“Esprit Dior” Exhibition

Dior 2

Written by Alexandra Castello for Fashion Avenue News Brazil

How to define the spirit of Dior in these 66 years of existence? From the genius Christian Dior to the polemic Raf Simons the brand with its designers exudes femininity and sophistication. Esprit Dior exhibition is being presented in Shanghai revealing the essence of the Maison from the historical, cultural and artistic view.

Divided in 9 different “chapters” it shows the influences and trajectories of the brand by interactive multimedia, drawings, pictures and dazzling haute couture dresses. Christian Dior influenced by his past as a gallerist created pieces of art for haute couture that were highly inspired in Impressionist Art and by the female body.

Dior revolutionized fashion and marked an era when he created “The New Look” giving the post war women a look that was opulent contrasting to the tough times of war, the full skirted silhouette enhanced the bust and hips giving a modern posh look to the girls who longed for frivolity. Paris regained the status of fashion capital as a result of Dior creation and also opened the way to other couture houses to go back to the market. After Christian Dior death 6 designers designed for the brand but they all maintained the concept and romanticism of Dior. French gardens, dainty and carefully ornate serve as one of the installations for the exposition showing the concept of Dior “Femme Fleur” with it sumptuous shapes full of detailed and delicate beadings. The great marriage of art and fashion created dresses inspired by Monet, Renoir and Manet. Dior used with property the colors, shape and lights of Impressionism to build his Flower Woman”. Whimsical and Avant garde the collections were made for a woman dream of fairy tales, a grown up Cinderella that wishes to go a royal ball and be the “belle of the ball”.

Dior A

Precision, Perfection and Appreciation of Beauty are the things Dior preserves as well as the references to the past .The Maison symbol of elegance and glamour turned actresses into stars (Rita Hayworth and Marilyn) and women into a modern versions of Marie Antoinette.

The “Esprit Dior “Exhibition can be seen at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art until November 10.

Photos: Dior.com


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