NEW ittsē – Revolutionizing customizable cosmetics

CUSTOM COSMETICS  itts01.01com-itts-curated-collection-2

Fall in love with your make-up all over again! ittsē is a cutting edge, San Francisco company revolutionizing the way you buy and interact with cosmetics.  ittsē optimizes cosmetic organization both at home, and on-the-go in the most chic and fashionable way.  Our department store quality products are sold in a conveniently packaged, pan-only, refill format allowing you to skip the hassle and mess of depotting in order to create a truly customized collection.  Why pay a premium for the convenience of a pre-fab multi-product kit only to use some of the products when you can design your own custom collections and love everything about it?

First step

The Palette: Finished with a luxe and supple, easy-to-clean fabric and edged with gold stitching, choose from an assortment of the season’s hottest color trends.  Each palette is equipped with a large mirror and an innovative dust-shield to keep your palette tidy and your reflection stunning.  Specifically designed with one magnetic compartment, you can mix and match products and colors to truly customize your palette.

Second step

Curate your own collection: Choose from over 100 velvety, vivid, pressed shadows, brow and complexion products, group them together to make your daytime-chic to nighttime-glam transition effortless and fashionable.  ittsē also offers an assortment of expertly curated, full-palette collections for convenient shopping that can evolve as your ittsē collection continues to grow. Get a palette in each color to eliminate clutter and stay elegantly organized without breaking the bank.

ittsē is the ideal product line for a seasoned artist or makeup novice, completely personalizing your cosmetic experience.  ittsē products minimize waste, are always paraben-free and are never tested on animals.  The ittsē palette was designed to be 5.5 by 4 inches so that it is both portable and comfortable in the palm of your hand during application.

All refill pans are packaged in a reusable, crystal clear, plastic clamshell and tucked into a charmingly decorated, soft-touch, cardboard sleeve adorned with gold foil.

The Palette is offered in three fashion-forward colors: Black Iris, Downtown Grey and Crisp White, and packaged in a protective, soft-touch unit carton embellished with iconic ittsē illustrations.

CUSTOM COSMETICS  2 itts01.01com-itts-curated-collection-2

ittsē Eye Shadows – 2g – $7.99

ittsē Matte Shadows – 2g – $7.99

ittsē Brow Powders – 2g – $6.99

ittsē Complexion products (Cheek Color, Bronze, Illuminate and Mattify) –  3.5g – $8.99.

ittsē The Palette – $21.99.

Products are available to purchase at:


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