Latin Passion: Oscar De La Renta and his joy for Life and Work

Oscar de la Renta Photo Credits: Joyce Culver 92Y   Story by: Fashion Columnist Alexandra Castello for Fashion Avenue News magazine
Oscar de la Renta
Photo Credits: Joyce Culver 92Y
Story by: Fashion Columnist Alexandra Castello for Fashion Avenue News magazine

The master of embroidery and embellishment Oscar De La Renta participated in a fashion talk with the creator of NY fashion week Fern Mallis. The Dominican designer spoke about his exciting life and career Oscar made the public laugh all the time with his good spirits and the way he perceives life.

Oscar is known for dressing the majority of celebrities and first ladies; he dressed Jackie Kennedy to Hillary Clinton. This month Hillary a long time friend of Mr. De La Renta presented the CFDA awards and gave to him the prestigious founder’s award.

De La Renta began his career in Madrid where he moved to study at an art school in the meantime he developed an interest for fashion and began to work sketching for papers and magazines. After a short period he began to work for one of the greatest names on the fashion industry: Balenciaga. Oscar that never attended a fashion school couldn’t have a better school.

The designer believed that no one should start on the top and go down so he decided to go to Paris the capital of fashion for developing his career. He is an ambitious man and that is what always moved him. He came with his sketches to The House of Dior and to The House of Lanvin but accepted to stay at Lanvin with Antonio Castillo seeing that he would have more autonomy, could speak his mother language Spanish and would have a better salary.

Oscar is not just a wonderful designer his mind is of a businessman, he moved always in the right time and made the right decisions, like in 1963 when he decided to go to NY as he perceived that the world was changing and the ready to wear sector was the future of fashion. He felt that NY was the place to be. After showing his sketches to important designers and being advised by Diana Vreeland he decided to work for Elizabeth Arden instead of Dior where he could make his name faster than working for a big designer. Diana was a wise woman and as she previewed after two years he launched his own line.

Oscar achieved many glories on his career and personal life, for him life is little bit like a garden where you have to plant in order to eat. De La Renta now is 80 years old and has an enviable vitality still creates magical and romantic collections and has no plans to stop. Family and passion are the responsible for his joy for life and work .He confesses that he is moved by challenges and at times where there are no loyalty among consumers keeping clients and his brand recognition turn the business more exciting for him.

The only regret he has in his life was the day he gave a CFDA to a foreigner designer he believes that the award should have been given to an American designer to promote the American industry. Oscar created polemic when he declared that Michelle Obama is a lost opportunity as she goes to important meetings and events wearing non-American designers that she could promote American designers more. Dressing Mrs. Obama is not a priority to De La Renta he wants to dress every day woman but the ones that can afford his perfect designs as he doesn’t have plans to do partnerships with Target or H&M. Oscar is a man that proves that in order to be successfull you need more than talent you need focus, passion and a mind for business combined with an optimistic look on life.


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