Uptown Fashion Week returns to Washington Heights


Uptown Fashion Week is returning to Washington Heights to showcase the designs of some of the biggest names in fashion to the Northern Manhattan community. After the success of last year’s event, which featured members of the MTV show “Washington Heights”, the event is expected to be even bigger this year!

Uptown Fashion Week is an eclectic fashion event that fosters a mixture of emerging, established, and celebrity fashion designers from all over the world to build a meaningful fashion trade; all while nurturing creative opportunities. Uptown Fashion Week continues to actively build a fashion bridge from Downtown NYC, the capital of fashion, to Northern Manhattan in NYC.

The event will take place at the historic United Palace this year, a venue rich with style and timeless elegance. With the top-notch guest list and international media coverage, Uptown Fashion Week reaches a multitude of consumers and continues to grow each year.

In addition to the wide-ranging designer roster, Uptown Fashion Week is also committed to strengthening the unity and support within the Northern Manhattan community.  With the aid of Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez, the issue of Domestic Violence awareness has been at the forefront of Uptown Fashion Week’s push for community consciousness.

Uptown Fashion Week


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