something different, you have to do something different.

It was wonderful sitting on the panel with these ladies as they were extremely inspirational.  When you have a business and you’re under pressure or stress, it’s good to know there are other businesses owners that feel the same way, you are not in this by yourself, don’t feel alone.  We are all working to keep our businesses afloat.

One thing I explained on the panel, I am You, I have no special SuperPower, I’m working hard on my business just like the next magazine, fashion designer or makeup artists.  We chose this profession and no one said it would be easy, but nothing brings you happiness like having your own.

We can make it, if we do it together.

“Catch My Lash” is an annual business, beauty event featuring business and fashion.  Stop by Brooklyn Exposure 1401 Bedford Avenue and purchase some food or have a drink.  These businesses are in your community.  They can’t stay if we don’t support them.

Here are some of the businesses that were there:

LMB Haute Couture, Queen Diva, Celebrity Wendy Isaac, Enspire Magazine, Catch My Lash, Fashion Avenue News, TheFashionImpire.com, Crystal Carmen of Pink Stiletto, Johntines Boutique, Nikki Latty Beauty, Top Line Divas presents BeYOUtiful Curves Fashion Show Oct. 2 in Philly, for more info 484-816-6853, Ms. Full figured USA Pageant Auditions MsFullFiguredUSA@gmail.com

Bianca M Williams -Director  of B Pretty inc,  B Pretty Lashes , B Pretty Glam Factory our physical location and Co-Host of Pretty, Styled and Beautiful
-Angela Perymon- QVC Model, Mua , tld
-Wendy Isaac- international entrepreneur
-Tia Jackson- Johntinesboutique owner
-Chef Danielle Moore- known Chef and apron designer
– Crystal Carmen Pink Stilletos Cosmetics- Cosmetic Line
-Natassia Constantine- fashion designer for LMB Haute

– performance Sonja Freeman- Queen Diva – Singer
-Michelle Lawson- hosts of TV Treasures, model, actress, real Estate agent
-Wanda hall- Mua
-Eddie Jones ( Bobby) – TNOS , entrepreneur,  fashion show director, artist
-Jeannie James Co-Host @prettystyledandbeautiful & MUA  , jewelry expert
– Brooklyn Exposure- Venue
– Karen – international Mua

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