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SuperModel Tyson Beckford to host Allure Cayman Fashion Weekend


Just in time for those holiday looks, several of the most exciting established and emerging fashion designers will  descend  upon  Cayman  in  November  for  Allure  Cayman  Fashion  Weekend.  A  Caribbean  style experience and fashion show that is billed to change the face of fashion events in the Cayman Islands.

Allure Cayman is spearheaded by Pearlina McGaw­ Lumsden.  Pearlina is best known for her recent foray into fashion as the face and Executive  Producer of Beyond The Red Carpet, the fashion commentary program aired on Cayman 27. Pearlina is a well­ known Caymanian business woman, philanthropist and style enthusiast.


The fashion show will feature resort and swimwear, ideal for the Cayman buyer and, according to Pearlina, the idea is for the event to also draw international fashion consumers, designers and bloggers. The fashion show will also showcase chic designs and couture bridal wear.

“While we are totally focused on providing a leading edge fashion experience to our beloved Caymanians, we know the long term benefits of holding a fashion event lay in the tourism and economic boost it can give the Cayman Islands.”

Adding to this “boost” will be the international superstar guest host, Tyson Beckford. Hosting the show alongside Tyson will be Cayman’s own, Monica Walton.

“Let’s just say the ladies will be very pleased with their entertainment for the night and with the caliber of hosting,” she stated.

Yumi pic3

“Our mission at Allure Cayman is to celebrate, showcase and inspire international and local style minds, whilst  highlighting  Cayman  as  an  emerging fashion capital,” she stated. “This is not going to happen overnight, however we want our sponsors and our Caymanian people to know that this event is about more than beautiful clothes and impeccable designs. Allure Cayman is about changing the landscape of fashion in the Caribbean.

Locally known designers  and fashion personalities Isy B Designs and Olivia B. will be showcasing their designs at Allure runway show. Isy B made her debut recently showing her own brand of luxe­resort wear. Olivia B. who is a newcomer on the scene will showcase her Parisian themed line. Our two local stars are joined  by  international  and  well  recognized  designers  BCBG,  Yumi  Katsura,  Kristin  Frazer  of  Trefle Swimwear, and Carlton Jones Collections.


Tickets go on sale October 12. Entertainment  for the evening includes local artist Stefan Contrell and artwork by Al Ebanks. The event will be held at Roof Top, Grand Cayman Beach Suites, Seven Mile Beach.

The event is sponsored, Department of Tourism, Ministry of Health and Culture, Cayman Airways and NKY Cayman Fashion Group with part proceeds to aid local charity, Lean on Me Committee.

Tickets can be purchased NKY Collections, Fifth on Seven and Renaissance Beauty Salon.

For   more   information,   visit   Facebook.com/allurecayman    or   follow   the   movement   on   Instagram @allurecayman


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This year at the annual Fashion and Beauty Olympics, $10,000 CASH Designer  and Model Competition, Model World Magazine will present Prakash Patil aka Mr. India Galaxy, with the Fashion Icon Award.  The event will take place Saturday June 13, at the Holiday Inn on W. 57th Street in New York City. For more more information visit, http://www.FashionAvenueNews.com and click on $5,000 tab.

Prakash Patil, already a Supermodel in his own right and a legend in his homeland, India, has carved a fashionable legacy in the United States.  He has numerous awards for outstanding work in fashion and film.  Below is some background information on his many achievements.  We are honored to present him with the Fashion Icon Award.

International Model / Actor / Young Entrepreneur – Prakash Patil

 Prakash Patil is the true living youth legend of passion, commitment, humanity and inspiration to this generation.  Prakash Patil is a Multi-talented, respectfully all-rounder icon, most humbled personality that USA has admired and handsome young man from India. Prakash is Winner of Couple of Pageants ie MR.INDIA GALAXY, MR.SOUTH ASAIN PRINCE, Winner of Jewel of India Calendar Hunt & reality episode.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Business Administration, and Masters in Managing Information Technology in the United States.

He is also recipient of many awards & honors for his service to community in IT career, Academic and Entertainment.  Just to name a few “International Youth Advocate Humanitarian Award” from The Youth Représentatives of the  National Council of Women of the United States, United Nations. “International model of The Year” from New York Fashion Awards, “Fashion Rock star of the Year” from Unsung Heroes, “Talent of the year ” from Nassua County State of New York,  etc.

His journey was far from being easy, but with his determination he has accomplished many honors at such a young age and being face of couple of media. Newspapers. He strikes a great balance between acting, modeling and IT Engineer. He is one of successful model featured in many magazines, walked for several famous designers and major fashion weeks in USA & aboard.  Played as a lead Actor in Film “The Other Side of New York” and has won awards in International Film Festivals.

In spite winning many title awards, people admire his humbleness and helping nature towards others.   After winning the most coveted title of Mr. India Galaxy, Prakash adds, “I wish to thank everyone for giving me such a great opportunity to showcase my talent across the globe. It is a great moment of glory as I am honored at such a prestigious event in front of such illustrious guests. I look forward to using this opportunity to achieve greater heights and giving back to those who have showered their love on me and believed in me. I will utilize my achievements for the welfare of people in the world.


CFDA discusses race issue in fashion

Blk White Models VMoore

Though strides have been made in recent years to address the lack of colour on the runways, race remains a touchy subject within the fashion industry.

In an effort to tackle the issue head on, the Council of Fashion designers of America (CFDA) held a panel discussion in New York recently on the subject led by industry activist Bethann Hardison. With heavyweights like Prabal Gurung, Edward Emninful, casting director Anita Britton, Elle’s Samira Nasr and Laird+Partners’ Hans Dorsinville participating in the conversation, the scene was set for a lively exchange, through the resulting candid manner in which the talk played out.

“It has been something that concerns me as I grew up in the industry,” Hardison, a pioneer of diversity in fashion said at the discussion, according to a blog on the CFDA website.

“The fashion industry has struggled a great deal with diversity,” the former model added. “If television can be diversified, so can we.”

Hardison pointed to the late 1980s and early 1990s as a moment in fashion when the ethnic makeup of modeling began to diversify, but that didn’t last long, prompting Naomi Campbell and Talley to approach her with the plea to champion change. The first town hall meeting on the topic was held in 2007.

A takeaway was how different people have different takes on diversity, which can range from models and designers to age and size.

Bitton, a native of England, recalled how, when she started out back home, “It wasn’t a question of race but class. I came to New York very neutral and green. There’s a lot to be said for the word inclusive.”

Enninful said that when he plans a shoot, he looks for a character that fits the concept. “Beauty for me is beauty — whether it’s black or it is Asian, it doesn’t matter for me. I only use whoever is right for the story.”

Dorsinville said there is a “continuum” from runway to advertising—when it’s a mass brand, there is an opportunity to create a campaign feature a diverse group of multiple models, whereas a designer may just be looking for a face – a muse – to represent the brand, limiting options.

Gurung added that “Race is an issue that is not just in fashion. We need to address that immediately. As a designer, I want to work with the best girls, who are the best girls for me. Sometimes, an agent says ‘If you want this black girl, you have to use this white girl,’ whom I may not like.”

“Diversity, not just in race but also age and size, is very important to me,” he added.

Nasr, who is Lebanese and Trinidadian, said the issue of diversity reaches beyond models, and includes the designer community and other professional fashion environments. Addressing the audience, which also included models of diverse backgrounds and modeling agents, she noted, “This is most colorful room I ever seen in the fashion industry, and I want to say if we want to have change, we need to grow this room.”



Bronx Fashion Week, LLC announced today their 2nd event after last year’s successful and historic first Bronx Fashion Week in the borough’s history. This year the event will be held at the historic Old Bronx Courthouse in Melrose on May 9th from 5:30PM – 9PM sharing space with No Longer Empty’s exhibition ‘When You Cut Into The Present, The Future Leaks Out’

CEO Flora Montes says “Bronx Fashion Week 2015 will bring forth a fashion celebration providing a platform for top designers and models showcasing collections from The Bronx and across the world.”? The event will feature a pre-fashion cocktail party, product launches from diverse sponsors, and performances.

“We are pleased to once again bring this major fashion event to The Bronx – the borough that has given so much to the industry where designers Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein were born and raised as were legendary fashion icons such as Jennifer Lopez and the late Lauren Bacal.” said Ed Garcia Conde, VP of Marketing and Public Relations for Bronx Fashion Week, LLC.

beautiful woman model posing in elegant gold and green dress

The kick off event for the second year will be an unforgettable experience in another landmark setting- The Old Bronx Courthouse-which has captured the fascination and imagination of millions as it sat empty for the past 38 years.

Now, thanks to its owner, Henry Weinstein, and No Longer Empty’s exhibition, attendees of Bronx Fashion Week 2015 will also be treated to a world-class exhibition curated by NLE featuring approximately 20 artists both from The Bronx and around the world.

Bronx Fashion Week, LLC encourages sponsors to be a part of this major event as they reach out to businesses and organizations within The Bronx, across the region and internationally.

Tickets will go on sale over this weekend and those interested are encouraged to stay tuned to Bronx Fashion Week’s Facebook Page at  https://www.facebook.com/BronxFashionWeek.Org or visit http://www.bronxfashionweek.org/

About Bronx Fashion Week, LLC

Bronx Fashion Week, LLC was founded in 2013 with a mission to bring high-end fashion events to the borough along with showcasing not only top models and designers but also sponsors and vendors as well. Bronx Fashion Week, LLC also strives to give back to the community by selecting various organizations to make charitable donations from a percentage of proceeds from the events held.

About No Longer Empty

No Longer Empty fosters access to contemporary art by engaging   the public and experimental, socially conscious artists in professionally curated, site-specific exhibitions throughout New York City and beyond. Locatedin underutilized or alternative properties, free of the connotations of traditional art venues, No Longer Empty creates welcoming and inclusive experiences that support this access to art through educational and collaborative programming that harness and engage local resources.