Stephen Burrows Dance Floor

Stephen burrows purple

Story & Photo Credits: Alexandra Castello for Fashion Avenue News Magazine

The heyday of the fashion designer Stephen Burrows now can be viewed on the exhibit “When Fashion Danced “at the Museum of The City of New York. The exhibit focus on his work from the 70’s, when he rose to fame and become the first African –American designer to be recognized internationally. His looks aren’t for the faint of heart; he played with the color wheel and was the first to create the concept of color blocking which is so popular nowadays

Stephen burrows 1

Burrow’s traduced the sexual freedom of the era by creating clingy dresses of chiffon and jersey that accentuated the curves of the woman, very feminine and sexy. His clothes were perfect to make an appearance on Studio 54,the disco generation wanted glitz and glam and what better than colorful and metallic shiny dresses to be noticed?

Burrows gave to his clothes a “dancer soul”, they added movement to the body with it zigzag stitching, lettuce hemlines and asymmetrical shapes. He dressed many celebrities who rocked the dance floors as Cher, Diana Ross and Lisa Minnelli.

Stephen burrows


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