Fashion Avenue News…. When ORDINARY, Just WON'T Do!

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Fashion Avenue News Magazine is a global, luxury brand, with a focus on FASHION.  Our mission is to bring attention/exposure to independent fashion industry talent; Stylists, Make up artists, Hair Designers, Fashion Designers, Fashion Coordinators, Models, and more.  In the fashion industry, we have been named the “INDEPENDENT VOGUE OF MAGAZINES”, because of our high standards and creative development of independent fashion industry talent.  We are not controlled by a conglomerate, we are our own VOICE.

Fashion Avenue News has developed a following of 360,000 by sponsoring, hosting events, producing fashion shows – Fashion on the Hudson is our annual fashion event, registering more than 30,000 people. Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Davis recalls, “I was excited when 460 people registered for our events, now we get over 30,000 people.”

Why do people like the Fashion Avenue News Brand?  We put independent/emerging models on our covers, do editorials with brands that are growing, place PLUS SIZE MODELS right next to STRAIGHT SIZE MODELS, and don’t make excuses or bring attention to their size, and we are in touch with the people, because WE ARE THE PEOPLE.  At most fashion magazine, you cannot get a meeting with the Editor-in-Chief.  At Fashion Avenue News there is no red tape, there is no, “meet with my assistant”, you can meet with Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief by just making an appointment, and no matter how much we grow, we want to keep it that way.  We are here for THE PEOPLE.

We have been BLESSED with having many celebrities grace our covers, Halle Berry, Vivica Fox, Kelly Rowland, Alek Wek, Germany’s next Top Model, Angela Robinson and more, however, our focus remains the same, we support the INDEPENDENT FASHION INDUSTRY TALENT.

Take a moment to LIKE our Facebook Page, @FashionAvenueNews and follow our daily fashion blog,   We also have a FREE NEW YEARS event at the Holiday Inn Hotel, 440 West 57th Street, Embassy Ballroom that you can get a FREE ticket from our website or facebook page.  Follow and support the independent fashion magazines that are making a difference.  Purchase a copy directly from the website or visit the Magazine Cafe, 15 West 37th Street, in NYC.

Fashion Avenue News is here for you.  We are your fashion FAMILY.

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