Spirit Yacht Cruise with the Xtatic Collection


A soft summer afternoon, a large Yacht and a stunning collection, Xtatic; this set the scene for a beautiful fashion event on board the Spirit Cruise Yacht.  Fashion Avenue News was invited by Dee Riviera of Dee & Co Group producer of Latinista Fashion Week. Xtatic_0019

The beauty of the evening, outside of the fabulous views of New York, were the designs which ranged from sizes 0-26.  The audience really appreciated being able to see themselves on the runway with a variety of size models.  Xtatic really knows how to put on a show, from ready to wear, cocktail dresses to long flowing red carpet gowns.  You could get your entire wardrobe from this one collection.  Each garment, one after another, STUNNING.Xtatic_0101Xtatic_0074

Numerous celebrities attend the event.  After the show, the Xtatic Collection team were available to take photos and chat with their many supporters and sponsors.Xtatic_0164

What an exciting evening, great views of New York/New Jersey sky line and beautiful clothes from Xtatic Collection.  Take a look.


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