Pharrell Williams becomes style director for Woolworths

pharell woolworth

 ‘Happy’ song hitmaker Pharrell Williams and South African retail chain Woolworths have joined forces to work on a new sustainable project.

The Grammy award-winning American musician has donned the hat of ‘style director’ to help co-create a sustainable-fashion collection with the retailer.

The partnership includes a design competition in collaboration with Bionic Yarn, an eco-textile brand that creates luxe high performance smart fabrics from old recycled plastic bottles.

The contest invites young African design students to submit T-shirt designs that raise awareness about any sustainability or environmental issue that they feel strongly about.

The winning designs, which will be selected by Williams, will later be screen printed onto bionic yarn T-shirts and will be sold in stores of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed purveyor.

The competition-winning ensembles will aim to raise awareness about the issues that affect the planet and a sustainable future for generations to come.

In addition to the design contest, several entertainment activities promoting sustainability will be hosted in association with the 42-year-old artist.

The collaborative venture is a part of Williams’ ‘Harmonising Humanity’, an initiative launched earlier this year to raise awareness about the environment and other social issues.

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