Green Beauty Luxury Premae Skincare

Premae Skincare

cosmetic 2Clare Eluka – Owner of Premae Skincare

Premae Skincare is a British brand created on 2011 recognized for being the first allergy free beauty brand in the world. Clare Eluka owner of the brand came up with the idea of creating this eco savvy line after struggling with Candida Albicans and being intolerant to dairy, sugar, wheat and gluten. She felt the necessity of introducing in the marketing something that could attend people like her with skin problems as psoriasis, eczemas and allergies.

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Clare brought to her skincare formulas, recipes from South East Asia and Africa and ingredients as Indonesian lemongrass oil and Ugandan cocoa butter. Ingredients that she also appreciates on her meals. Premae skincare hydrates, revitalizes and nourish giving back a smooth touch and glowing tone to the skin. Clare gave good news to the New Yorkers, now her line can be found on Thompson Alchemist located at Soho and also on the website of Premae .Say good-bye to red rashes and open pores!

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Clare Eluka and Maritza Wellington Owens CEO of Harvest Home (NYC non –profit organization
dedicated to increase the access to  local farm fresh products to low income neighborhoods)


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