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Photographer:  Paul ShootMeNYCmodels Walker IG @shootmenycmodels


Supermodel Georgie Badiel To Launch Eponymous Foundation To Develop Clean Water and Sanitation In Burkina Faso.

Fashion Avenue News Magazine had the opportunity to attend the Models For Water Fundraising event with SuperModel Georgie Badiel.  Numerous celebrities were in attendance such as Fashion Week Designer Zang Toi, classically trained opera singer/model/designer RADMILLA LOLLY, Supermodel Princess Adex and many more.  Photographer for the evening was Paul Walker, supplied by Fashion Avenue News magazine.

Paul edited picture-156opera singer/model/designer RADMILLA LOLLY (Photo: Pau; Walker)

Georgie hails from Burkina Faso in Africa, Georgie Badiel is a former Miss Burkina Faso and Miss Africa in 2004. After a successful debut walking for Jasper Conran, Duro Olowu and Ben de Lisi in 2007, Georgie signed with MUSE Management in New York in 2008, hitting the runway for Diane Von Furstenburg, Marc Jacobs, Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton and Chado Ralph Rucci in New York and Paris. Signaling her rise as one of the industry’s top models and a leading face in the continued emergence of top models from Africa, Georgie was selected as Model Of The Year in 2012 by ARISE, the magazine that CNN called ‘Africa’s Fashion Bible.’


Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Avenue News is PROUD to have had Georgie as a Cover Model, as well as being her “OFFICIAL GODMOTHER”.  We are very happy to work with such a wonderful, humble Supermodel and want to let everyone know about Models for Water.

georgie water 3Georgie Badiel
Water. A natural resource so accessible and prevalent for us in the USA that we hardly give it a second thought. In fact, the mere turn of a faucet handle or twist of a bottle cap gives us access to such an unlimited and cheap supply of water that we use and waste millions of gallons annually without ever consciously thinking about it, how we derive it or what our lives would be like without it.

Sadly however, for many around the world, life without access to clean water is a grim reality. For them, water is a precious item that’s difficult to get, often in very short supply and in a very real way, the difference between living and dying. As the world gets ready then, to focus its global media spotlight on New York City’s Fall Fashion Week in September, supermodel Georgie Badiel is using that platform to launch the GEORGIE BADIEL FOUNDATION, a non profit organization whose mission is to provide access to clean drinking water, wells and sanitation for the people of her homeland Burkina Faso and for similarly affected people on the continent of Africa as a whole. Additionally, the Foundation seeks to kickstart Nature’s rain making cycle by planting trees which will also help provide shade and root structures that help retain the viable soil that;s necessary to plant crops.

georgie water

Georgie’s passion and drive to create change stems from her memory of the hardships she endured as a young girl going to get water for her family and the fact that the same situations exist today, more than twenty years later, for young girls all over Africa. This lack also creates deeper, more lasting problems ranging from personal health issues to a lack of education among young girls whose parents need them to get water daily rather than attend classes to obtain an education. Her story (seen on the Foundation website is a compelling one and has already begun to raise awareness about her efforts and ideas to bring solutions to the problems that exist.

Even prior to launch, support has been committed from a variety of private and corporate entities including the phenomenal, classically trained opera singer/model/designer RADMILLA LOLLY who will give a private performance at the launch, MAJOR MODELS, DUCA SARTORIA, MACDELLA COOPER, THE SEGAL FAMILY FOUNDATION, ZANG TOI, GREYLOCK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, KAMASUTRA VODKA,VOGA ITALIA and others, with many already working along with the Foundation to develop long term initiatives to ensure consistent funding.

Paul edited picture-161(left to right:  Editor, Sofia Davis; Designer, Zang Toi, Major Model CEO, Supermodel Princess Adex – Photo: Paul Walker)

“The people of Burkina Faso have been waiting all their lives for this,” says Georgie. “I want to make their dreams a reality.”


The Georgie Badiel Foundation was founded and launched in 2015 as the evolved platform of a previous organization Georgie co-founded called MODELS FOR WATER. GBF’s mandate is to provide access to clean drinking water, wells and sanitation for the citizens of Burkina Faso in Africa which can then help put an end to diseases and social ills which thrive in a water deficient environment.

georgie water 2

Seeing the devastating effects that the lack of water can have on a village, a people and a nation, Georgie is a strong advocate of the responsibility for developed countries, corporations and capable individuals to do their part to help provide this most basic of human needs. The Foundation is headquartered in New York and seeks to use technology, social lifestyle opportunities and artistic ventures to raise the funding needed to achieve its goals.

Paul edited picture-160

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Bollywood stars to strut stuff for Jabong at LFW

BOLLYWOOD, one of India’s leading online fashion destinations has announced that it will launch two premium brands – Bugatti Shoes and Sangria at the Lakme Fashion Week, 2015. The products will be exclusively available on its website.

Bollywood actor and fashion icon Arjun Rampal will be the showstopper for Bugatti Shoes showcasing the autumn winter 15 collection on August 29. In accordance with the brand’s motto, Bugatti’s new collection guarantees the luxury of comfort as well as the exclusivity of an intricately designed pair of shoes.

Arjun said, “Walking the stage for Bugatti Shoes for Jabong in India, is quite exciting. As a former model I am inclined towards fashion and style statements. The idea behind the creation of these shoes is one that is relatable for every individual no matter what their needs might be – the traditional businessman to the fashion oriented cosmopolitan and the dynamic sports fashion buyer.”

One of Bollywood’s prominent leading ladies Ileana D’Cruz will grace the ramp for Sangria on August 30. This collection has been crafted for the new age trendsetter who can pull off youthful colours and prints of this season. Much like Ileana, Sangria’s designs represent a fashion forward and independent woman, who given the opportunity to shine, exhibits no signs of inhibition.

“I think Sangria represents a fashion forward and independent woman, who aptly exhibits Indian traditions and grace. I feel Jabong is doing a wonderful job with making best brands accessible to its consumers,” Ileana said.

Commenting on these associations, Praveen Sinha, MD and Co-Founder, said, “With an aim to provide our customers the best of the International and domestic brands, we at always strive to get new brands every season. It is in accordance with such goals that we bring to you a collection of internationally acclaimed Bugatti Shoes and the charismatically chic collection of Sangria clothing. LFW has provided us with the most suitable platform to showcase these brands and launch their genesis in India.”

NEW Zotos – Root Touch-Up Spray for Temporary Gray Coverage


The #1 reason women over 35 color their hair is to cover gray—and now, AGEbeautiful is giving them a quick fix for when those pesky silver strands start to creep back in. The professional anti-aging haircolor brand is introducing newRoot Touch-Up Haircolor, a temporary spray designed not only to conceal gray roots in seconds, but also to add volume.

The quick-drying formula is ideal for masking gray strands in a pinch, or keeping telltale roots under wraps between salon visits. Perfect for use at the part and hairline, the one-minute mist also adds volume and delicately covers thinning patches so hair looks naturally full.

AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up can be worn discreetly and confidently, as it’s water, sweat and stain resistant—yet easily washes out with the next shampoo.


The convenient camouflaging spray comes in a full spectrum of 8 natural-looking shades that were specifically developed to complement AGEbeautiful’s top-selling permanent shades (but will seamlessly blend with any other haircolor brand).

The product is simple to use: just shake well, hold the can 4-6 inches from dry, styled hair and spray onto roots using light, even strokes. A little goes a long way, so start sparingly and layer the product for darker results.

Discover the ultimate solution for fast, foolproof, short-term coverage of gray roots—from a brand known for its professional roots. AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up Haircolor will be available in August at Sally Beauty stores nationwide; visit to find a location near you.

Root Touch-Up Spray Zotos –  $9.99

Guido Palau – Redken Creative Consultant


Guido is considered to be one of the world’s most conceptual hairstylists. Renowned design houses including Calvin Klein, Prada, and Louis Vuitton go to Guido to create the looks that lead the direction of hair for the upcoming season. Having a strong presence in the industry for over 20 years, Guido has brought his radically expressive style to runway shows, fashion advertising campaigns and editorial work for such noted magazines as American, Italian and French Vogue, W and Allure.

Growing up in Dorset, England, Guido was always inquisitive about style and inspired by fashion and beauty magazines featuring the works of notables such as Barry Lategan, Bruce Webber and Dutch hairstylist Christian whose freestyle approach pushed boundaries of his time. It was during the early eighties when subculture movements like New Wave, Indie and Goth co-existed and shaped a creative set that changed hair trends in cutting and coloring. All this, sparked Guido’s interest in hairdressing. Guido began training at Vidal Sassoon in London in 1983, then worked at the Clifford Stafford salon and eventually hooked up with David Sims who was an assistant photographer at the time. From their collaborations, he discovered his eye and love for hair in fashion.

Now, Guido is considered to be one of the world’s most conceptual hairstylists. Having a strong presence in the industry for over 20 years, Guido has brought his radically expressive style to runway shows, fashion advertising campaigns and editorial work for such noted magazines as American, Italian and French Vogue, W and Allure

Guido’s artistic and technical design skills led him to partner with Redken as the brand’s Creative Consultant in 2005. Since then, he has worked hand-in-hand with Redken, providing seasonal hair trends, acting as a brand ambassador at editorial photo shoots and fashion shows, representing Redken in the media, and creating key looks for Redken campaigns.

His client roster includes A-list designers like Prada, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Jean Paul Gaultier, Miu Miu, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Donna Karan, Louis Vuitton, and Robert Cavalli. He works regularly with renowned photographers including, Steve Meisel, David Sims, and Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott.

Who is the one person you’d love to work with? I have actually been very lucky in that I have ticked off most of the boxes when it comes to people that I would most like to work with.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I get inspiration from absolutely everywhere; always keep your eyes open!

Most memorable mishap on a shoot/fashion show/ or with a celebrity: There have been a few, but one that sticks in my mind was on a shoot not so long ago. The shoot required so many wigs and in the end we had about fifteen. We were shooting in LA and had spent the past week prepping the wigs which involved wet sets, blow-outs, hot rollers and curling irons. Basically, a lot of work went into these wigs. The day of the shoot we were on location outside and we had the wigs set up on tables in a garden area. We were still working on several wigs when all of a sudden all around us a sprinkler system decided to go off!! The wigs and I were soaked! A weeks work gone in a flash!

Must-have hair product you use on yourself: Redken For Men maneuver. I love the matte finish!

Must-have tools when working: Hairdryer, tail comb, curling iron, flat iron Mason Pearson brush, and hot rollers!

Favorite city: New York City!, Golden Rule to live by: Just enjoy it!!, Beauty Icon: Pat Mcgrath, Trend you love: Anything that pushes boundaries