CelluBlue© – Cellulite Removal Product

BLUE cellublue 2

CelluBlue is a science based cellulite removal product that has become incredibly popular in France, a country where over 90% of women suffer from the problem.  Recently, the company announced they have brought CelluBlue to the USA and the response from early users has been very enthusiastic.

For many women cellulite is a problem that causes them significant discomfort and even embarrassment.  With experts pointing towards most commercial cellulite removal products hardly living up to expectations, the news of new releases in this area certainly cause consumers to stop and pay attention.  Enter the French company KYRENA, and their CelluBlue cellulite removal cups, who recently announced their launch in the USA.  CelluBlue takes an innovative approach, replicating the gestures of the famous “palpate-roll” massage to clear up cellulite quickly and safely.  A popular best seller in Europe, the product is expected to becoming a “go to” choice in the USA as awareness of CelluBlue grows.

“We’re very excited to offer CelluBlue to women worldwide,”  commented a spokesperson from the company.  “Our product delivers real value and can help women look their best and feel more comfortable about their bodies safely and reliably.  It’s a beauty product that inspires passion, because it works so well.”

According to CelluBlue, the product uses a proven suction system, that when directions are followed produce results in three to four weeks of daily use.  It requires no power, and doesn’t wear out, making a purchase a remarkable value.  The company is even happy to offer a full refund for those who don’t see results after using CelluBlue, making each purchase risk free. Early feedback in the USA has been completely positive.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is due to an excess of fat deposits, which compacts body fibres and stops a good circulation between tissue and water inside the body. Skin is compacted, pressed, and cellulite becomes more and more visible with an orange peel effect. This phenomenon is essentially feminine and appears on specific body parts such as thighs, hips, buttocks, arms and abdomen.

There are 3 different types of cellulite

ADIPOSE: excess of fat deposits
AQUEOUS: due to circulatory problems
FIBROUS: stubborn cellulite

What is CelluBlue®?

CelluBlue® is the best solution for all women and all cellulite types. CelluBlue® reproduces the famous palpate-roll massage, known for its amazing results on orange peel. CelluBlue® is ideal to fight any type of cellulite – even rebel – and it is your ally for smoother and more elastic skin. CelluBlue® eliminates fat deposits and stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation to get rid of cellulite effectively

BLUE cellublue

CelluBlue® – Effects on the skin

After 3-4 weeks of daily use, the results are clearly visible and spectacular. The appearance of the skin is firmer and smoothe

Remove cellulite in 3 weeks
Fight fat deposits
Boost venous and lymphatic systems
For all skin types
For all cellulite types
100% medical silicone
Without PVC and plast

CelluBlue® – How to use it?

Massage with CelluBlue® must be done only on specific body parts with cellulite such as: thighs, hips, buttocks, arms and abdomen. CelluBlue® can be used on all skin types and all cellulite types.

Apply oil on each cellulite affected area of your body.
Pinch CelluBlue® between your fingers.
Apply CelluBlue® on the affected areas.
Massage the affected areas at least 5 minutes.

CelluBlue® – Where buy it?

Available on https://shop.cellublue.com/  Cellublue – $19.90


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