Soothing Skin affected by Chemotherapy & Radiation Treatments


As integrative medicine grows within the Cancer community, the Pharmacist’s Daughter, addresses a very real disruption in a Cancer patient’s life:  compromised skin.  Skincare options for cancer patients are limited, due to a lack of products and knowledge pertinent to this population.  The Pharmacist’s Daughter ‘Skin in Treatment’ collection addresses many of these issues with products targeted towards specific concerns:   gentle, plant-­‐based and natural ingredients that provide immediate relief for inflammation and binding moisture to the skin.


Regardless of a person’s skin-­‐type prior to treatment, chemotherapy drugs disrupt oil and sweat glands causing dry skin.  This decrease in the skin’s moisture level can create severe dry patches, inflammation, itching, soreness/sensitivity and cracked skin.  Chemotherapy targets fast growing good cells in order to kill cancer cells often resulting in hair loss and diminished nail health.


Radiation, while targeting an internal site, subjects the exterior skin layer to repeated intense ionizing radiation, causing a condition similar to a severe sunburn.  Soreness, itching, peeling and blistering at the treatment site are not uncommon.

Left untreated, these side-­‐effects contribute to one’s overall emotional discomfort and can lead to serious consequences due to an individual’s compromised immune system.  For this reason, each and every ‘Skin in treatment’ product is gentle enough to be used on the entire body, from the scalp down to the feet.

Merilyn Konnerth created Skin in Treatment’ based on her own skin issues as a result of breast cancer treatments.  Three days after her first chemotherapy, Merilyn’s facial skin became inflamed and dry.  Several trips to the drugstore and a counter-­‐full of products yielded no relief.  Merilyn turned to her father, a retired pharmacist, son and grandson of chemists, for help in formulating a soothing cream.

‘Boost’ was the result of the collaboration:  an intensive hydrating and soothing skin cream that offers immediate relief and serves as a hallmark for the line.  Formulated to sink into the skin leaving no greasy after-­‐feel, ‘Boost’ immediately improves skin texture and appearance.

Since the differences between chemotherapy and radiation treatments create different skincare challenges, additional products were created.  Natural ingredients selected for their unique emollient and anti-­‐inflammatory qualities are used to help alleviate these skin traumas.  Studies indicate that wounds, irritation and severe dryness respond to a unique composition of essential fatty acids and vitamins like those found in:  Borage, Calendula, Murumuru and Shea Butters, Jojoba, Helichrysum, Lanolin, etc.  ‘Skin in Treatment’ makes use of these beneficial ingredients to relieve and restore ravaged skin, bringing comfort to one aspect of a cancer patient’s treatment.


Skin in Treatment’ features 8 products beneficial to all cancer therapies:  Boost’ nourishing cream, Solve restorative skin and wound salve, Soothe nourishing moisture lotion, Aloe Mist’ cooling moisture mist, Aloe Milk calming lightweight lotion, Heel Renew restorative foot balm, Calm gentle cream cleanser and ‘Tend’ topical scar mending oil.  Pharmacist’s Daughter is also proud to offer two full-­‐size sample sets:  4-­‐pc Soothing Chemotherapy Set and 3-­‐pc Calming Radiation Set.  These sets allow the user to try a range of targeted treatment products without having to make a full-­‐size purchase and give loved ones the opportunity to present a thoughtful gift.

Founded by Merilyn Konnerth, in March, 2014, as a result of her own two and a half year journey with Breast Cancer, the Pharmacist’s Daughter brand is based in Bellport, New York.  ‘Skin in Treatment – Soothing Skin Affected by Chemotherapy & Radiation Treatments – products are available online through:


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