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Cookies, hot punch, and rich dishes: Who can resist the foods of the season? Unfortunately, a few extra pounds may come with the food. Before starting to work on the New Year’s resolution, however, it is possible to cheat here and there for the moment. Here’s how it works:

Say “bye-bye” to the muffin top

Even if additional padding around the hips, legs and bottom appears to be bloating, this gets us out of shape. Even worse, it throws unwanted symptoms such as cellulite. A salt bath supplement can help get rid of it, in addition to the therapeutic effects of a bath after a nerve-wracking holiday season. As salt is rich in magnesium, it can help to reduce bloating by encouraging the skin’s metabolism.

The miracle weapon caffeine

Smoothing gels, anti-cellulite and toning body lotions turn out to be effective treatments during the holiday season. A warm salt bath or a peel creates the best condition for them to absorb into the skin and to take full effect. Thus is the moment the caffeine comes into play: As a tried and true ingredient, it is known for activating the enzyme that supports fat reduction. Brush massages can boost the effect, encourage blood flow, wick away redundant tissue water and reduce adipose tissue cells. In eye creams, caffeine has a detumescent effect.

Wrap it up!

It’s time for some intensive care: Body wrapping puts “some pressure” on the unesthetic pockets of orange-peel skin. In order to have one’s tissue at the thighs and bottom lifted, affected parts can be rubbed with an algal or caffeine poultice, and afterwards they are wrapped with a foil. The benefit: Due to the heat that develops from wrapping, the ingredients of the poultice are well absorbed. In addition, the foil’s compression supports the purifying and circulation stimulating effect.

Face the facts

Not only cookies, hot punch and rich dishes left their mark on our hips. When looking in the mirror after the holidays, a tired, blemished complexion and dark eye circles starts to appear. Excessive salt consumption also causes swollen eyelids. A peeling that frees the skin from the grey haze of dead skin cells does a good job to rehabilitate the complexion. Moisturizing daily flatters the complexion so that it looks fresh and awake again. Last but not least: Put some eye care on and lotion dry hands and feet – nothing will go wrong!

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