"Keri's Korner: Three Networks and Three Years of Throwbacks and New Jacks


On April 1, 2013 the Keri’s Korner Radio Show debuted to over 6,000 listeners worldwide on New York-based F.L.O. Empire Radio, an Internet radio station. The show’s first broadcast featured ‘old school’ R&B and Hip Hop music played by a live d.j. as well as an April Fool’s Day prank phone call to Carole Brown (youngest sister of singer Bobby Brown) from her friend and the show’s host Keri D. Singleton. Keri’s Korner quickly earned a loyal fan base comprised of listeners who enjoyed the show’s light hearted humor and nostalgic music playlist.

The Keri’s Korner Radio Show commemorated its one year anniversary with a special three hour broadcast taped during a star studded party in its Monday night slot. Full Force’s Bow-Legged Lou, dancehall reggae star Rayvon, and 90’s R&B group Ex Girlfriend were among those who attended the private party which was held at the radio station’s Manhattan location.

In 2015, Fashion Avenue News were among the many guests who celebrated the radio show’s second anniversary at the elegant Aloft Hotel in Harlem. The Keri’s Korner Radio Show, which had begun syndication on Maryland-based Ripped Radio Network on Tuesdays a month prior to the event, had grown in to a show that supported a variety of artists, and important causes (namely the American Cancer Society), as well as the fashion industry.

As the popular radio show’s third year on the air arrives, its listeners have yet another network from which they can tune in. One West Radio, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, now carries the Keri’s Korner Radio Show on Wednesday nights. Celebrity guests such as Eddie Levert Sr., Easy Mo Bee, After 7, Kashif, and Total have been interviewed. Sofia Davis, Editor-In-Chief of Fashion Avenue News and Model World Magazine has co-hosted several New York Fashion Week-themed episodes of the show as well.

The Keri’s Korner Radio Show can be heard on Mondays at 8:00pm (EST) on F.L.O Empire Radio http://www.floempireradio.com on Tuesdays at 4:00pm (EST) on Ripped Radio Network http://www.rippedradionetwork.com and on Wednesdays at 10:00pm (PST) on One West Radio http://www.onewestradio.com


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