Fashion That’s Smart


“Fashion Empowerment Body Positivity and Wellness for Women”

Smart Glamour is a fashion brand that focuses on  “Fashion Empowerment Body Positivity and Wellness for Women. Smart Glamour is a company and brand with which is bridging the societal gap between beauty and brains. Their philosophy “ women are often made to feel that they can either be one or the other – not both”. women are targeted and their insecurities are used to sell products. Smart Glamour aims to stop this. Their goal is to nurture and empower women – giving them options to tailor and customize their clothes to their liking and size. Smart Glamour wants to take the power away from clothing and put it back where it belongs – in the hands of women.

Smart Glamour offer sizes ranging from XXS to 3X. In addition to typical sizing, customers can choose to alter their orders by choosing hem length, sleeve length, fabrication, closures, etc. Moreover, customers can also choose to send their specific measurements and have the garments tailored to them. Smart Glamour uses fashion to empower women, help them gain confidence, and spread a message of love and positivity. We believe when women put their best foot forward and feel good about themselves – they will take that positive energy and try to change the world for the better.

smart glamour 2 smart glamour 4 smart glamour 3

More about SmartGlamour.  You can view our Facebook page at and our website at



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