Bronx Fashion Week, LLC announced today their 2nd event after last year’s successful and historic first Bronx Fashion Week in the borough’s history. This year the event will be held at the historic Old Bronx Courthouse in Melrose on May 9th from 5:30PM – 9PM sharing space with No Longer Empty’s exhibition ‘When You Cut Into The Present, The Future Leaks Out’

CEO Flora Montes says “Bronx Fashion Week 2015 will bring forth a fashion celebration providing a platform for top designers and models showcasing collections from The Bronx and across the world.”? The event will feature a pre-fashion cocktail party, product launches from diverse sponsors, and performances.

“We are pleased to once again bring this major fashion event to The Bronx – the borough that has given so much to the industry where designers Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein were born and raised as were legendary fashion icons such as Jennifer Lopez and the late Lauren Bacal.” said Ed Garcia Conde, VP of Marketing and Public Relations for Bronx Fashion Week, LLC.

beautiful woman model posing in elegant gold and green dress

The kick off event for the second year will be an unforgettable experience in another landmark setting- The Old Bronx Courthouse-which has captured the fascination and imagination of millions as it sat empty for the past 38 years.

Now, thanks to its owner, Henry Weinstein, and No Longer Empty’s exhibition, attendees of Bronx Fashion Week 2015 will also be treated to a world-class exhibition curated by NLE featuring approximately 20 artists both from The Bronx and around the world.

Bronx Fashion Week, LLC encourages sponsors to be a part of this major event as they reach out to businesses and organizations within The Bronx, across the region and internationally.

Tickets will go on sale over this weekend and those interested are encouraged to stay tuned to Bronx Fashion Week’s Facebook Page at or visit

About Bronx Fashion Week, LLC

Bronx Fashion Week, LLC was founded in 2013 with a mission to bring high-end fashion events to the borough along with showcasing not only top models and designers but also sponsors and vendors as well. Bronx Fashion Week, LLC also strives to give back to the community by selecting various organizations to make charitable donations from a percentage of proceeds from the events held.

About No Longer Empty

No Longer Empty fosters access to contemporary art by engaging   the public and experimental, socially conscious artists in professionally curated, site-specific exhibitions throughout New York City and beyond. Locatedin underutilized or alternative properties, free of the connotations of traditional art venues, No Longer Empty creates welcoming and inclusive experiences that support this access to art through educational and collaborative programming that harness and engage local resources.


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