Kent State University Museum exhibits Geoffrey Beene


The Kent State University Museum in Ohio has put up a retrospective exhibit dedicated to the 40-year-long design career of late American fashion talent Geoffrey Beene.

Titled Geoffrey Beene: American Ingenuity, the thematic display showcases the timeless, innovative and technical aspects of the designer’s creations.

Due to run through August 30, 2015, the major highlights from the exhibit include a 1960’s Teal Traina labelled piece and an evening dress from the designer’s spring/summer 1987 collection.

“American designer Geoffrey Beene (1927–2004) was respected throughout the American fashion industry for the high technical quality of his work and his innovative, modernist designs,” says the Museum on its website.

“Although very fashionable, Mr. Beene’s collections were never trendy and always original. He took an artist’s approach to turning two-dimensional fabric into a three-dimensional shape for the body and was considered a designer’s designer. Garments from the Museum’s collection will trace his 40-year career,” the website adds.


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