Fashion Avenue News magazine is a Luxury Magazine that features emerging and established talent on the same pages.  Fashion Designers that do not have boutiques can be features as well as unsigned, non agency models, which is what makes the magazine UNIQUE.

We are always working to take the magazine to the next level and with this October issues, have added a Haute Couture section for our readers to find out what is happening in the world of Haute Couture.

As per Diana Regal “You should support Fashion Avenue News magazine because it has its finger on the pulse of the REAL COMMUNITY, the REAL PEOPLE THAT BUY and they are all sizes, heights and weights.  This is the only hi end, luxury magazine that features straight sizes right next to plus size, emerging designers next to established, famous designers.  It is the only magazine that I know where you can speak with someone without jumping through hoops, you can be featured without a lot of red tape.  This is the NEW FRONT ROW, Fashion Avenue News Magazine”.

We hope you will support Fashion Avenue News magazine by purchasing an issues ( or placing an “affordable” advertisement.  You can also submit your photo to be featured in an upcoming issue.

Follow us on Twitter @FashionAveNews, Friend us on Facebook, @FashionAvenueNews, watch us on youtube at, read our blog

Thank you.


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