Melissa Paris – Fitness Expert


Melissa Paris is a NYC based health and lifestyle consultant. Melissa’s fascination with the human body and the vital connection between emotional health and the physical body led her to obtain a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

During her time counseling patients on their diets and meal plans, Melissa discovered that the biggest factors to achieving healthy results are the combination of essential nutrition and meal planning. For most of Melissa’s life her mom struggled with breast cancer, diabetes, and other health complications. After losing her mom to liver cancer, Melissa made it her mission to dedicate her life to inspiring people to be fit in mind, body and spirit.

She earned certifications in personal training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, pre and postnatal, CES, integrated flexibility training, and the TRX system.

Melissa’s background in anatomy, physiology, organic chemistry and medical nutrition provides her with the tools to help anyone at any age master their fitness and wellness goals. To achieve this, she utilizes a range of workout techniques, which include weights, plyometrics, resistance bands, body weight, and foam rollers. She works with brands such as lululemon and Avon to help bring community togetherness through fitness and healthy eating. She takes her role full spectrum in the world of wellness: from group bodyweight workouts, stretching the walkers for the 2-day Avon Walk, to food prepping with clients.

Melissa competed in many of the bikini division of the National Physique Committee and can be reached for How To and instructions on achieving an enviable bikini body! Melissa challenges herself and others that there is always a healthier way, to reach maximum body potential.

Melissa enjoys anything that challenges her physically especially skiing in the winters and beach workouts in the summer!

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