Zang Toi’s SS2014 show opened with the perfection of movement from Ballet Muse and Principal Dancer for the American Ballet Theater, Cory Stearns as he gave the show its theme, Ballet Babe.


Zang Toi, crowned the King of Elegance, thrilled the audience with a beautiful collection.  Fabrics consisted of silk gazar with satin trimmings, silk satin, cashmere, silk tweed and hand loomed rayons.  Garments were Black silk gazar “Sleeping Beauty” ballgown lined with spring blue pleated tulle ruffles, sunburst pleated ballerina gowns, Black Swan ballgown with black grosgrain trellis, sprinkled with black blossoms.  Colors consisted of ballet pinks, black silks, men’s navy, and spring blue.


Each season Zang Toi continues to impress his clients and media with beautiful, wearable fashion.  He is always raising the bar on sophistication and glamour.


The audience rose to their feet to give him a standing ovation, realizing that Zang Toi is FASHION.


Photo Credits:  Lloyd Crawford

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