What A Man! Everything He Needs to Be Beautiful!

Sexy passion couple, beautiful young man and woman closeup, studio shot over black

The beauty industry for ages has directed its focus on alluring women as its main consumers. Women love to use rich facial and body moisturizers, condition their hair, and paint their nails, all in the sake of preserving their everlasting beauty. In the last decade we have seen a major shift within the industry and that’s focusing now on men’s needs. This shift in men’s grooming and care products popping all over  beauty  store  counters  can  really  be  attributed  to  the  woman.  Most  times there’s always a woman “influencer” in a man’s life that gives them a higher quality men’s product. Once this happens, the man usually starts being more aware of how they can take care of themselves.

For quite some time men’s care meant care with shaving. Razors, creams, after-­shaves have always been on men’s radars. Men’s products are expanding to face masks, hand cream, beard-­‐specific products, shower gels, exfoliators, the list goes on and  on.  According to  GCI  Magazine,   men  spent  more money on  male-­targeted toiletries than on shaving products.

All  signs  are  pointing  to  the  next  big  thing  in  beauty  business  regarding  men  is  the rise in makeup for men. Concealers, blotting powders, even something like a tinted moisturizer but for men! Men want to look and feel their best so why shouldn’t they have the same accessibility to some of the same products women cherish so much?

Men’s Manual to Beauty:

  1. Cleanser: Find  a  cleanser  that  caters  to  your  skin    Men  tend  to  have more oily skin than women, so reach for an oil-­‐free cleanser.
  2. Exfoliator: Exfoliating is essential to proper skincare especially if you start using the men makeup available on the market and if you have facial Facial hair can easily capture dirt and grime on the face, exfoliating your entire face and focusing on your facial hair will make sure you’re clean as a whistle.
  3. Shave: Whether it’s a manual razor or an electric one, pick the tool that works best for Shaving cream really helps ensure a smooth, clean shave. After-­‐shave is used for that extra manliness, but it’s not necessary.
  4. Moisturizer: Immediately after cleansing and shaving, don’t forget to lock in the benefits of all you’ve done so Moisturizing seals the deal making skin feel hydrated and ready to face on any challenges the day may have.
  5. Cologne: The  final  spritz  before  leaving  the  house,  pick  a  scent  that  best expresses you.

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