The Makeup Show Debuts 7-Days Of Beauty In Celebration Of 10-Years Anniversary,

New York, NY (April 29 May 5, 2015) –   The   Makeup   Show   is   thrilled   to   announce   their     tenth   year     at     the   forefront     of     the   beauty    industry.        To    celebrate    a    decade’s    worth    of    artistry,    education,    and    community,    The    Makeup    Show    will    hold    the    first    ever    The    Makeup Show Week in NYC from April 29th-­‐May  5th.             With   the   support   from   over   75   beauty   brands,   including   sponsors   MAKE UP FOR EVER, TEMPTU  PRO,  Crown  Brush,  NARS,  Obsessive  Compulsive  Cosmetics,  Alcone,  INGLOT,  Smashbox,  MAKE  UP FOR  EVER  Academy, Pinnacle Cosmetics, Bdellium Tools, Glamcor, The Powder Group,  and    On Makeup Magazine  this    event    will    be    one    for    the    books!


The   Makeup   Show   Week,   a     seven-­‐day     celebration,   will   be   filled   with   over   ten   unique,   events   led   by   some     of   the     top   makeup   artists   in    the     world.             A     highlight   of   the     week    will   be   The Makeup Show Gala   held    on    Friday,  May 1, 2015, where  guests    can    enjoy    an    exclusive    gallery     presentation,   seated   dinner,   a   special   performance   and     of   course   drinks   and     dancing.        Rounding   out   the   festivities   will   be   the    first    ever    Beauty  Tour NYC on    Tuesday,  May 5, 2015,    where    participants    can    grab    a    glass    of    bubbly    and    hop    on    a    bus    where    they’ll    be    taken    to    celebrity    makeup    artist    James    Vincent’s    favorite    beauty    haunts    in    NYC,    topped    off    with    an    intimate    cocktail    event    at    MAKE    UP    FOR    EVER’s    Pro    studio    with    the    legendary    Dany    Sanz.      The    schedule    of    events    for    The Makeup Show Week  is    as    follows:

DAY 1 -­‐ Wednesday, April 29th  Hands-­‐on workshops  

  • Artisanal Beauty with Multidimensional Makeup with Danessa Myricks
  • Character  Creation   Through   Makeup   Design   and Application with Joe Dulude II

DAY 2 -­‐ Thursday, April 30th  Signature Style Seminars

  • Unconventional Beauty with Danessa Myricks
  • Beyond Bridal with Esterique Aidan
  • Modern Glamour with Bethany Townes
  • Unforgettable Editorial with Orlando Santiago
  • New York Groove with James Vincent
  • Secrets of My Success: A panel of The Makeup Show Artists This is complimentary and only open to those taking  at  least  3  other  seminars.  Stay  late  for  this session and join some of your favorite artists to share personal stories over a glass of wine.  

DAY 3 -­‐ Friday, May 1stThe Makeup Show Gala Dinner & After-­‐Party -­‐ Join The Makeup Show for their 2nd annual ball to celebrate The 

Makeup Show’s 10 Year Anniversary with a touch of glamour, gorgeous makeup, the spirit of giving, and an opportunity to gather with the makeup community.

DAY 4 -­‐ Saturday, May 2ndHands-­‐on workshops -­‐ Saturday is a day for full day hands-­‐on workshops before The Makeup Show.

DAY  5  & 6  -­‐  Sunday,  May  3rd  and  Monday,  May  4th  The Makeup Show  NYC  -­‐  Sunday and Monday The Makeup Show NYC opens doors for full days of beauty, inspiration, and opportunity.   

DAY  6  -­‐  Monday,  May  4thThe  Makeup  Show  Career  Fair    Following  the  conclusion  of  the  show,  is  The  Makeup  Show  Career  Fair which is limited to ticket holders of The Makeup Show NYC attending on Monday, May 4Limited to 100 attendees

DAY  7  -­‐   Tuesday,  May  5thBeauty  Tour  NYC -­‐    Join celebrity  makeup artist James Vincent through a champagne  fueled ride around Manhattan and make stops along the way at all of this favorite makeup haunts. End the tour with legendary Dany Sanz at MAKE UP FOR EVER’s pro studio.

For additional information, hours, and prices of The Makeup Show week, please visit  


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