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I had the opportunity to be attend the annual Face of Kurvacious Model Competition at the National Black Theater in Harlem.

What an EVENT!!!

The Face of Kurvacious is produced by Ms. Kurvacious Scott, an icon in the fashion industry.

Let me tell you how it all happened….. First, I arrive, I am greeted and seated, I’m thinking “very nice”.  As judges arrive, they are seated, introduced.  I’m thinking “I like this”.  We are served a beautiful dinner and additional guest are let in…. the show is about to begin.

The two hosts of the show are hysterical and informative, David Ash and Charlotte Rogers-Brown, keep you entertained.  The judges are Andrene Wiliams of UBM Models, Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Avenue News and Model World Magazine, Sonja Elise Freeman of Miss NY Plus America, Tasha Hill of BGU Concepts, Janine Y. Ellis NinaJoi Creations and the (Runway Slayer) Supermodel Jeannie Ferguson of BGU Concepts.  WOW, what a line up.

The contestants, all 25, are introduced thru a dance routine that is fabulous, they move and groove to runway pulsating music.  The next scene is to introduce themselves and explain why they should be the next Face of Kurvacious.  The judges listen closely as the crowd goes wild after each contestant.   It’s an intense moment.

In each category the contestants display their elegance and confidence and slay the runway with their own style.

In addition to the fabulous contestants, the Kurvy Dolls take to the runway – what a treat.  The Kurvy Dolls are the Kid Kurvy Models, they have kid designers, Pink Ladybug Couture, Chubbie Line, that made some of the garments.  What a refreshing surprise.  I was so proud to see children having a platform.   Designer Egypt, of Chubbie Line, was featured this month in TEEN VOGUE, as The Ones To Watch, Under 21.   She is on her way.

Some of the celebrities in attendance are the Queen of New Jersey, Ms. Theresa Randolph, Executive Producer of Ms. Full Figured USA Pageant and her beauty queen winner.

The final category is Evening Wear.  The contestants were escorted on the stage by very handsome male models.  The contestants know this is their final opportunity to impress the judges.  They do not disappoint.  Each and every gown and outfit is to die for, it’s very hard to choose.

Now is the time to announce the winner, different awards are given out and each contestant feels like they are a winner.  But there can be only one first place winner, there can be only one Face of Kurvacious.


The tension grows, and finally a winner is announced, contestant Ebony Walker is the new Face of Kurvacious.


All the contests were fabulous.  For more information on the Face of Kurvacious Model Competition, visit

Sponsors:  Candice Caters, DJ Black Moses, Wayne Digital Media, aLg Production, Akira Armstrong (Pretty Big Movement), Yazmin Soul, Stillamess/Rock Runna Radio, Queen Size Magazine, Pink Ladybug Couture,

Special Thanks to the Glam Squad (Deborah Cadore), Male Models, Singer/Entertainer, Media, Press, Judge and all involved in the production of this wonderful show.


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