Pratt Institute 115th Annual Fashion Event Draws the Fashion Elite and SuperStar Graduating Students

Juliana Horner - Look 4

All Photo Credits:  Fernando Colon

Last night the Fashion Elite came out to celebrate the 115th annual runway show attended by fashion industry leaders, critics, and luminaries.  Pratt Institute recognized Stephen Burrows and Byron Lars for their outstanding work in design, with Burrows as a preeminent black designer of the 1970s and 1980s and Lars leading a growing and influential group of contemporary black designers.  Supermodel, Pat Cleveland presented the award to Newark, New Jersey born, Stephen Burrows in her unique Pat Cleveland style and Academy Award nominated & Golden Globe winning  Harlem born Actress, Angela Bassett presented the award to Byron Lars.

Caroline Kaufman - Look 9Brian Nussbaum - Look 3

The senior collections have been reviewed, critiqued, and refined throughout the school year and, of the nearly 60 students in the graduating class, only top works will be selected to present at the Pratt Fashion Show. Students have been challenged to rethink the boundaries of fashion through innovative ideas and techniques under the leadership of Fashion Department Chair Jennifer Minniti, who joined Pratt in 2011. “Under Construction” will highlight each student’s individual approach to design through newly conceived fabrics, manipulated textiles, bonded materials, and other alternative methods of construction.

As style filled the room, the creative juices began to flow as the Graduating Class presented their collections.  One after another; each FABULOUS.  You could see from the construction of the garments that these students were ready for the Paris Runway Shows.  The designs were unique, colorful and creative.  It was refreshing to see how talented these young people were.

Whitney Mills - Look 7

Molly Clare Coyle - Look 5

The models, some of which I recognized from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, were on point.  The makeup worked well with all of the collections, the matte lip of muted yellows, blues and peach.

Cotton Incorporated is the lead sponsor for the Pratt Fashion Show + Cocktail Benefit. Funding was awarded in part through a competitive grant presented to Pratt Institute by the Importer Support Program of the Cotton Board and managed by Cotton Incorporated. Santander Universities is the platinum sponsor for the Pratt Fashion Show + Cocktail Benefit. Santander Universities is a philanthropic arm of the Santander Group that is focused on advancing the needs of society as a whole through higher education.


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