When I started Fashion Avenue News nearly 6 years ago, the purpose was to give independent, emerging and established fashion industry talent a platform.  That mission, meant ALL FASHION INDUSTRY TALENT, no matter what the size, height, age or weight of a model, if they had the creativity, the fabulousity and the talent, then we wanted to work with them….


Staying true to our mission, we present our 2017 U.S. Resort Wear issue, featuring SuperModel JoJo West, (shot by the fabulous Rick D. Jones).  (Our Resort Wear featuring 3 different covers, U.S., Caribbean and Australia).

Everyone knows Fashion Avenue News loves the models.  We are always cheering the models on as they walk the runway.   We encourage ALL MODELS to submit photos to Fashion Avenue News.  We want you on our pages.  We encourage photographers to submit, to work with us, to come by our Open House and have coffee with us.  We encourage fashion industry producers to invite us to their next event, we COVER.  Take a look at our daily fashion blog,

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Fashion Avenue News is a global, luxury brand, with a clientele that travels the world.

We are THRILLED to have JoJo grace our cover.  Kindly show your support for our FABULOUS COVER MODEL by liking our page and subscribing to our daily fashion blog


Fashion Avenue News is your Fashion Family.

NOTE: Get your FREE New Years Tickets on our blog or website.  You can order the Resort Wear 2017 issue from our website

Photo Credits:  Photographer: Rick D Jones; Model: Jojo West; Makeup: Carmelia Artistry; Designer/Brand: Bjuled Couture; Styles: Hollywood Diva (fuchsia); Location: Miami Beach, FL

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