‘The Great Gatsby’ costumes on display in Shanghai


After wooing the people of New York and Tokyo, the touring exhibit, featuring the gorgeous 1920s’ style dresses from Baz Luhrmann directed American movie ‘The Great Gatsby’, has made a stop at the Prada IFC store in Shanghai, China.

Jointly designed by the Milan-based fashion designer Miuccia Prada and the Academy Award-winning costume designer Catherine Martin, the exhibits include an array of women’s gowns, dresses and accessories made from soft shimmery materials like shiny iridescent metallic lamé, sequins, silk taffeta, coloured fur and velvet.

In addition to clothing, the exhibition titled ‘Catherine Martin and Miuccia Prada Dress Gatsby’ also features costume sketches, production stills, backstage footage and film trailers from the screen adaptation of the popular F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, with the same title, published in 1925.

Starred by Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, ‘The Great Gatsby’ is a story of a Yale graduate and World War I veteran who is fascinated with the extravagant life of his mysterious millionaire neighbour Jay Gatsby.

News Desk – India


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