Back to the past: A journey to the Present – National Geographic TV Mini Series

National Geo 1

Dawnie Marie Grannun ,Terry Maloney and the attorney and the former Miss New Jersey USA finalist Elena Ayot


National Geographic gathered in New York the most influential personalities of the 80’s to the premier of it new series about the decade. The miniseries will show how the 80’s shaped the present. The 1980’s were a time of pioneering in many areas as technology, music, fashion and media.

Crosby show

Malcolm Warner-The Cosby Show

MTV was launched in 1981 presenting music videos to a large audience and changing forever the way people related to artists. It was the beginning of the celebrity culture; the visual and the appeal of the videos made the public take it as a reference for behaviours and fashion.  Madonna and Michael Jackson did the most important videos of this era, dictating trends, causing polemic and breaking taboos.


Eighties fashion was colorful, bold and extravagant. Accessories were an important way of making a statement;”excessorizing” was the rule. Run DMC hip hop group made popular gaudy jewelry, Madonna made the girls stack up bracelets and wear fingerless gloves and Tom Cruise gave the Ray Ban Wayfarer fame after appearing with it on the movie “Risky Business”.

Women’s work wear were popular in the 80’s because of the rise of women in the corporate system. To match these higher positions that they were achieving, they needed a look to traduce this power. Shoulder pads and power suits were the solution. Margaret Thatcher and Lady Diana were fans of the look. The mains characters of the successful Tv show Dynasty also used massive shoulder pads.


Fern Mallis: Creator of NY Fashion Week

Looking back to this era you perceive how many inspiration and references we use from the eighties.  It would not exist a Lady Gaga without a Madonna, an IPod without the Walkman and a Mac book without a Macintosh. The tree –night miniseries of “The 80’s The Decade that Made US “will be launched on Sunday, April 14 at 8 pm.

Story & Photo Credits: Alex Castello

national geo 2


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