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Interview on Personal Body Sculpting

James Collins Expert Interview

What are some tips in making working out actually fun?

Working out should always be fun, but if you find it tough to go to the gym then find things within exercise you enjoy.  For example, if you like sports, start playing. If you prefer classes than being with everyone in a gym then go to a class. The only problem with that is it’s a very general workout and won’t hit the specific areas you need to hit.

One of the main mistakes I see gym goers do is they do the same routine everyday.  This not only gets you nowhere but it’s also very boring.  So for the sake of seeing results and making it more fun, constantly change your routine every couple of weeks.  Even if you do want to put on weight, you need to not just lift heavy weights every week.

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What is the average number of days/week and average minutes/workout women from these different age groups should be working out? Additionally, how should diet change for optimum benefit.

That’s hard to answer because it all depends on what shape your starting point is at any age.  Preferably when you are young you workout hard and achieve the body you want so that the rest of your life you are just maintaining it and not having to work so hard at it.

If this is not the case and you are starting from scratch I would say all age groups should be doing the same number of days I would just change the intensity and time actually spent training because a 60-year-old woman cannot workout in the same intensity as an 18 year old.

Ages 18-24: Very High intensity 50mins 4 days a week

Ages 25-31: Very High Intensity 60mins Ages 32-38: Very High Intensity 60mins Ages 38-44: High Intensity 50mins

Ages 45-51: Medium Intensity 45mins

Ages 52-60: Medium Intensity 35mins  (or what they can mange)


Is there a benefit to the “mini” work out? You know, 5-10 minutes of exercise fit in periodically during the day? How about the “mini” more frequent meals often recommended?

The mini workouts are great!  They are often better than many workouts I see people doing in the gym. It has to be very intense though! Put all you have into that 10-15mins.  Usually circuits are best.  Muscle gainers- a circuit like this- is good to throw in if you don’t have time for a full workout.

As for the diet, I don’t recommend the frequent meals diet.  I feel its nonsense and a gimmick.  The most scientifically proven diet that works is the intermittent fast.  For two days of every week live on only 500 calories for women and 600 for men in a 24hour period.  The health benefits are ridiculous and you’ll see weight fall off, in conjunction with working out.  The rest of the week eat what you want, but obviously you should eat healthily.  Just don’t worry about your carbs, don’t let them rule your life.

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We’ve all had those days where going to the gym is as exciting as clipping our toe nails, and not all of us can afford a personal trainer to gear us into shape. What are your tips and tricks in keeping ourselves motivated for the gym?

Keeping motivated. That’s a tough one; it really comes from within you. You have to want it. Just think about how you’ll feel after the workout and how you’ll enjoy seeing the results in the mirror.  Or think about your health, and how we all need to look after ourselves.  I do struggle with these days like everyone but something in me just makes me get up and knock out the session. Maybe it’s because I’m being paid for the way I look and I just see those $$ signs. If I don’t workout I don’t live.

What’s the truth about muscle memory? Should a former HS or College athlete return to her sport for the quickest fitness results?

Muscle memory is true. Your body will pick itself up from its slumber very quickly. Think about an athlete who’s been injured for months. They won’t be able to workout much, but once they are better they bounce back as if nothing happened, with a lot of hard work of course. It’s the same for us all, but it’s not memory in your muscles, it’s memories stored in your brain. If you go back to the sport you did at college your body will pick it up very quickly just like the athlete?  But if you are thinking that if you were a sprinter at college you’ll be back in that same shape within a couple of weeks you’re mistaken.  It will take a lot of hard work to get there.  Your body will just remember how to do the movements very well, just maybe not a quickly.

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From your experience working with models, as well as us mere mortals, is there one workout that gives result for everyone?

My favorite workout that I have found works for everybody is circuit training at a high intensity.  No matter your ability level, everyone can do the same exercises and get great results.  You just change the difficulty level depending on the person.  They can give a whole body workout or concentrated on one area.  Plus they are the most fun I’ve found.

What’s the biggest misconception about models and their diets?

That’s easy, it’s that models don’t eat.  Everyone I speak to says that we mustn’t eat to have bodies like this.  But it’s just not true, I know some girls who stuff their faces.  They just work very hard in the gym and eat the right foods.  Male models actually have to eat a lot of food so that they can put on muscle and have these bodies you see.  There’s no big secret.  It’s like any walk of life, you work hard at something you’ll get results.