Candy Rock Couture: A melting Pot of Coolness


Story & Photos by:Alexandra Castello – Fashion Columnist/Blogger for Fashion Avenue News

Candy Rock Couture showcased it lastest collection “Candyland” by Harmony Corbett and Too Fast Shoes on the acclaimed lounge Pink Elephant, bringing to the scene a mix of punk rock inspired edgy looks with girlish sweet elements. Inspired by a riot of colors, candy shops, the streets of New York and the 80’s, the brand is urban, sexy, daring and funky.


rock 2

Candy Rock Couture is a hand- made custom clothing developed for those who don’t fit in one style, is beyond rockability, punk, emo, skater or harajuku inspired. The brand brings to life a modern version of the fifties pin up girl for a woman who is not shy to wear pink girlish fairy tales themes but still wants to add a tougher urban touch to her style because this girl is not only a eye candy, she is full of character and attitude.

candy rock 3

candy rock producer

The designer Harmony Corbett and Herbert Fox


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