A touch of Morocco by Agadir

Morroco hair

Agadir Argan Oil hair products is a line created by two hair stylists based in NY, knowing what women needed they developed a complete line of treatment and styling products with the powerful argan oil. Extracted from the exotic nut of the Argan Tree that grows in Morocco, the oil is 100% natural, doesn’t weight on the hair, contains vitamin E and has essential fatty acids to keep the hair healthy.

Morroco prod

morr curti

Agadir to introduce the new addition to their line “Hair Shield 450 Plus “brought to Manhattan an afternoon of Moroccan style with an exotic ambiance offering products demonstrations, hair styling tips, henna tattoos and infused teas. The promise of the new product is to prevent hair damage from the heat, reconstruct and also protect from the sunlight. Enriched with antioxidants and humidity resistant it transforms a brittle, dry, dull hair into luxurious nourished locks. It is the perfect product for summer days when you want to style your hair with flirty waves or go to  the beach without fear of damaging it. Agadir will make you say goodbye to bad hair days and shine healthy in the sun.

Story & Photo Credits: Alexandra Castello – Fashion Columnist Fashion Avenue News Magazine (Print)


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