From the Runway of Thomas LaVone Showroom to the Runway of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week SUPER MODEL BRIANNA “NANA” FLORES

SuperModel Brianna Flores

Nana Flores has arrived to the runways of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Discovered by celebrity fashion designer, Thomas LaVone, this 5’11, Naomi Campbell in the making model is perched for greatness and a long life on the runway.

This season she had the opportunity to grace the stage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in the Project Runway Fashion Show. Nana took to the stage with the grace of a seasoned professional, she looked flawless.

Her mother, Sandra Price, who over the top happy to know her daughter was FINALLY at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – the cream of the crop for all models, thanked us for believeing in her and encourging her to continue. Once you do Mercedes Benz, there is no place to go but up……
Fashion Avenue News Magazine is excited and happy for the future possibilities of this SuperModel in the making and will be there to cover her ever move.

Brianna Flores is with Agency Model Management.

Photo Credit: Allison Brown


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