Biomega – Freeze Baby Mega Hold Hairspray


Do you have a style that  calls for gravity-defying lift and  hold that  lasts? Now biomega, the breakthrough for healthier hair and  longer  lasting hair color, brings you freeze baby mega-hold hairspray.

Biomega freeze baby is specially designed to lock-in lift and  finish styles. It instantly holds hair on contact with a micro-fine, quick-drying mist to give styles long-lasting staying power with brilliant  shine. The environmentally friendly formulation contains an exclusive blend of Ultra-lightweight ingredients that  stand up to the toughest elements.

Freeze baby features  advanced resins that  work double-time to seal the hair’s surface  for instant hold and  maximum humidity resistance.  As with all biomega products, freeze baby contains omega-rich extracts for healthier-looking hair and uv protectants to help filter out the sun’s color-fading rays.

What makes freeze baby so unique? It delivers maximum holding power, yet brushes out easily without flaking or leaving a sticky residue. You get the freezing hold some styles demand, without making the hair feel heavy or tacky. It’s a must-try innovation for stand-out styles that  won’t collapse or fall throughout the day.

Try new biomega freeze baby mega-hold hairspray and  just lock it & leave it! Here’s how:

  • for extra volume: section hair and direct spray toward roots
  • for lasting hold on finished styles: apply all over hair


About biomega

Formulated exclusively by aquage, biomega is the breakthrough for healthier hair and longer lasting color.  Custom-blended formulations deliver  a potent infusion of omega essential fatty acids, precious  natural oils and  plant  extracts  to replenish, repair and  renew  hair. Plus, all biomega products contain uv protectants to help maintain longer  lasting color  results.

Be brilliant. Biomega.

Biomega freeze baby mega-hold hairspray is available in a 2oz purse size mini (msrp: $7.50) Or 8oz full-size (msrp: $22.00)


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