Black Fashion Week celebrates Afro-Caribbean talents

The just consummated Black Fashion Week, an international event which aims to celebrate the Afro-Caribbean talents in the world of beauty and fashion, showcased a range of dazzling creations before a packed crowd of over 1,700 people in Montreal, Canada.

Attended by viewers, buyers and the global fashion media, the event featured a women’s collection, which included a tailored cropped jacket made from traditional African fabric pagne tissé, floor-length pleated mousseline dresses and short tunics in tones of white or cantaloupe, by Adama Paris.

The soiree also presented a variety of ultra-fitted fine cotton and satin made men’s shirts, accentuated with sultry jacquards, multiple colours and prints, by Au Noir.

Additionally, other popular names like Montreal-based Helmer (originally from Haiti), Rush Couture by Claudette Floyd (Jamaica), Samuel Dong (China), Elie Kuame (Ivory Coast) and Emilia Torabi (Iran) also presented catwalk shows at the two-day event.

An initiative of the famous Senegalese fashion designer Adama Ndiaye, Black Fashion Week has been earlier organized in cities like Prague and Paris. The event will debut in the US next year.

News Desk – India


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