SuperModel Georgie’s Garden is a True Beauty

True Beauty

Georgie’s Garden

georgie secret garden

Supermodel Georgie Badiel showed her new lingerie collection, in New York.  The Burkinabe Supermodel stated that the major inspiration for her brand “Georgie’s Garden “are the strong women of her country and their unique beauty.  She expresses her love for her country through her singular pieces handmade in Burkina Faso.

She created for spring “the Princess Collection” composed of a sensuous peignoir made of delicate muslin with painted golden totems in the back.  To pair with it she chose a luxurious sheer lace baby doll.  The second design she presented was a flowy silky robe with golden painted accents in the hem. Underneath it she chose an ethnical patterned baby doll. The collection is very feminine, enhancing the curves of a woman and mixing tradition through her ethnic prints with modernity through her shapes.

Georgie seems to have the touch of Midas because everything she does she is successful.  Besides having a modeling career and her own line of lingerie, Georgie created on 2011 “Models 4 Water” a charity project to provide clean water to her country.  Last year her non-profit organization brought clean water to a 5.000 people in a small village of Burkina Faso.   Georgie Baidel is an inspirational woman, she didn’t lose her roots and still cares for her people, a true beauty inside and out full of charisma that lights any room.

Credits: Fashion  Columinst: Alexandra Castello

georgie secret garden 2


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