Fashion Avenue News – THE BRAND, had the pleasure of attending “REVAMPED” (reintroducing fashion), the 32 Annual Essex County College Fashion Show.  This fashion event was one not to be missed.  With over 15 designers listed, you wondered, can it get any better than this?  Then the models hit the 100 foot + runway and you knew it could.  The beauty of ECC show is they have models of all sizes; each walks in their own unique manner, and brings a different flavor to the runway.  They had Plus Size Models and Straight Size Models, short and tall, all beautiful.  The event was PACKED with standing room only.

Opening featuring Dream Girls, the show gave tribute with special performance by Elijah Brown dedicated to Amiri Baraka, a dedication to Raheam Mann and a special performance by K’lynn.  Some of the designers were;  Cisco, Vernest C. Moore, Drew Felton, Avant Gantalism, Duane Fish, House of Shavi, Terrell Mason Eman and Donna Byrd.  (Donna Byrd is part of the “Black Dress” exhibit at Pratt Institute).  The fabrics and colors were amazing, showing off all of the designer’s creative craftsmanship.

The had a great VIP section which held the “Fashion Elite” including Mega Publisher, John Blassigame, who was front and center.  Notable celebrities in attendance were Clarence Black – Couture Designer from New Jersey.  The setting was extremely professional and no matter where you were located, you could see the show.

Fashion Word Cube

When a show is this great, you have to say thank you to many, because no one person can do it all.  The Program Committee included: Executive Producer Gerald Holloway, Producers – ECC FEB, Program Director M. Sarah Army-Armendariz, Media Director Charles White, Videographer – Tri-State Ent., Technical Director Ben Miller, Models Coordinator, La Ruth, Duane Fish, Sal & Helena D. Lewis, Ticket Coordinator Stacey DeSouza & Adrian Price, Set Designer Bubba James & FEB Tem, Commentator Tyrone Chablis, Dance Choreographer Tiffany Ocansey, Make Up Artist Timothy Smart, Katlyn Conway & Crew, Zuri Johnson, Host Coordinator Khadijah Scriven, volunteers and more that helped with the show.

The REVAMPED show is NOT JUST ANOTHER FASHION SHOW, but a fashion show with a cause, a portion of the proceeds benefit Butterfly Walker Inc., Alliance of Hope for Lupus.  A special “Thank You” to Executive Producer, Gerald Holloway,  for allowing Fashion Avenue News – THE BRAND to attend such a fabulous, professionally produced event.  I hope we can do more together.

Essex County College Fashion Show is a fabulous show, a show with a mission.  Don’t miss their next event, check out their Facebook page (Gerald Holloway) or go to the Essex County College website for more info.


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