Fashion Avenue News has two exciting Cover this month.  One from Fashion Fest and one for Allison Brown.  Each issue is amazing.  Fashion Avenue News features emerging and established designers on the same pages as well as plus and straight size on the same page, where else can you find that.  Support Fashion Avenue News magazine by purchasing an issue at the Magazine Cafe, 15 West 37th Street (you can also order on line) or attending one of our Fabulous FREE Friday event.  Our next event is November 14 at the INC Lounge, 224 W. 49th St 2nd Floor from 5pm to 10pm, it’s a Pop Up Shop where emerging designers can sell their garments.  There will be numerous vendors for a Pre-Holiday sale from Jewelry to Hats to Furs, so come on by, it’s FREE.  There will be 2 fashion shows one at 7pm (Jewelry) and one at 8:30pm (hats).  Get a FREE ticket at we would love to have you there.

(First Cover) We are talking Fabulous Fashion Fest Photos….. and they have a COVER!!!!

When a picture is chosen for Fashion Avenue News it’s an EVENT, we look at the picture and it should give us a MOOD…. we should be able to tell something about the person in the photo just by looking at it, having never met the person…. I really like this one….

FABULOUS DARLING FABULOUS…. Thank You David Berman – (Photo Credits Supplied by D. Berman – Sonjja Baram – P Eugene Manning – Hannah Stewart)

(Second Cover) Fashion Avenue News brings you TWO Fabulous Covers this month. This one shot by Allison “I Did That” Brown – I love this cover – Photo Credits: Model – Tijashn Nichols, Clay Jewelry Designer – Valerie Hall, Joanne Dawes – FAN Accessory Editor

Remember we will be celebrating our ALL COVER MODELS on Friday November 14, at the INC Lounge, the Times Hotel. We will feature a POP UP SHOP where your favorite independent fashion designers will sell their garments,we will introduce our new client HAVIIC COSMETICS, see what the buzz is all about… Author and Radio Host, Keri Singleton of Keri’s Korner will be on hand to sign his book, The Wanders Game, soon to be a MOVIE…… (actresses there are some great roles, sign up to audition) we have vendors with jewelry, hats, lingerie etc.,(still have a few vendor spots left), we will have the contestants for the $5,000 CASH Supermodel Awards walking the runway…. Andrene Ladydove Williams aka The Director, will be available to speak about UNIQUE BLEND FASHION WEEK, models can audition also, Modeling agencies Edge will be seeing models for representation, we have 2 fashion shows 7pm – Jewelry and 8:30pm Hats…. food and drinks are available at reasonable pricing…. and entry is FREE…. get your FREE ticket on Fashion Avenue News website….

Get your Pre-Holiday Shopping in high gear with our Pop Up Shop, Having a birthday…. have your party with us, FREE …. email or in box us for further details

Come on out, have a BLAST… Fabulous Free Fridays with Fashion Avenue News Magazine, hosted by Allison “I Did That” Brown at the INC LOUNGE 224 West 49th Street 2nd Floor…… WE START THE PARTY ON TIME DARLING, 5PM – and it’s FREEEEEEEE


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