Designer Steve Wall Wins the $5,000 CASH Fashion & Beauty Olympics Produced by Fashion Avenue News Magazine


Saturday October 12, 2013, the Holiday Inn at West 57th Street in New York City is abuzz with Fashion Designers, Models and Makeup artists scurrying around.  It is the $5,000 CASH Fashion and Beauty Olympics, WINNER TAKE ALL, there is no 2nd place, produced by Fashion Avenue News magazine.  There are celebrity judges, Vera Moore Cosmetics, Marissa Terrell – Fashion Trademark attorney, Scotty Flash – Recording CEO, and Couture Designer Zang Toi waiting for the designers to display their creativity.

Once the competition begins, they know it’s not going to be an easy win.  First the judges inspect the garments for construction, second it’s the models that get inspected, then it’s the overall presentation and lastly the business/marketing side where the designers answer fashion questions on stage.

When all was said and done and the smoke cleared, there was only one designer standing, one designer that took home the $5,000 CASH prize…. here is his account….

“Yes, God can and will answer prayers and has made my dream a reality! This is why he is first in my life and the head of my life! Yes, I just won Sophia Davis’ Beauty Olympics $5,000 Designer of the Year Competition held Sat., Oct. 12, 2013, downtown NY at the Holiday Inn, and I received $5,000 (IN CASH THAT NIGHT!) If you know Ms. Davis, then you know professionalism, class and quality is what she is about and delivers. The competition was simply incredible! The contestants were national and international and very competitive. Immediately, I knew this would be a battle. This competition had designers with extreme talent and vision. It wasn’t easy! lol The venue and setup were magnificent and from back stage to front was run so professional. The “All Star” judges panel was headed by none other than the fabulous, established, professional, distinguished Master Mr. Zang Toi! What an honor and privilege to be judged by such a prestigious panel! The Q&A was NO JOKE! You got to be knowledgeable about fashion history! lol You had to work, be knowledgeable and deliver to take home the title and definitely the cash! The audience was electrifying and full of support! Now the work begins for me to make Ms. Davis, her business and all of you very proud! Kevin Love, my baby sis Stephanie, mom, Aunt Esther, Joanne Brubaker, Renee Parker, Wayne Trout, OVR, Phil. Unemployment and Temple Baptist Church, thank you for your sponsorship and support. I Never Would Have Made It Without You! Clarence Black, when I grow up, I want to be like you! Your showing was simply “Off the Chain! lol if u weren’t in attendance, you missed a spectacular event!”



For more information on the $5,000 CASH Fashion & Beauty Olympics go to


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