African Roots By Alexandra Castello

A new e-commerce site developed by an almost all African team from investors to software’s developers is supporting African new talented designers giving them exposure in the fashion industry around the globe.


Kisua the new boutique online will launch on October 3 selling differentiated ready to wear designs by established and emerging African designers. Kisua means a well dressed person in the Swahili language (used in the East Africa) the name represents exactly what the brand supplies. Kisua looks back to the African culture and tradition for creating the elaborated collection taking inspirations from religion, arts, textures, tribes, and nature and from powerful animals that dwell in Africa. The website will also features editorials dedicated to the African roots to show the best of African music, arts and fashion.


One of Kisua goals for the future is to increase the quantity of garments made in Africa because in this first collection only 30 percent of the clothes were manufactured in the continent due to the challenges that Africa has like the lack of roads in many parts of the continent.

The first collection will consist of 70 pieces from 10 designers with strong patterns, colors and well tailored pieces .The prices will range from $60 to a top to $300 for a coat, a pretty reasonable price for the quality and personality it offers to the buyer.


It is great to see initiatives like Kisua, Edun (by Bono Vox) and Africa Fashion Guide flourishing and stimulating the fashion industry in Africa.All these initiatives are bringing better chances of job and life for the continent and making the world aware of the rich culture the continent offers. Hopefully the sad past of Africa will be buried forever.


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