Los Angeles hosts Diane Furstenberg’s wrap dress exhibit


Famous American designer Diane von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dress is back in news again, thanks to a new exhibit celebrating the outfit’s 40-year-long glorious existence in the fashion world.

Going on at Wilshire May Company, Los Angeles, the exhibition titled ‘Journey of a Dress’ displays more than 200 vintage and contemporary interpretations of the dress that helped in empowering the new age working women of the 1970s.

Other than the display of different versions of the outfit, which was first originally made in drip dry, cotton jersey fabric, the event also gives an up and close view of the evolution of the dress through a photographic timeline showcase.

The photo exhibition includes the ensemble’s first-ever advertorial images for Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue retailers as well as a runway shot of the 17-year-old Jerry Hall, posing in the legendary garment.

Slated to run through April 1, 2014, the exhibit also includes images of celebrities like singers Madonna and Amy Winehouse, politician Ingrid Betancourt and the First Lady Michelle Obama, all wearing different styles of wrap dresses.

Also pictures of Cybill Shepherd from the movie ‘Tax Driver’ (1975) and Amy Adams from the film ‘American Hustle’ (2013), both wearing wrap dresses, have become a part of the exhibit.

Additionally, portraits and photographs of the 66-year-old veteran designer by artists like Andy Warhol, Chuck Close, Francesco Clemente, Helmut Newton and Annie Leibovitz have been also exhibited.

The dress, which wraps in front and ties at the waist, became the symbol of women’s liberation in the 1970s when female from the western world started to join the workforce in masses.


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