Keeping to your New Year’s Resolution

The vast majority of people in the first few days of the New year set themselves a goal to achieve, a ‘New Years Resolution’. You only have to walk down the high street and notice the number of adverts for ‘quit smoking’ products to know that this is a major part of people’s lives in January.

Many have ideas of grandeur with ideas that they believe will change their lives for the better. The stark reality is that by the middle of January the vast majority of people are back to their old ways.

How can you buck this trend?

If you want to set yourself some realistic goals in the New Year and want to keep to them then read on an follow a few tips that will help you achieve your goals and impress your friends and family with the new you!

Aim Low

So many announce the life changing resolutions to friends and family without really thinking about how they are going to achieve these. Take time out to sit down and think about what you really believe you can achieve. For example if you want o lose weight and have an overall weight you wish to lose then don’t set that as your goal, break it down into smaller bit size chunks. I want to lose 2lbs each week in January for example.

One thing at a time

Don’t overwhelm yourself with a plethora of resolutions, keep to one and you will have more chance of achieving you goal. If you decide ploughing on with ‘losing weight’, or ‘getting a girlfriend’ then the chances are these big changes are going to be too much to do all at once. Fail at one and it will be all too easy to let the negative thoughts scupper your other resolutions at the same time.

Tell Everyone

If you are trying to stop smoking for example it is best to tell everyone you know. That way you are less likely to slip in a sneaky ciggy.  If everyone knows what are you trying to achieve then the more support you will get.

Choose a different time of year.

Wait until spring. Sometimes the best way to accomplish a New Year’s resolution is to make it at a time of year of your choosing, rather than the one dictated by the calendar. May 1 is a good alternate date, since the change of season will neatly coincide with the change you’re hoping to accomplish in yourself.


It is not going to be easy to achieve your goal and treating yourself will help gee you along. If you break down the main goal into smaller goals then all along your resolution journey you can reward yourself for doing well.  Not had a cigarette for a week, then go and buy yourself some a treat. It doesn’t have to be a big expensive reward; you could just reward yourself by sitting down and reading a good book and taking time out for example.

Article Courtesy:  Colin McDonald


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